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(electric guitar) – All right, team, charge! (fast-paced music) This is unbelievable. – Hey, you know something? I’m gonna tell you somethin’. This is what it’s all about. We eat, fish eat. Look at the mouth on that! (gun firing) (laughter) – Larry Smith Outdoors
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great day to be alive. (fast-paced music) (fast-paced rock music) (acoustic guitar music) I knew I should’ve
brought my (mumbles). I knew I should’ve
brought my glasses. Gosh, I can’t believe how
bad my eyes are getting. You know what’s funny? The other day I looked in
the mirror and I’m like, who is that in the mirror? I certainly don’t, I don’t feel as old as I look,
I can tell you that much. (acoustic guitar music) There we go, oh, that
fish just slammed it. What we’re doin’ today, oh, there we go. That’s a nice fish. What we’re doin’ today is
we’re up on the Wolf here. I’ve got some clients comin’
up that want to fish up here and there’s so much current that we come up with
our snowmobiles. That’s kind of the nice
part about a snowmobile versus an ATV is that when
you’re checkin’ ice conditions it’s amazing how much water
a snowmobile can go across. Not saying that I
want you to try it, but it is, it’ll go across a lot
more than a four-wheeler. But so far we’ve checked the
river coming all the way down and the ice conditions
are pretty darn good. It’s hard to believe we’ve got
about 10 to 12 inches of ice on this part of the river. We found two spots that had
about three inches on it that we gotta cross
up a little farther, but otherwise, you know, there’s a lot of fish
in the river this year because this winter,
because all the current that we had flowin’ all fall
and into the early winter. So, uh, there’s a nice little
fish to start off with. You know the thing in this
is to be able to get that jig to drift downstream and just pop it and hold
it, pop it and hold it. There’s one, yep. I tell ya, I love river fishin’. I’ve always been a
river person, for sure. (laughter) Nice walleye. And that one, I just let
him hold it, you know? And I’ll tell ya, you
know the key to this is havin’ a good rod, and
what I’m usin’ is this 30 inch carbon fiber
rod by Beaver Dam. It’s a great rod for this
river fishin’ up here, and I’ve got some
Super Braid on there and then I’ve got a
Fleurocarbon Leader. And this water is starting
to clear up quite a bit so it’s not a bad idea to
have that Fleurocarbon Leader in a decent swivel so
when you’re pumpin’, pumpin’ that jig like that
and you’re trying to get it to achieve the… to drift downriver, and
that’s what you’re doin’. Remember, just when you want, all of a sudden you find
that spot, that sweet spot, that jig’ll hit there and
if you don’t catch anything all you gotta do is
flip a little harder, let a little line out, and
you’ll actually get that jig to jump downriver a
little bit farther and work that spot, same thing. Nothin’ jumpin down
a little bit farther. Catchin’ walleyes on the
river, nothin’ finer. All right, Lancey! You know, Lance, you know what? You, oh, there you go. Nice fish, I’ll tell ya. It’s not a bad day today. We get the fish a
little bit to ourselves and do some scouting,
make sure the river’s safe for bringing clients
up here and fishing for the next couple
weeks, but no, this is a fun way
to fish, isn’t it? Nice fish. – [Voiceover] That it is. You kind of got me
out of my normal. I like fishin’ with the
Vexar and being able to react to the fish. – [Larry] Well there’s,
it’s all (mumbles) here, I’ll tell you that’s
the (mumbles). (acoustic guitar playing) Hey Lance, what’re
you doin’ out there? Coloring the snow yellow? (laughter) That’s too bad. Lance got preoccupied. We’re only gonna catch a
couple more fish (mumbles). (acoustic guitar playing) But you really gotta
watch the river. There’s a lot of current, I
know they got all the gates (mumbles)
(acoustic guitar playing) Hey, Lance, it’s time to leave. Let’s get out of here. We caught five fish
between us, that’s plenty. We’re not here to (mumbles). And get ready for our clients
over the next couple days. Hey, stay tuned and
let’s see what happens. (mumbles)
(acoustic guitar playing) I’m Larry Smith
and enjoy the show. – [Voiceover] Badger
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good enough is way overrated. This ice season, see for
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to Larry Smith Outdoors. This week we’re up on
the Wolf River fishing and the reason we’re
up on the Wolf is that this fall we had a
tremendous amount of rain which creates an undercurrent, and I always say this, current is a magnetic force. We’ve been out on
the lake fishin’, the fishing’s been pretty
decent out there now too, but we’re not seeing a
lot of bigger walleye so I came up here the
other day on my snowmobile and we did some scouting and there’s a lot of
walleyes in this river, which I thought there would be. And it’s typical
when you have a fall, when you have a lot of current, that a lot of fish will
migrate out of the bottom part of our system and move
up into the rivers here, the Fox and the Wolf. And what we’re
basically doin’ here is we’re gonna be
long linin’ jigs. What we’re gonna be
using here today, I’ve got the Beaver Dam
30 inch carbon fiber, and it’s the perfect rod, and I’m using the 3/8 ounce jig. I’m usin’ Super Braid on here. I’ve got a mono leader on
here about a foot and a half which is plenty just to take
the twist out of the line, too, and basically, I’m gonna
be usin’ the shiner, and emerald shiners are native to the system, so that’s
what I’m gonna be using, and what I like to do is I
like to get the hook placement as far back into
the head as I can, and that’s how I’m
hookin’ that minnow so I can get way back in there. And what you’re
doing is the current, you’re lettin’ your
jig move downstream and when you want it, it’ll
get to a certain point and it’ll flatten right out. It’ll stay in that spot
so when you bring it back it’ll slide back every time, and if you want it
to move a little bit to get down a couple more feet, all you gotta do is
lift it really high and the current
will sweep it down and then you can
work another pocket. So, if that doesn’t
work then we just jump to another hole. What I do is I’ve got the guys
set up on the flat out there. Right away in the
morning they’re fishin’ six to eight feet of water
and as the morning progresses, we’re gonna be moving down
into about 22 feet of water into the big hole
here, so stay tuned. Let’s see what happens this
week on Larry Smith Outdoors. (relaxed music) The morning’s it’s
always a mad dash to get everything set
before everybody gets here (equipment cranking) with all the equipment. One thing about ice fishin’,
it’s not like a boat. You’ve got a lot of equipment
that you’re haulin’ around all the time. But I wouldn’t trade
it for nothin’. I love the go,
go, go part of it. (relaxed guitar music) Yep, that’s one perfect
current right there. Here we go, I felt
that one pick it up. There we go. You know what,
not a huge walleye but a good eating size walleye. It’s kinda like the fish
we were catching out on, out on the lake out there. But I was up here the other
day and I know there’s some real nice ones up here. I got a few that were up
in that 18 inch range, so. Hey, you know something? That one I’m gonna
actually keep myself. Nice job. – (mumbles) – [Larry] Got one? Is it a good fish? All right, nice job. Keep reeling, get him through. You got the hot hand! Lance is gonna take
that jig away from you pretty soon, I’ll tell you that. Get him! Oh, nice save! Now hold that one up. That’s a fisherman. Did you see him dive for that? That, hey. You get the prize
today for sure. (relaxed guitar music) There we go. You know, I tell
you, the key is, I just (mumbles), I just kinda keep movin’. You know, nothin’ real big yet, you know, good 13, 14 inches, Perfect eating
size, but you know, I think the key to this
river fishing is basically one thing is really be safe. We’ve got our Nebuluses
with us, you know, aways carry spikes, I got
mine right here on me. And, you know, (mumbles) but when you’re fishing
a river system like this, as you can see like right here, you can just see where there’s
hardly any snow right there, there’s only about a quarter
inch of ice on there. So you gotta really, if
anybody’s gonna venture up here on the river to fish, always fish with somebody. Always make sure you’ve got
safety equipment with you in case somethin’ happens ’cause you’re not gonna
get a second chance. But, on the flip
side of it is that, if you know what you’re
doin’ and you’re careful, it’s a great way
in years like this when you have a lotta high water and numbers of walleyes
in here like they are now, it’s a great place to come and
enjoy some good river fishin’ and we’re fishing between
New London and Fremont. All the bait shops,
they’ve got great bait. Johnny’s and Ma’s, those
are the two bait shops that we use when we come
up on this system to fish and uh, enjoy it. It’s a great weight. Perfect feeder. (relaxed guitar music) Dougie! Dougie! Another one? Holy man! Hey Doug, you know
what I was thinkin’? I was thinkin’ maybe
you should start, starting your own classes. How to jig on the river. Walleye fishin’ for
rest of the (mumbles). – Sounds like a good idea. – [Larry] Right? I mean
charge ’em $20 a guy? – [Doug] Yeah, I probably will. – [Larry] Yeah, that’s good. You know, I want a percentage
of that, buddy, okay? – [Doug] Not a problem. – [Larry] Not a
problem, that’s good. There we go, boys. What is that? Hey, come on now. Hey, what d’you got
goin’ over here? – I think it’s a walleye. It could be a walleye. A really, really big one. – Somethin’ big. I would just back reel on it, see if you can get it up
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that’s never had a meltdown, even if your buddies do. – [Voiceover] Oh,
look at that fish! Oh my gosh, holy cow! (intense music) (auger whirring) (acoustic guitar music) – [Larry] All right! Hey, didn’t you just miss one? Looks like (mumbles). You guys just caught
that sturgeon, too, when I was down the river. (mumbles) Oh, there you go,
hey, there you go. You know, that’s a typical
good walleye perch (mumbles). It’s about 14 inches (mumbles). What were you doin’, just
poundin’ that bobber again? – Yeah, lightly, not
too far (mumbles). – Okay, a little earlier
we were probably lifting it a lot more, about a
foot and a half up and lettin’ it come down. Now, definitely a (mumbles). The fish are starting to
come off the (mumbles) a little bit deeper
water now, too. All right, good job,
let’s catch some more. Nice job. You know, when I’m fishin’
the river like this and the heavy current like this I usually have my back
facing down current and I’m pullin’ forward. It’s just a lot easier and I usually try
to drill the hole at a little bit of an angle, kind of at 45 facin’ downriver. And again, using the
Super Braid is nice because it gives you a
lot more sensitivity, plus it cuts that
current a lot better. But what I’ll do is
I’ll just jig it, I’ll bring it up off the
bottom maybe about six inches to a foot, foot and
a half, and then other times I’ll
change up my jig and I’ll kind of just sit
there right above bottom and just flutter, flutter,
flutter, flutter like that and then stop, nothin’,
flutter, flutter, now you can see this when I’m
workin’ my way back upriver. Now, to be able to get
that jig to slide down you can watch my rod tip. What I’ll do is I’ll
lift it way up like this and open the bail up and I’ll actually get the jig, I can usually get it to move
at least 15 to 20 feet down past the point where I
was stallin’ that before. So I’ll just lift it up again, lift it up again, the line out, and that current’ll
sweep that jig. See how I’m movin’
that jig downriver? That’s a good way
if you wanna achieve to try to get down
past the point that you were fishin’ earlier, ’cause all of a sudden if you
catch a couple fish right here and then all of a
sudden it dries up, instead of drillin’ another
hole, I can actually just what’s called long lining. Long lining, what you’re
actually trying to do is get that jig to
roll in the current and you’ll gain about a foot,
foot and a half every time you flip it up if you
have the bail open. (upbeat music) – Oh, there he is! He was right at the top. – There we go. This is a better walleye. Definitely a better walleye. (laughter) That is the ugliest lookin’
walleye I’ve ever seen! That is a (mumbles) right there. Not that big of one,
but look how dark it is. You know, I’ve only caught
a couple of (mumbles) in the river here. They’re one of the
first fish that spawn and right now, this time of
year, like at Lake Winnebago and any other
lakes that have ’em they come right up on those
shallow reefs and spawn, and they’re pretty
unique, and I’ll tell you, I’m sure you’ve
heard it enough times but they’re
absolutely delicious. Part of the cod family. This is kind of a small
guy, we’ll let him go, but he really is dark. A lot of times like on the lake the fish are a
lot lighter brown. But pretty cool, usually a
lot bigger and bigger bellies. All right. Back in. (upbeat music) Got him? – I got one! (mumbles) You know, we haven’t really
seen a lot of (mumbles). (upbeat music)
(mumbles) You know what,
they’re still here. Let’s fish more. (upbeat music) Hey, we got a little
break in the action. How ’bout we check out
and see what our buddy Shotgun Schaefer’s
got cookin’ this week? – Thanks, Larry. This week on Larry Smith
Outdoors we are cookin’ up wild turkey burgers. This is the easiest recipe
I have ever come up with and it’s delicious,
and I can’t keep them on the tables at home. So I have 80% wild
turkey, 20% pork. You’ve gotta mix them
together a little bit. I already have sautéed onions, orange, red, and yellow
peppers in here, nicely diced, so they get loose, but you
gotta let them cool down, folks, before you put them in. You don’t want them hot when
you mix them in your meat. I’m gonna make it a slider size. That way it cooks on my
George Foreman faster, and it seems like it goes
over better with family. The smaller the burger,
the easier it is to eat, the more they want, they
keep comin’ back for more. Let’s throw it on
the George Foreman and see how she turns out. Listen to that sizzle,
is that awesome or what? Close it up. I would have to say anywhere between five
and seven minutes on the George Foreman. Let’s see the
finished product here. I am Steve Schaefer
the Shotgun Chef. Here’s our finished product. Look at that turkey burger. Pepper jack cheese,
can’t go without it. A little lettuce. Steve Schaefer, Shotgun Chef. This sandwich here, I can’t
keep it on the table, again, on a Sunday with the kids and
the family and my buddies. I’ve got buddies
stealin’ these things out of my refrigerator
’cause they’re that good. Take it back, Larry. (intense music) – [Voiceover] Welcome to Larry
Smith Outdoors Ice Fishing, a full service guided
ice fishing adventure. We supply all the equipment and provide a hot
meal out on the ice. You just need to arrive with
a Wisconsin fishing license and get ready to catch fish
and have a great experience. We guide seven days a
week, are fully insured, use the latest
tested tough gear, and we’ll work harder than
anyone to put you on fish. To book a trip, please
call 920-361-4996. (fast-paced music) The way my luck has been
over the last two hours, I’m takin’ full advantage of
my havin’ my rod bent over. No complaint on that. Sturgeon or no sturgeon, walleye or no walleye. Got him? (laughter) Lance Hill! – [Voiceover] Fantastic muscle. – They are so, they’re such a
cool fish, I’ll tell you that. Gotta love it. Hey, you know what, we
had a great day up here on the Wolf River. It wasn’t quite what I
expected as far as size fish. We caught quite a few. We caught a bunch of sturgeon, but we had one hot hand
here on the walleyes and another hot hand
on the sturgeon. But hey, thanks for joining us
here at Larry Smith Outdoors and just remember, it’s
great day to be alive. (engine revving) Holy (mumbles). Gotta stay the
hell out of there. – [Voiceover] Hey,
how’s that chili? – I don’t know, I
haven’t tried it yet. Oh! (crashing) Oh, (bleep)! (laughter) Well, it’s hot! That’s how the chili is, golly! – [Voiceover] You’re supposed
to let it cool off first!

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