ICE Shoots Illegal Immigrant In Face After Assault, Mexico River Sewage Out Of Control

new this morning immigration agents say
a Guatemalan mother is now in custody for illegally or for entering the US
illegally I says the woman was convicted on federal charges of illegally entering
the u.s. in January of 2019 she was temporarily released because she
was pregnant at the time the Tennessee immigrant and refugee rights coalition
claims the woman is separated from her two month old and two year old I says
the two children are now with their father Isis facing backlash sorry sorry I
should say ice is fighting back against some new rules preventing agents from
arresting migrants immigrants and in and around courthouses this coming after
Oregon’s Supreme Court ruled that agents could only do so with a warrant dan
Springer is on that story from Seattle for us hey Dan
yeah hey Sandra and this is really happening all over the country a battle
is being fought in courthouses over whether I should be allowed to arrest
illegal immigrants at courthouses agents with the Immigration and Customs
Enforcement have stepped up their activity at courthouses in fact the
University of Washington Center for Human Rights says ice has made 51
courthouse arrests in Washington State since President Trump took office ice
says they are necessary because their detainer requests at jails are being
ignored and courthouses are relatively safe places to take someone into custody
but now there’s pushback in several states California New York Massachusetts
in Oregon have effectively banned courthouse arrest and now Washington
Supreme Court is considering it also immigrant rights groups applaud the
resistance we want people to come to be able to come to court because if you’re
gonna arrest them when they show up to court and then people are not going to
do that and so this is the DH we’re just trying to vindicate an actual principle
that’s been in place for literally hundreds of years a federal judge in
Massachusetts ruled that common law prohibits arrests of people who are at
court conducting legal matters whether it’s paying a traffic ticket or being a
trial witness the Department of Justice is appealing that ruling and ice is
going on the offensive here’s what the Seattle ice office said after Oregon’s
Chief Justice signed a new rule barring courthouse
enforcement without a warrant quote ice will continue to carry out its mission
to uphold public safety and enforce immigration law and consider carefully
whether to refer those to obstruct our lawful enforcement efforts for criminal
prosecution there should be no expectation that you
are going to be exempt from enforcement against something that you have done
simply because you have set foot in a courthouse ice does not consider
courthouses as sensitive locations like churches schools and hospitals where
they will not make arrests now several courts are deciding if
courthouses should also be off-limits Sandra back to you Dan springer in
seattle thank you New York residents can no longer enroll in the trusted traveler
programs which allow low-risk passengers to get through customs faster the Trump
administration says that move is in response to a recently enacted state law
CBS News Reena Roy has more from JFK Airport travelers at JFK Airport shocked
to hear about a new federal order singling out New Yorkers blocking
everyone who lives in the state from enrolling in trusted traveler programs
like Global Entry and even if you already have a membership you can’t
renew it’s really hard to see you don’t have any other option in check however the acting head of the US Department of
Homeland Security Chad Wolfe making this stunning announcement on Fox News last
night we sent a letter to New York indicating because they took these
measures that New York residents no longer eligible to enroll in these
trusted traveler programs he’s referring to New York sanctuary greenlight law
which went into effect in late December allowing undocumented immigrants to
apply for a driver’s license without providing a social security number
instead using passports and ID’s from other countries Wolff called the measure
disappointing and a major security threat he says it prohibits access to
DMV data needed by ice as it builds cases and investigates criminal networks
adding it’s also necessary for rigorous background checks when someone applies
for those trusted traveler programs we no longer have access to make sure that
they meet those program are those program requirements the programs allow
expedited clearance for pre-approved low-risk
travelers meaning faster customs lines with automatic kiosks which many will
only be able to enjoy for now until their memberships expire when I be long
lines of which after travel my flight likes like 17 hours the bombshell
decision coming just one day after President Trump slammed sanctuary cities
like New York in his State of the Union address sometimes you have to slow
things down to get things right we need to protect the country absolutely that’s
the first priority Governor Cuomo’s office says this is obviously political
retaliation by the federal government and a state will be looking into legal
options outside JFK Airport Reena Roy CBS 2 News now to that shooting of a man
by ice ages those agents trying to arrest an undocumented immigrant when
they say a man tried to intervene he was shot in the face ng Berkut is live at
the hospital in Sunset right Sunday outside Maimonides Medical
Center here in Sunset Park where demonstrators have gathered outside the
hospital in a vigil for the wounded man yes the shooting as you would expect is
under investigation tonight but a video shot by a neighbor and seen
by us does indicate that the man interfered in the arrest and that he
assaulted the ice in an ice agent before he was shot the video also shows the ice
agents partner fires instantly point-blank it was a single shot that
echoed down West 12th Street amid the screams of eyewitnesses who couldn’t
believe what they were seeing 26 year-old Eric Cruz shot in the face
during a struggle with immigration agents his brother Kevin watched it
happen literally points the gun at my brother and didn’t even hesitate just
pulled the trigger hey get down he didn’t say nothing and he didn’t have my
brother didn’t have no weapons in his hand nothing it happened at 8:15 this
morning as ice agents attempted to apprehend Cruz’s friend on a deportation
warrant officers were physically attacked sat a spokesman while
attempting to arrest Gaspard Avendano air nandus a twice removed illegal alien
from Mexico with a 2011 assault conviction in New York City a clear cell
phone video shot by a resident backs up that account the video provided to
Eyewitness News but not for broadcast shows Avendano Hernandez being tackled
by the agents than escaping when he is grabbed again Eric Cruz charges out of
his home and assaults one of the agents the agents partner fires a single shot
and Cruz’s face point blank Cruz whose own immigration status is not in
question is being treated at Maimonides hospital his family says he was unarmed
at the time of the shooting Evan Dando Ananda’s was not seriously
injured and is in ice custody tonight outside the emergency room activists
stood vigil their local city council member says there are a number of
unanswered questions everyone’s scared right now we’re there then because we’re
looking for information we’re the gating there they want to know
what’s happening and and you can imagine how how any family reveal right now well
his family says Eric Cruz was rushed here in critical condition of course the
authorities will want to investigate to determine whether the ice agent
overreacted that will of course be part of the investigation
another issue is why agents were trying to arrest Cruz’s friend in the first
place we have now learned that he had been
given a summons for a motor vehicle violation and that is apparently what
set this entire chain in motion first tonight ice agent storm a home in
Brooklyn try to arrest a man an undocumented immigrant and end up
shooting someone else it happened this morning in Gravesend CBS 2’s Kevin Rico
now live at the scene with details Kevin that’s right we’re here on 12th Street
where this happened in Gravesend it happened on the sidewalk behind the home
at the home right behind me over my shoulder here it was a brawl that led to
a shooting and a 26 year-old getting shot in the face officers with
immigration and customs enforcement were out here this morning at around 8:00
trying to carry out an arrest warrant they were after Gaspard Avendano
Hernandez his family tells me officers physically confronted him on the
sidewalk but they didn’t even explain the issue they just grabbed him like an
animal throw him on the floor he didn’t know what was going on they didn’t give
him no identification nothing did anyone on the warrant that he has a warrant
Hernandez is the boyfriend of the mother of this man Kevin Cruz he says his
brother Erik Diaz was inside their home and came out to see what was going on
they shot him straight for the kill the point of the gun at my brother’s head
and shot him in the cheek that the bullet penetrated and came back out here
I stand a statement says its officers were physically confronted and that a
member of its fugitive operations team discharged at least one firearm
it says Hernandez is an undocumented immigrant with an assault conviction in
2011 who’s been kicked out of the country twice
I spoke with next-door neighbor Adam when you came outside what did you see
I see through ice officers and those families I tried them everyone
relax please relax I heard the guys said show us the warrant show us the warrant and I got a chance to talk to the family
of Eric Diaz not too long ago they’re still at the hospital hoping he has a
full recovery as for Hernandez the man that ice came here to arrest he remains
in police custody reporting live in Gravesend Brooklyn Kevin Aaron Cohn CBS
2 News Kevin thank you to Trump administration pilot programs to
expedite deportation are under review they’re on track for use across the
border in a matter of weeks but now Homeland Security’s inspector general is
taking a second look but with border courts already overwhelmed isn’t a
quicker process exactly what we need here to weigh in is former acting ice
director and Fox News contributor Tom home and Tom good to see you this
morning thanks for being here good morning Julie so tell us about these two
programs and why we need them both these programs are designed to go through the
asylum process quicker now I would think they’d be happy about that because their
case is here faster they’re being held in detention they’re being held in
detention for less time however it is resulting at click removals because as
we said for the past year 89% of these Central Americans who claim asylum at
the border don’t get relief in the immigration courts because one they
either don’t show up or two they just they don’t qualify for asylum escaping
poverty doesn’t qualify so the programs are working so like when I was like
director you get the lapse from the Democrats at hill demanding IG look at
this program there’s got to be something wrong so I just won’t go through these
programs and try to see is the program being run correctly you know let me end
with this statement no just because I G says something’s wrong doesn’t mean it’s
wrong when I was joyce director I had many discussions with the IG chief
inspector we disagreed on finding these because they’re not experts in
immigration process so you can see he goes I just got a tough job – a job to
review programs but they also their jobs to find problems or different reason for
the existence right real quick I want to take a look at a couple numbers here and
then I have one more question the total southwest border apprehensions in fiscal
year of 2019 you can see shy of 900,000 and then the deportations under
President Obama versus President Trump you can see a distinct difference
in numbers there what do you think would happen if these programs went away the
entire system is going to go on backup look the immigration courts we’re
already like almost a million cases backlog we got to go through these cases
quickly these people are the people from across the board are still getting the
due process they’re still their case is still being heard through the assignment
process it’s just as this expedited process is going over the cases quicker
which means either they won’t get relief quicker or they gonna be removed quicker
it makes sense because we try to control the border and if you release in the
United States we’ve shown don’t even show up in court
yeah and 90% was our cases this is the right thing to do for our country it’s
the right thing to do for them let’s talk about this now Alexandria Cascio
Cortez was out stumping for Bernie Sanders in Iowa let’s take a listen to
what she had to say on Saturday is about tipping people off if you start to see
that bison cbpr in communities to try to keep people safe I’m here because
senator Sanders has actually committed to breaking up ice and CBP Tom your
thoughts on that statement it’s ridiculous it is extremely stupid
statement made by somebody I never consider real smart anyways well here’s
an elected lawmaker she is she’s a kairos from was standing on a stage
telling people how to obstruct ice tipping off people that ice is looking
for and she needs to realize nine out of ten of everybody ice arrested last year
was a convicted criminal or pending criminal charges let me talk about it
last year 137 thousand criminals 2000 world murders 12 thousand sex offenses
45,000 assaults 62,000 drug offences 10 thousand weapons offenses and she wants
to community tip these people off the ISIS of the neighborhood operating is
they know Isis job is already extremely dangerous now she’s making it more
dangerous you know and she’s one of these Democrats keeps saying no one’s
above the law the president is above the law we need a peach the president
because he’s not above the law but apparently it
aliens are above the law because ice is allowed to Rustom is a ridiculous
statement Tom Holman said in your statement yeah Tom thanks for joining us
we appreciate it know yesterday we told you about this
but we didn’t get a chance to actually come out here and show you and that is
what we’re doing today you know last week we were all sort of cheering that
there was a great breakthrough in this with that money from the trade deal 300
million dollars basically to clean up the stuff that Tijuana has been dumping
on us and by building collection ponds and then a sewage treatment plant well
that was then and this is now and take a look at what’s happening behind me see
this this cute little babbling brook right here that’s not a cute little
babbling brook that is disgusting poison that is flowing into our community as we
speak and quite honestly the people around here are sick and tired of it
take a look just be thankful that you can’t smell
what you’re seeing right now this may look like a rolling river but make no
mistake this is liquid sewage coming from our neighbors to the south so this
could be the worst round of pollution we’ve ever seen coming at us you know in
2017 we had 250 million gallons of sewage spilled now we’re getting 59
downs every 69 Downs every single day to put that into perspective the largest
single sewage spill in history was this one in 2017 250 million gallons under
today’s sewage frenzy Mexico is planning on dumping that much every five days
over the weekend on Saturday we had 52 million gallons dumped in the ocean
Sunday 67 million gallons dumped in the Tijuana River so you can imagine that’s
350 million gallons a week 1.4 billion gallons a month they’re planning on
dumping ironically local leaders were celebrating a big breakthrough on this
issue just last week Congress approving 300 million dollars and things were
looking up so this is a very promising day for our community and we are a step
closer to making beach closures a thing of the past so much for optimism
if the sewage keeps flowing as Mexico has said the beaches could be closed
from the border to the hotel Dell all summer long they have nine pump stations
that are out and that means they’re dumping 25 million gallons a day extra
of sewage in the river there was already 25 nine gallons of Dave sewage in it
none of the pump stations are working so it’s worse than ever in the short term
and unacceptable and there’s a very important side note to this issue it has
to do with that lawsuit that was filed against the US government and the United
States EPA for not enforcing our own laws on our own side of the border that
lawsuit was filed by the mayors of all the South Bay cities along with the port
of San Diego in the county of San Diego well all of those parties decided to
drop the lawsuit once the USMC a deal was signed by President Trump and that
300 million dollars was headed our way well you fast-forward to today and a lot
of the parties involved are regretting dropping that lawsuit we’re concerned as
we stayed the lawsuit and suspend a lawsuit
and things immediately got worse so we’re talking to our lawyers about we
need to have an official response so this doesn’t continue because this is
gonna kill us but when you’re dealing with a different country you’re dealing
with a different set of standards a set of standards that clearly does not care
about poisoning our environment and lies to our face on a daily basis
I’ve been diplomatic and patient so far and now the real hurricane begins
because Imperial Beach is absolutely out rate and can outrage and commit in to
making sure that stops all right back here live in Tijuana River Valley and
what Mike is showing you right here is is the river that is flowing you see
those little rocks or whatever is in there you can kind of tell the flow rate
by how it goes past those rocks when we got here or whatever it is in the river
when we got here earlier this morning you know mid mid morning that was not
flowing like this this is actually picked up as we have been here for the
past several hours that was just sort of static and you could actually see
reflections you can see now how it is flowing and that yes is raw sewage I
mean if you’re sitting at home and think of yourself how can this happen well
join the club it is just beyond comprehension how just across a line you
just cross a line and the standards for our environment completely change and
you know we don’t know why this is going on maybe maybe it’s a stick in the eye
for some reason maybe they’re trying to show maybe they’re trying to prove that
the money that we just approved for the USMC a deal and the trade deal maybe
they’re trying to prove that they need that money more than we do maybe they’re
saying you guys need to come in here and spend your money and fix our problem in
order to deal with your problem we don’t know what’s going on there’s a lot of
speculation as to what’s going on but we do know that the leaders in Mexico sat
down with us and looked us right in the face and said we’re gonna work together
on this well working together on this this isn’t the way we call working
together when you’re dumping 50 to 70 million gallons of raw sewage coming
down this river into our environment into our coastline and of course their
coastline as well it’s unbelievable what is happening here so basically what’s
happening is they’re thinking about re triggering the lawsuit against our own
government number one number two perhaps the federal government can bypass some
of the mental laws so they can get shovels in
the ground over here faster than they were planning which was at the very
earliest March ninth that was going to be an update from the EPA
so bypassed some of the environmental regulations build those collection ponds
build that sewage treatment plant of up to 170 million gallons a day and we will
treat the stuff they’re dumping on us I mean that’s the only way to go we cannot
trust them they look us right in the face
they tell us one thing and they do another it really is an amazing
situation out here and considering it’s been going on according to some people
90 years and certainly 40 years it’s been just as bad as it is it’s just a
crime it is just an absolute crime and we’re witnessing it as we speak
this valley was dry a couple of weeks ago it hasn’t rained in weeks out here
yet that thing is flowing it is just beyond comprehension you guys throw it
back to you from the really disgusting Tijuana River Valley and again I’m glad
you can’t smell what we’re smelling because it smells like there’s a whole
stack of Spanky’s porta-potties lined up and we’re downwind of them it is
unbelievable it is awful it’s like is I don’t know if that’s already been
designated a Superfund site that’s our nation’s most contaminated land but Dan
I have a question I see all those buildings behind you is that Mexico is
that California how close is development let you all it is yeah so here you go
Mike’s gonna pan over there that’s Tijuana and that’s why this is such an
interesting view from this particular perspective that is the hills of Tijuana
those buildings are in Tijuana and as I understand it a lot of the developments
that are built in those hillsides don’t even have sewage systems they’re not
even hooked up to a sewage system it just flows straight from their houses
into the river valleys and when it rains it flows it’s not raining right now so I
mean there are a lot of environmental issues so that is where it’s coming from
nine pump stations as you heard the mayor say nine different pump stations
up and down this area and with the region of about three million people in
Tijuana and a sewage system that was built for about a half a million
do the math you figure out it’s not working so whoever has to pay for it
whoever has to do it has to be done this is the longest lasting environmental
crime in the United States and it’s just got to stop
it’s just gotta stop yeah Buggles the mind and plant thank
you for staying on it for us live in the Tijuana River Valley

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