‘Ice Tsunami’ Video, Photos Wall of Ice Rises Out of Lake, Destroys Homes

Those unresting pictures of an ice wave in Minnesota rising up with such force. It’s destroying everything in its path and, Sam, this is about some really– these temperature changes right? yeah And because on one side of the country, the west, we’ve got 80s 90s and 100’s today. On part of the country we’ve got these cold wind chills- 20s 30s and 40s and because this cold air has been sitting right here around the great lakes, temperatures, like this, that feel like this the ice hasn’t had a chance to melt. So that ice, now picked up by winds in this pattern, is blowing onshore. And that’s a problem for the folks on shore, our Ginger Zee is in Lake Mille Lacs, Minnesota to show you what a problem that is. Good morning Ginger. Sam this is wild, look behind me. What looks like heaps of snow is not. It’s actually ice, shards of ice. This is what happened when the ice started attacking. Come with me into this boathouse. It punctured right through the walls and into this and a dozen other structures. Vicky it’s really pushin’ in. It is a colossal blob of ice. Coming right towards Darla Johnson’s cottage all she could do was hit record. Michael get away from it. In less than 10 minutes the ice, that sounded like breaking glass, Broke glass. In these home smashing right through the walls. This just through a door over here. The ice was pushed ashore, by strong winds. Now look at the terrifying wave from above, at times it climbed to 3 feet deep. It’s going right through that **** house. It’s called an ice heave and it happened in Manitoba, Canada this weekend, too. Where an Incredible tsunami like wave of ice destroyed a dozen two-story homes. Bang. The ice came right through the living room here He said grab your purse grab whatever you can get the keys we got to get out of here. So you can see right back there that is the lake and all of that Thin ice was pushed right up with those strong winds onto the shore. Now there are ice out or when it melts was about 2 to 3 weeks late, and that had a lot to do with why this happened.

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