iLux RGB Smart LED Strip Light Unboxing

This is a strip of LEDs okay so coming in from I lux
this is a coil of RGB art while RGB W these are smart LED strip lights and
there it is in German for our German fans these are waterproof LEDs that you
can put around the place to make your home or your shelving or something like
that seem a little more decorative it operates between 40 degrees and minus 25
degrees it’s dim bar dimmer level them dimmable I’ll be the one enough on the
side here we have some specifications I’ll close that up so you can get all of
your information the Germans on one side so yep it’s IP 65 rated so you can’t put
them outside life expectancy is about 50,000 ours there’s 5 meters worth in
here 300 units and the whole package retail for a by 2012 things $23.99 on
amazon there was another one that was it looked very similar for $25.99 i will
distinguish whichever one this is I’m put a link down below for you to follow
so on the back here we have stuff around this side we have some features up to 50
lumps can be managed at the same time supports synchronous control via up
under mood control instant charge for dynamic modes multiple arms together and
new hub or gateway required easy use ok so I’m to be honest I’m a little
confused as to how this works I figured you might be able to chop these into
bits but then how do you connect them up to the means to be able to run them or
to the run off battery I guess we’ll find out whenever we go on and have a
look up see what is all connected so on the top here we have a happy thing which
is our warranty so you get an extra free warranty coverage of 6 months leave a
review on Amazon join our super user program to be
rewarded with freebies and goodies I’ve brilliant is outside and if you’re not
happy contact them here further on in we have a user guide as to how to use these
things you can’t cut them so installation that’s in German step 1
prepare the surface where you would like the tip to tip the LED strip remove the
protective sheet from the adhesive tip the strip lights to avoid heavy folding
and twisting connect the strip lights and the connection box make sure the
polarities are correct and hook it up and away you go so you must need some
kind of control box for each length that you end up using and then there’s an app
as well the eye locks mesh app for quick guide okay plug pretty heavy-duty another plug here with a connector so
this is a input 100 to 240 volt 50 to 60 Hertz I put 12 volts 3 amps for indoor
use only don’t be sticking this outside this is
the connection point you obviously plug that into the
connector we saw earlier there’s some screws on the edges here to attach this
to a wall and that feels like they come apart quite easily but maybe it maybe it
doesn’t it doesn’t say whether this is waterproof or not but I imagine it
probably isn’t because that’s exposed and then that’s where you plug in your
LEDs so the LEDs arrive on a little coil a fairly flimsy coil but I guess you’re
only gonna use it once or doesn’t matter how high good it is
one end we have this that plugs in there to that and then we have the LEDs and we
have the areas that you can chop so you try and get our macrovision working on
here there we have looks like an LED there and a resistor LED resistor and
that’s all it is along here so there’s a just a strip of LEDs and then each of
those is around about about four inches maybe some gentlemen would say six
inches possibly and then we have 3m tip on the back that we pull away and we
adhere to something so let’s let’s plug in there we go and that’s our LEDs setup
looks fairly nice there we are under the power of daylight there’s a window just
beside us so it does look kind of blue and obviously we’re showing the side of
the box here it can glue red yellow green and well that must be the blue
again so we’ll grab the app the app looks to have it’s got 1,000 downloads a
reading of 2.3 out of 5 so far after 27 reviews and give your light intelligence
there’s been a few updates to it these lights are great to set up and
it’s very easy tried on three phones and had no problems I have the LGV 30 and I
lux cannot find my LED strip here okay so we’ll open her up and have a
look we turn on Bluetooth okay reset low we’ve turned the LEDs off
because I’m gonna read this Sam I’ve noticed this precaution unroll the LED
light strip before usage due to possible damage because of overheating yeah that
wasn’t a good idea of me to do that please check product carefully before
installation ensure power is off before installation right okay so okay so
looking at this we have find the I lux lamp we didn’t have to do anything with
that I was making it overly complicated for myself looking for remote controls
and things that it was depicting here it’s adding the I luck slump so there
must be bluetooth activated in this right now perhaps it’s in this main unit
but it appears to be adding it okay so that means we’ve got it in and
I’m working we can tap that no and it’ll flash so we know which one we’re dealing
with I guess you can also edit it change the name of the particular length so if
you’re putting this all the way around your garden or something like that you
can top the flash so you know which element you’re dealing with or you can
rename the strip to something a bit easier for you to find so we’ll add that
um now we have the choose us as having all of the lumps and there are the LEDs
we can turn them off in the background and back on again and then we can have a
play with them the brightness we can go to the settings here we can add a memory
function to it the very function is not turning on the wall switch brightness
okay and then we can set a scene under the scene long press to set for some
reason I um drop lumps so whenever you got a bunch together you can have them
doing different things glowing and you can also have them reacting to music or
following the microphone which is pretty handy actually so depending on what kind
of music you are playing it can pop along with it that’s actually kind of a
funky idea and then well obviously that’s for putting in some kind of mesh
included device so it it all seems to be a fairly I’ll turn them off just for the
meantime so they don’t melt it all seems to be a fairly nice idea and I’m
relatively cheap too that’s five meters the waterproof ones here we have our
twenty five points and then twenty three points for the non waterproofed ones so
if you’re looking to stick these around your garden obviously this part here
would be a problem but then you attach them together whenever you come to the
end of their of the rule you can attach that to another rule
which is really quite a funky idea chopping this down into say 5 1 meter
lengths would be a bit of a pian because then you’d need five of these I believe
if you wanted them around different things they are putting them around the
inside of a of a cabinet or something like that as I had originally thought I
have a blu-ray collection and I could put these around the inside of the
blu-ray collection but that might not work the way they are I’d have to chop
them up which means I’ll need this kind of caper for each and every one of them
but if you’re not dedicated to doing it you’ll probably find a way and you must
be able to pick these up online and then it all links into the application and
you can have them buzzing away rhythmically to the signed which is kind
of nice so I know my wife is gonna get a bit of a kick out of these and so I’ll
go and give them to her see what she does with them and we’ll update tech
addicts dot uk’ at some point in the future to let you know hi it’s gone and
maybe I’ll take some pictures on the Instagram or or something like that to
to show it off but if you have any questions let me know in the comments
box below hit that subscribe button and give us a wee thumbs up if you fancy and
other than that take care

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