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  1. Susan is always watching!
    Timecodes: YouTube (00:42). Charli (2:59), TIA (4:45), Harvey (6:27), Primary (8:31), COVID (13:12)

  2. A large problem with Bernie banking on the young vote is that so many people posting pro Bernie messages are not of the age to vote

  3. My brain is like…….I don’t want Biden! Bernie please don’t go! Is everyone just looking at Biden as an extension of Obama? This man is not Trump but, he’s not Obama either. I feel Bernie slipping away. Well we might as well congratulate fucking Trump right now on another 4 years or in 8 years have a repeat of a Trump-esk president because if Biden wins some will feel they want the complete opposite again. The circle of shit. Well that was pessimistic😕

  4. "I hear you bro.. You just wait…" 24 hours later …."demonetized brahhhhhh!".

  5. If Bernie looses again it won't be because anything was "rigged" it'll be because young people didn't turn out.

  6. Phil… I am 38. My 69 year old mother who I never taught tic tic …. Sent me a tic tic vid .. Sometimes she sends me these things I never seen before. Get yourself a late 60s early 70s mom…. They will add something when you don't want to

  7. Philip: “They donate a single use biodegradable toilet for those in need”

    So they dig a hole?

  8. His "prison" could be club fed. Or like Epstein. Prison only at night. With day passes for every day… Justice for the super wealthy can be VIP tier.

  9. Its so obv the corona virus is weaponized Sars released by the chinese gov to stop free hong kong protests.

  10. Joe biden is a corrupt peice of garbage shame on democrats if hes the nomineee

  11. Can the story of Nikki and John get some attention? Maybe? Nikki talked about some horrible things done to her by John on a whole level of WOAH.

  12. Is there a way to block YouTube accounts? Im not subscribed to Phil and id like to never see his face in a thumbnail again. I accidentally clicked on one of his videos a year ago and ive looked at his weird ass mouth for too long. Pls help me YouJesus i beg you.

  13. 1. Bless Daniel Sloss 2. Any advice for young voters (20-25ish) whose first election they remember is one where the popular didn’t fucking matter. And the the first they could vote in- the popular vote didn’t fucking matter??

  14. I am very proud of the way my state (Alaska) is handling of the virus. Today we got our first confirmed case in Anchorage. We are on spring break right now and they extended it for an extra week right now. They shut down most public events and have hand washing stations in stores and have posters up that you can take at registers and pumps and things showing how to wash hands and not to touch your face.

  15. Its not about "false claims" about coronavirus that YouTube is worried about. They are using it to get people to watch MSM videos on YouTube instead of alternative sources.

  16. Thing is, to demonetize any and all channels that just say the word coronavirus is bullshit. Like you can't even make a joke. You got Youtubers calling it the C word.

  17. Major news channels must pay a stipend to limit YouTube creator content, it's becoming more obvious every year

  18. When looking at young voters, it’s very important to look at the places at which they are expected to vote. Many universities had far too few polling stations therefore extended wait times.

  19. Why are Americans so against progression? Biden is just lazy status quo to a system that clearly does not care about anyone but the rich.

  20. Biden will lose to Trump. Weakest candidate, Democrats would rather lose with Biden than Sanders win.

  21. I honestly can't believe people are voting for biden after he said "poor kids are as smart as white kids" and he discussed bombing the american people if they tried to rise up against a tyranical government… he talked about BOMBING US PEOPLE

  22. My reaction to Harvey whateverthefuck being sentenced to 23 years was to scream yes and throw my fist in the air.
    It's a start! If someone as influential as him can be sentenced like this then we're on the right path. This needs to continue. Both men, women and children need know that people like him will be prosecuted. It's happening slowly but things are changing.

  23. Why was it delayed??? Your government spent the last several months trying to impeach a president on bogus charges. This completely falls at the feet of Democrats.

  24. I want my hair to look like a Barbies head too. where do I get that sweet product from

  25. Please look into the cornavirus responses in other countries, for example the UK.

  26. Anyone else looking at the voting and think oh that's were all the dumb people live?

  27. Stressing "*The alarming level of inaction*" makes me feel like WHO is disappointed in themselves.

  28. They demonetize on current events cause they don’t want to pay you.

  29. Now I'm not saying i dont like or hate charli but most of the people hating on her having no valid reason other than the reasons that they're either jealous, have a negative mindset towards others, or are generally judgmental people. Shes done nothing but make dancing videos on tik tok and live her life. Shes done nothing to the haters nor to anyone in her career. Shes done nothing that would make people hate her. People are just naturally evil and it shows by the amounts of hate she gets.


    I'm only kidding. 🙄

  31. Yo Phillip DeFranco what do you think of a Native American running for president #AllThePeople Mark Charles For President

  32. Voting should be compulsary for those 18 and over like it is in Australia

  33. i just realized when phil says Filled in he meant Phil'd in. ive been watching for 3 years i fucking hate myself

  34. 🔥🔥
    this video deserves to be in trending
    0:42 🧡🔥🧡
    👇 👇 👇 👇💞

  35. Please don’t stop throat punching me Philip. That shit keeps me going.

  36. So bitching about Youtube and how it effects you personally is how you are starting all your videos now?

  37. Hey phil, maybe YouTube is just not into you, we like you, they don’t and don’t seem to be willing to support your business model…This is significantly like an abusive relationship maybe you should seek help, do you need an adult?

  38. Except by using bamboo paper now you're stopping people from planting trees that they harvest and 10-15 years which does while they're up and while there are managed properly allow for a wildlife and birds to live within these Forest while they grow. Now they're just going to clear all that and grow non-native bamboos or they're going to pay China to grow it and just ship it over great

  39. I voted for Bernie in 2016 and I’ll vote for him this time too, but damn I can not stand Bernie’s supporters this time around. The progressive wing is turning extremely toxic that sees themselves separate and morally/intellectually better than people of a different political persuasion. Bernie is not running for president of young progressives. He’s running for president of the United States. If there is anyone to blame for his lose it’s his supporters for acting like smug trolls and then not showing up to vote. I’m from the south and have learned not to hate people that don’t agree with my politics because they are everywhere. They are my friends and family, my neighbors, my colleagues and politics isn’t worth burning those bridges. Because Biden has more broad appeal and his supporters don’t have the increasingly negative reputation he’s winning.

  40. delusional bernie policies that would make trillions dollars go to waste, oh yea i totally wonder how he lost

  41. Funny how you talk about that D'Amelio gorl and never mention how she blew up thanks to someone else's choreography. She's a lowlife for hogging all of this undeserved attention.

  42. every time I see Biden, I think about his " leg hair video". I can't take him seriously

  43. I’m not even a Democrat – mostly conservative Republican here – and I fully plan to vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election. Trump is not mature enough to be representing the United States on a global stage.

  44. Illinois school districts are being closed from March 12th to the 30th. Also my children's school district was closed Thursday and Friday for deep cleaning.

  45. The fact everyone was laughing at Biden's failing campaign to supporting him show how desperate and two faced people are. After this election I'm going to turn to being Independent instead of a Democrat

  46. All these companies saying "Work from home" while amazon demands employees come in for mandatory extra time on their days off.

  47. Biden has said he'd VETO UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE – despite the Current Pandemic
    He also plans to cut basically every single form Socialist Program, including for sure; Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran's Benefits, etc etc etc.
    He's basically a calmer weaker Trump but painted Blue despite clearly being a VERY Right-Wing Democrat.

  48. I like how you addressed the email lmao…. all you did was laugh and I was cracking up myself with you

  49. Stop using toilet paper, it's 2020, pull the garden hose in the window like a normal person

  50. reel is sold out now lol. literally every store in my county is sold out of toilet paper, all of the online shops are either sold out or hella marked up (100 bucks for a charmin 24 pack lmfao) now that i actually NEED toilet paper everythings fucking gone because of dumbasses in panic mode

  51. I won't vote Biden, even if it means Trump wins. I will vote Bernie or Green Party. Self identified as a young (18-25) liberal, I have seen how Biden cannot hold consistent values, how he will not work for the working class, and how he sent Americans off to die in the middle east for no reason. Trump is not the problem, the problem is the system that made him, if it takes another four years of Trump for democrats to realize that a slightly less bigoted republican with centrist values will no longer cut it, then it will be another four hard fraught years.

  52. At "Game from Scratch' channel a video talking about the "corona game engine" was demonetized. It's a really old Game Engine that was recently made open source. YouTube is keeping with the times by been stupid as fuck.

  53. Is it me or did Daniel Sloss's intro have MAD sexual tension behind it?

  54. all schools in the state of victoria are shutting and no gatherings of over 500 people are allowed

  55. Did that man just say they knew what was going on from November/December……….thank goodness for whistleblowers…all these ppl in power are fcking sick in the head

  56. Am I the only person that nose YouTube has just been saving revenue for all this

  57. In Austria all universities and schools are closed. On mondey all Shops besides the essentials will be closed and Restaurants will Open for a limited time. Every company has to let there employees worl from home.

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