INCREDIBLE Brunei River Safari

Hello from the streets of Brunei. Brunei, of course, is on the island of Borneo and one of the animals here that’s endemic
is the proboscis monkey, or the long-nosed monkey. So we’re on our way to go find some monkeys. Can you believe we’re going to go see some monkeys? I can’t believe it. I’m so ready for it though. Looks like we’re getting on a boat. Yeah. Let’s go. This is where I hope to not fall in. Thank you. Especially your phone. Yes…especially my phone. We’re just in the boat driving by the water village. Apparently this is the biggest one in the world. It is 600 years old. There are 4000 structures and 30,000 people live here. Wow! We just entered crocodile territory. Watch out! Keep your hands in the boat! We’re on the Brunei River. 80 percent of the river is covered in mangroves. 80 percent! And all these mangroves are
protected by the government and this is where we’re going
to find the monkeys hopefully. Oh there! Stand Marc, stand. There’s another one! You can see the baby! She’s got a baby! We just saw them! My favourite there was a mom
with a…a baby on her chest and she was in a hurry to get out of here
and she just like started climbing up the tree but you could see the baby hanging onto her. I can’t believe I saw a baby! Did you see the monkeys? I saw the monkeys! Did you see the mom with the baby? Yeah! She was climbing up the tree. Yeah! You have to look fast. Really fast! Or they’re gone. Yeah. All you can see now is the tree kind of shaking around. Hoping they’ll come back out. Can hear them. Yeah. There it goes. There it goes! Did you see him run away? Yeah. I got a shot of that. They’re a little hard to see. They’re kind of far away from us. Yeah. You have to squint. You can see their reddish-brown colours. Yeah. These monkeys live in two main types of groups so there’s a harem, which is a male
and around 14 to 30 females with babies. And then there’s a bachelor group. And apparently if you see the bachelor group,
they run really fast away from humans but we were really lucky that we
came across a harem because they are not so into humans
but they move away a lot slower so we were able to see some of them in the trees
as they kind of went along on their merry way. It looks like our boat got stuck there. Eileen, how do you feel about this moment right now? I get scared so easily when the boat goes… My heart goes… Looks like we’re out. Okay. Thank goodness. We’re heading away from the monkeys now and I feel so lucky that we actually got to see some. Not just one but a whole bunch of them
and a mom and a baby so I’m feeling pretty lucky right now. How’s my hair after that? Oh yeah! This is the volume of my dreams. I’ll just go in a boat for another half an hour. Marc, are you ready to go up those steps? Uhhh… It’s more ladder than stairs. He makes it look easy. Yeah he does. I think I can do it. Seems like a two-hand job. Thank you. That was actually pretty good! Yeah not bad. Good form. Thanks! Okay, we’ve both managed to climb out of the boat, up the traditional steps there.
-Success! And we’ve stopped to take a look inside
one of the houses here at the water village and I think this is the house of our boat driver. Yeah. So we’re going to look around. He wanted to give us like a little look
at where he lives, which is so cool. He just told us to look underneath the floor
and there’s huge catfish down there. And he threw some food to him and you can
see all the tails splashing around in the water right underneath our feet. Those are some hungry catfish. Very hungry. Shoes off. Shoes off, k. And right foot first. Alright. We have to take our shoes off here
and enter with our right foot first. Okay…right foot first. Hello! Hello!
-Hello! Happy Raya! Selamat Hari Raya! This is way better than MTV. Way better than MTV, yeah. You ain’t gonna see this on MTV. This is the real thing. May I go out? Yeah! Oh wow! Oh my gosh, look at this garden! Wow! There’s the water right there. What do you think of this?
-So cool! It’s…it’s like…it feels like you’re in just like
a normal neighbourhood somewhere. You’d never know we’re on the water right now.
-Yeah! And you look down and you hear the sound
and you’re like, oh yeah we’re on stilts. And 30,000 people live in this community. It’s unbelievable. And I just keep thinking like what a cool place
for them to film the next James Bond film. Yeah! We need to write a letter. Driving a motorcycle through here! Jumping from house to house. Yeah! Mission Impossible style. Exactly! So cool here! There are eleven children in this family so now there’s a lot of extended family, grandchildren. I love when you walk into someone’s home
and see all the family photos. They have multiple tables and chairs in this room
because they have a lot of extended family so everyone can sit down when they come to visit. Are you hungry? Yeah. We just kind of mix it all together
and make a bit of a soup. Yeah apparently you put…
-You can grab just a bit of everything here. There’s a bit of… Bean sprouts? Bean sprouts, yes. Calamansi. And rice noodle…egg noodles. And this is the…this is the secret weapon. Yeah? And we have satay. Oh yum. And we have peanut sauce. Oh! That sounds amazing! Thank you. Look at this. Wow! This is the real thing. Some bean sprouts. This is beef here. And then this is where the magic happens. We somehow get this liquid into here. Using that. It’s not really magic, eh Han? Ooh! This looks good! There it is. Voila! Soup à la Brunei. Soup time. Soup is all ready to go. We have satay with peanut sauce. I’m excited to try this broth ‘cause
it takes an entire day to make it. Let’s try. Mmm! Oh it’s nice. We just finished eating our meal inside the house and they gave us a cup of coffee and invited us to come and
have the coffee on the porch. I have never been on a porch with a view like this. And you can see water all around. There’s boats going by. Just over there, there’s people going through
the day’s catch from the fishing boats. So, I mean this has just been
an unbelievable experience. Not only did we get to see the monkeys,
which was really lucky. Seeing this water village where 30,000 people live and getting to go inside one of the houses
and eat a home cooked meal, I mean, it’s just been a wonderful day and
I hope you guys have enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to give it a like,
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if you haven’t already for lots more videos. I am going to drink this cup of coffee
and look at this view and enjoy every single sip of it. Bye. Oh! There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee!

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