India To Play Day-Night Match with Australia

India and Australia are playing a test match part of the ICC World Test Championship at the end of this year. BCCI president Sourav Ganguly confirmed India will be participating in the match. They will be playing a 4 series day night test match. It was confirmed on 16th February 2020. This is not the first. India and Bangladesh had played a day and night test match in Kolkata’s Eden Gardens. India beat them and won. The match held because of BCCI President Ganguly. Back in 2018, Team India had refused to play a Day-Night Test match against the Aussies in Adelaide. This is because India needed a year and a half to practise. The team wasn’t ready. This is why they refused. A week ago Virat Kohli said the team is completely ready for a day night match and have accepted to go play the match. The Aussies have played seven Day/Night Test matches so far and have won all of them. They haven’t lost a single match. They have a 100% record. Now lets see who wins when Virat Kohli goes to play the Day/Night match.

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