Indian River State College Assessment Center Information

So you need to take a test? Testing can be a stressful time for a lot of people. Let’s quickly cover some basics of the Indian River State College Assessment centers Rules and Procedures, so you have one less thing to worry about. All right, first things first no matter what test. You need to take you must show us a current valid photo ID such as a driver’s license, or IRSC student ID card. An expired broken or cut ID is Unfortunately not valid and we won’t be able to accept it. Okay, second tip, come prepared. We administer thousands of exams in the assessment centers and unfortunately don’t automatically know who your instructor is or which exam you’re needing to take. It would be a good idea to know your instructors name, course and exam details before even coming to the Assessment center. For instance is your test online or paper and pencil. Also double check with your instructor o you’ll know if you should bring a scantron, calculator or if you’re lucky, a textbook. Each instructor gives us the rules for each exam and if the instructor hasn’t specified an allowable aid you won’t be allowed to bring it into the test. While we’re on the subject, please just go ahead and leave any other personal belongings you won’t need for the test at home. If that isn’t an option you’ll be asked to place them in a designated area while you test. Alright here’s a big one, cell phones and all electronic devices must be turned completely off in the testing room and the waiting area. If your cell phone is off, but accidentally turns on and makes a noise while you were testing your test will be terminated. We really recommend to not even bring your phone with you. Also, please be aware that hats and sunglasses must be removed during testing and children are not permitted in the testing room or waiting area. Okay, I think that covers most of it. I know that might sound like a lot but please know the testing center staff really are here to help you succeed and to offer everyone a quiet safe and fair testing environment. So please comply with any requests from the assessment center proctor’s in a respectful Manner. Oh! I almost forgot. You probably need to know when we’re open. Our Operating hours are 8:00am Until 8:30pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00am until 2:30pm on Fridays during the Spring and Fall semesters. Please make note that during the summer we close on Fridays completely. All exams must be completed before closing time and all assessment centers at all campuses have the same exact hours. If you need further assistance. Please give us a call at 772 462 7585. All right now that you’ve gotten all that down you can focus on acing your test. Good luck!

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