Indonesia: A New Approach to Urban Flood Resilience

Cities are the centers of economy. They drive Indonesia’s economy. Hence, it is important for us to minimize the negative impacts caused by extreme hydrometeorological and climate events, especially in Indonesian cities. So far, information on land conditions, what the causes are, are still not well managed. We need a more holistic inventory of the problem. The field trip was very interesting. We learned how to observe the conditions on the ground. We also learned how to design eco-friendly urban spaces. Moreover, this session was guided by experts fro the World Bank who have international experiences in planning and designing a variety of landscapes. I used to depend on conventional funding types such as the national and subnational budgets (APBN and APBD). But this workshop has broadened my perspective to see that there are other innovative sources of funding, such as corporate social responsibility, public-private partnerships, and loan financing. During this workshop, we hope to help the Government to finalize the design of the national urban flood resilience program. Basically bring ideas, not only from the central level or even from internatinal examples but from the experience of cities on the ground. Creating, and designing livable cities.

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