Indonesia marks 10th anniversary of deadly tsunami 인도네시아 쓰나미 피해 10주년

And finally, Indonesia is marking the 10th
anniversary since the South Asian Tsunami which killed hundreds of thousands of people.
Paul, this was one of the worst disasters on record… not only in terms of loss of
life but also shear destruction. How are people remembering the victims?
Thousands of Indonesians are paying their respects to the dead, while the government
is continuing to take steps to ensure that they′ll better prepared the next time a
natural disaster of this unprecedented scale strikes again.
An official memorial service was held in Banda Aceh,… the worst hit area back in 2004,…
where at least 1-hundred-68-thousand people were killed.
Indonesian Vice President… Yusuf Kalla… thanked the international community for its
support in the initial relief efforts… as well as with decade-long task of rebuilding. “This commemoration ceremony is not only to
pray for the victims and thank the people around the world, but it is a time when we
learn how to resolve the problem, as the lesson taught us how to resolve a complicated problem
by uniting as one.” The 9-point-3 magnitude earthquake ten years
ago… on December 26th… triggered a giant wave that laid waste to the coastal areas
in more than a dozen countries. An early-warning system spanning 28 nations
has since been established… in order to prevent future disasters. Chery.
Alright, Paul,… thanks for those updates. We′ll see you again… in just about two

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