Indonesia Tsunami 2018: What is Anak Krakatoa that has killed 373 till now? I History

Indonesia’s latest volcanic explosion isn’t
the worst the country has faced. 281 were killed after an explosion from Anak Krakatoa
set off a tsunami that swept over the island of Java on December 22, 2018. Anak Krakatoa
is a fairly new volcano formed in 1927, several decades after an explosion of the original
Krakatoa volcano. Anak means ‘child’ in one Indonesian language. The original Krakatoa’s explosion in 1883
was one of the worst in recorded history. An estimated 36,000 people were killed at
the time. Reports suggest the explosions were so violent, that they could be heard in Australia
— 3,500 kilometres away. The nuclear yield of the volcano was 13,000 times more than
the nuclear bomb dropped over Hiroshima. But it wasn’t the explosion itself that
was so deadly. It was the tsunamis that were triggered by the explosions that killed 10’s
of thousands. Fatalities following the latest explosion
were also from an explosion-related tsunami. The collapse of one flank of Anak Krakatoa
is likely to have triggered underwater landslides, followed by the tsunami, seismologists say.
More than 1,000 people were injured, and rescue efforts are still under way.

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