Indonesian Authorities Warn Of Possible Second Tsunami | NBC Nightly News

13 thoughts on “Indonesian Authorities Warn Of Possible Second Tsunami | NBC Nightly News

  1. I’d bet that they pay that government scientist a lot of money equal to the US dollar and she tells them not to worry because it’s only minor. I’d hire someone else who takes the job seriously.

  2. Let’s do the math ignorant liberals- Volcanic ash goes into the Atmosphere around the earth and causes Global Warming end of story get your heads out of the Liberal Professor’s sand?

  3. I remember watching documentaries on this volcano and what could happen, it's crazy that they finally got something right! Unfortunately many ppl lost their lives, they are in my prayers!

  4. Why didn't you warn the indonesians? The corporate media has blood on it's hands, as do the governments that know the TRUE cause, but do not warn the people…

  5. "It's just a precaution"?

  6. They are downplaying this severely. This is the same volcano that caused the loudest sound in recorded history! It's not to be taken lightly! Imagine how much force it would take for 1 eruption to make half of the volcano collapse! If it happens again then it might be worse! WHY?! Because now there's less land above ground for the shock wave to travel through before hitting land!

  7. I would like to share with you my testimony that I hope will wake people up to the times that we are living in. Two years ago, I came to Christ because of a supernatural experience that the Lord gave me. One evening I was reading the Bible – the Book of Revelations Chapter 12, which is about a “Great Sign in Heaven, with a woman clothed with sun, moon and twelve stars above her head” -please google it. While I was reading this passage, my entire body started buzzing with energy and I knew something supernatural was occurring and the Lord was telling me to pay attention. When I finished reading the paragraph, I immediately jumped up and googled a “great sign in heaven” and was led to a YouTube video that explained how on 9/23/17, there would be a planetary alignment in the constellation Virgo that depicted exactly what was written in the bible. This happened six months prior to the sign. The Lord said in Genesis that he made the sun, moon and stars to show us the seasons (years and days) that we are living in.

    Fast forward to this year. A few days before the Tsunami hit in Indonesia, the Lord put the number seventeen on my spirit. I wasn’t sure why I was being shown this, but when I searched references to 17 in the bible, I was eventually led to the Isaiah 17 Prophecy which prophesized the destruction of Damascus, Syria. The next day Trump made an announcement that he was withdrawing 7000 troops from Syria, which is a sign that something is about to go down with Israel and Syria. While I was watching the news the following day, I learned that the band that was playing the evening that the Tsunami hit- who were also killed, was named “17”. Trust me! This was not a coincidence.

    I’m sharing this with you because biblical prophecy is unfolding at an alarming rate. Matthew 24 states that in the end times and before Jesus returns, there will be signs in the heavens, earthquakes in diverse places, the seas will be roaring, pestilent. Anyone who is paying attention can see that something is going on with our planet. I believe that the Lord woke me up to warn people of the times that we are living in. If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ, now is the time to seek him.

    I pray that you take this testimony seriously.

    God Bless!

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