37 thoughts on “Indonesian volcano threatens to trigger second tsunami

  1. The Government caused more casualties without warning people. They knew but kept quiet. Government is the Enemy of the People like Dotard Trump.

  2. God help those people my heart goes out to them and my condolences to their family

  3. Hey Fox News, how about a news video concerning our country like yesterday's historical stock market rally?

  4. hey fox news, that place has always looked like that, fox is fake news, they show you how things are and try to make you think its damage from a tsunami

  5. The only qualified individual Draft Dodger Donald ever hired for the job was Stormy Daniels.

  6. Building a wall on our Southern Border will protect us from the TSUNAMI wave of animals trying to breach our border!

  7. It sucks being a Muslim when they believe in the satanic moon god!
    Religion in Indonesia

    Islam (87.2%)Protestant Christianity (7.0%)Catholic Christianity (2.9%)Hinduism (1.7%)Buddhism (0.7%)Confucianism (0.05%)

  8. Barry Soetoro aka Obama's step father late Lolo Soetoro if alive now would be very upset to hear about the devasation Tsunami in his country.

  9. 233million Muslims… Anak Krakatau is just doing the Lords work..Because God Hates Muslims…Doubt this?…Just look at how they live….But God does have a sense of humor ..he pulled one helluva a practical joke on the rest of the world by putting oil under the middle east…lmao…

  10. Prayers to those who lost friends and loved ones. And for those who survived, they must have some incredible stories to share, that might save lives in future events.

  11. Bout time you guys cover the Indonesia tsunami it only happened a bout almost a week ago

  12. out of order for several years now.. oh i guess after 2004 it was no longer thought to be needed?

  13. The title is massively stupid. Incompetence is rampant. It is or does it does not threaten- only stupid journalist threaten.. Just click bait.

  14. who's responibility is it to maintain tsunami buoys -local govs or a international body? is there any evidence that a warning could have helped considering the tsunami was triggered by a underwater mudslide rather than a undersea earthquake?

  15. Seems like Christmas is the time this countries face this disasters. 🤔

  16. Liberal logic
    Something bad happens anywhere in the world: Blame Trump
    Something good happens: Thanks Obama

  17. How Many Tsunami Do These People Have To Go Through One Hit Like 2 Months Ago…Stay Safe!

  18. I would like to share with you my testimony that I hope will wake people up to the times that we are living in. Two years ago, I came to Christ because of a supernatural experience that the Lord gave me. One evening I was reading the Bible – the Book of Revelations Chapter 12, which is about a “Great Sign in Heaven, with a woman clothed with sun, moon and twelve stars above her head” -please google it. While I was reading this passage, my entire body started buzzing with energy and I knew something supernatural was occurring and the Lord was telling me to pay attention. When I finished reading the paragraph, I immediately jumped up and googled a “great sign in heaven” and was led to a YouTube video that explained how on 9/23/17, there would be a planetary alignment in the constellation Virgo that depicted exactly what was written in the bible. This happened six months prior to the sign. The Lord said in Genesis that he made the sun, moon and stars to show us the seasons (years and days) that we are living in.

    Fast forward to this year. A few days before the Tsunami hit in Indonesia, the Lord put the number seventeen on my spirit. I wasn’t sure why I was being shown this, but when I searched references to 17 in the bible, I was eventually led to the Isaiah 17 Prophecy which prophesized the destruction of Damascus, Syria. The next day Trump made an announcement that he was withdrawing 7000 troops from Syria, which is a sign that something is about to go down with Israel and Syria. While I was watching the news the following day, I learned that the band that was playing the evening that the Tsunami hit- who were also killed, was named “17”. Trust me! This was not a coincidence.

    I’m sharing this with you because biblical prophecy is unfolding at an alarming rate. Matthew 24 states that in the end times and before Jesus returns, there will be signs in the heavens, earthquakes in diverse places, the seas will be roaring, pestilent. Anyone who is paying attention can see that something is going on with our planet. I believe that the Lord woke me up to warn people of the times that we are living in. If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ, now is the time to seek him.

    I pray that you take this testimony seriously.

    God Bless!

  19. I'm pretty sure I read some where before that volcanic eruptions near coastal waters usually cause a tsunami. I'm pretty sure that's a scientifical fact. Correct me if I'm wrong. Any one?

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