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so today we are going to be talking
about things that you should be keeping in mind in case you have an outdoor or
indoor wedding hi my name is Rachana and we are into
wedding photography and wedding films our company name is AhutterspeedIndia you
can have a look at our work which is mentioned in the description so let’s start with the outdoor wedding
first the mandap should always have a shade on top and not be directly exposed
to the sunlight as it will give you harsh light on your faces and your
pictures will be burnt out wherever the bride and groom are sitting just see to
it that behind them it’s not directly open you can have some kind of a
backdrop or a background or let’s say a chain of hanging flowers, even if it’s
far it’s fine you should always have some kind of cooling unit next to the
bride and groom because you do not want your makeup to be melted because of the
sun’s heat. For night outdoor weddings happening after 6 p.m. make sure that
there are enough amount of flood lights around also for an outdoor wedding you
can add drone so that you can get aerial shot let’s talk about indoor weddings now you
must always have a central mandup in an indoor wedding as it gives space for the
photographer’s to move around you and it also kind of creates a depth behind you
which will help you give beautiful pictures. Do not have colored background
lights in an indoor wedding because it’s an enclosed space and colors such as
blue, purple, red, pink are going to reflect more and create a highlight on
your face and you know those always do not look good in pictures. Avoid having a
lot of people coming and gathering and sitting literally around you during the
wedding as firstly it’s an indoor wedding and it’s really compact and that
becomes really cluttery and it becomes really difficult for the photographer to
give you a better coverage. Also one really important thing is that always talk
to your photographer about these things and keep them in the loop they might
help you with better suggestions or ideas and I hope this video is really
helpful and I hope you really like it please subscribe to our channel, our company name is – Shutterspeedindia, we are into wedding photography and wedding
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look have a great day

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