9 thoughts on “Inside Hales Bar Dam – Kindred Spirits – HGTV

  1. Great episode. I really enjoy watching Amy and Adam investigating. They are very compassionate and kind people. I hate when investigators go in and start yelling at the spirits.

  2. They are the best. They go to locations seeking resolutions with the spirits and are respectful. Unless it's a spirit that doesn't deserve respect.

  3. After this aired Hales Bar was shut down to investigations. Jeff does not own any of Hales Bar. Jeff and Vicki we're using a ouiji boards in the tunnels. My boyfriend and I did a investigation with a group there. I have many photos of what I saw. Jeff and Vicki we're taking people's money and not being honest about what happens there. Also this show did not get permission from the owner or general manager to film at the location. I visit the Marina several times a week and have seen and heard many things inside the Dam and in the small family cemetery on site. I was raised in the area and Indeed the land was Cherokee. My family. Most of the spirits in the Dam area are connected to the land that was there before. I have never encountered anything negative in the Dam. I have encountered 5 different spirits inside the Dam and 1 in the cemetery but several others on the grounds themselves.

  4. I’m staying here at at moment. They got the tours happening. And a haunted house on the side

  5. I live near here. I went there tonight and got scratches on my back in the battery room.

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