Inside The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Site, 9 Years Later | TODAY

10 thoughts on “Inside The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Site, 9 Years Later | TODAY

  1. In the story they forgot to mention; no radiation deaths, no increases in cancers.

  2. The Today Show is an NBC mainstay. Comcast Universal owns NBC. Comcast Universal paid BILLIONS to air the Olympics and is betting on major ad revenue returns from its investment. Ad rates are based on demand for air time. Of course they're going to obscure the massive risk of death from radiation in Japan. Don't be fooled. It's literally a "hot mess." #cancer A Japanese study published in a major medical journal, Epidemology:

  3. You make it sound like all the contaminated water is being stored in reality it's been free flowing directly into the Pacific Ocean every day since the triple melt down occurred all those years ago.
    If there was not the continuous flow of groundwater over the melted cores the radiation in the air would be far worse than it is currently.
    Your video suggests that things are under control nothing could be further than the truth.

  4. Total whitewash. Shame on NBC news. Hire a real nuclear proctologist to counsel you before you put this trash out.

  5. Well if I had a nuclear power plant I would turn off the cooling system and let the reactor overheat and melt then explode the top of the containment building. I live near Three Mile Island,


  6. "Are you sure it's safe?"
    "YA SAFE!!!"
    are you really going to take their word for it being safe after they have continuously tried covering up and minimizing the damage that was done and is still ongoing? Are you crazy?

  7. of course the water is released in the ocean ..this is a disaster that needs to be solved .NOW. not in the decades to come in the future more earthquake and tsunami and its lights out ..but in reality the real criminals of this is the people WHO ALLOWED NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS TO BE BUILT ON KNOWN FAULT LINES   knowing full well that something like this could happen …and as we all know …theres no fix

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