Installing Interceptor 002 in Malaysia | Cleaning Rivers | The Ocean Cleanup

Hey, what’s happening today? Today, quite a few things happening We are doing the final assembly of the barrier We’re going to build it up on the key side, so it is ready for the installation on Wednesday And we’re also going to install the actual system So, at twelve o’clock the tugboats come, and we set sail up the river to the installation site And it should be a reasonable straight forward operation to get the anchor chained in the system And get everything in place… So, by the end of the day we should have a floating Interceptor in the middle of the river We have Interceptor… Yes? These are yellow lines, okay? The one big on the front… This tug… this tug? Is this blue one… okay? Will go on the front Line from this boat Big tug. The big tug? The big boat? Is ready, okay? This one? How many long? This one? How many long? This one is fifteen. One-five. One-five, one-six hundred fifty? fifty meter? Fifteen… One-five? Yes, one-five… Then… we have Okay… listen… Small tug. Small tug yellow, allright? Wooden tug. This one Interceptor, two yellow line, yes? We go to one loop. This one here: small tug One line Also go here. Okay? We go that way. So this is breaking, ok? And this is steering… Control, control Yes! Control… all the time. Okay, we go! We are now here. Yeah? We go. We have bridge We can go under the bridge Nice. We’re doing a cuise, okay… Then we arrive. Like this. There is four buoys laying there.
Yellow Buoys with line on it. Current. No, no, no. This is the bridge Okay. We arrive… Okay! All the way here… Okay, we are here. Control, control, control. Now, control, control. Okay, control. We leave it here for one hour. One hour: control, control. Okay? Then we have small dinghy. I will be… I will be in small dinghy… Yeah they got the line, you see? We have guys in here. And this one we attach here. And then in here… But first… first two anchor. First anchor is… yes! Which one first? We do first this one. This one is last, because current is this way… So, here first, second? And tugboat: control, control, okay? The boat stays here. We understand? Okay, very good! Very good? Allright! Let’s go! Let’s go! Fully understand! I think they get it now… It’s better than drawings…

59 thoughts on “Installing Interceptor 002 in Malaysia | Cleaning Rivers | The Ocean Cleanup

  1. Still waiting to hear what your doing with the plastic other than just collecting it

  2. This is a normal video about a simple milestone in an absolutely extraordinary event/process.

  3. Wonderful job.. if you ever need any help in southWest Uk.. gimme a shout i would love to help

  4. Nobel Prize nomination to Greta ? No f–kin' way . Boyant and his crew , absolutely . Well done to all of you for being part of a solution instead of wondering the globe whinning about things without you have no real experience .

  5. I hope some of the plastic you collect will be used to make a model of the interceptor. It would be a great merch and an aid in communicate with future crews 🙂

  6. Malaysia will collect the trash, store it shortly and throw it back into the ocean.

  7. still no shot of the 'boom' channeling trash to the conveyor..
    is it fakery to keep the donors happy ?

  8. Inland River based projects, communication are never an challenge ! the process are same world over.

  9. Only question is how expensive are these interceptors. . . Are these are aluminium built !

  10. And instead of building an interceptor on a river woudn’t it be easier to build something on the ground ? Safer for everyone…

  11. India needs 50 interceptors. I m sure we are in the top 3 list. It is not something that we would be proud but it is the fact. Ryan Plz initiate dialogue with our PM Narendra Modi ji and Environment minister Prakash Javdekar or Minister Nitin Gadkari any one Plz push to save world

  12. Let me know if u need any help to become a mediator to initiate a dialogue. U r simply gr8 ni words hats off

  13. Grappig! Maar wel duidelijk als je snap de 4 verschillen taal gebruikt hier..
    Kontrol kontrol – operation CHECK!
    Als u hulp nodig hebt met een vertaler die alle 4/5 talen in de toekomst begrijpt. Laat het me weten.

  14. Poignant image at 3:00
    I would hope the Interceptor project enjoys tax free status as it is actually doing something for the long term benefit of the Earth and humanity.

  15. From the shots you have shown us it seems almost as if the interceptor is in the middle of the city.
    Doesn't that mean that "behind" the interceptor, closer to the sea, plastic can still be thrown into the river and get into the oceans?
    My concern, point or question is that you may have to put the interceptor or another barrier right next to the ocean to hinder plastic from entering it? Otherwise the preventing function only partly succeeds as stuff thrown in closer to the ocean in other cities, or areas, that are located "behind" the interceptor still enters the rivers and therefore the oceans. Have you thought about that and geographically measured where to put the interceptor best, possibly close to the sea?

    I hope you understand what I mean. I think you're bright enough to think of this. I was just wondering. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  16. Great job guys & gals…keep up the good work. And for the rest of us, we can help by either donating on the ocean cleanup webpage, spreading the word via social media or word of mouth about this awesome project, and of course, reducing our plastic usage and recycling more. 🙂

  17. Whilst glad to see someone who does the mature thing of taking responsibility, it's still painful to think of all the little piggies (and those who are simply ignorant) making excuses and unwarranted criticism.

  18. Thank you for all your hard work Ocean Cleanup and thank you Malaysia for participating in such an important project. You help us all.

  19. Plastic should be banned from all shops and supermarkets. The same plastic can only be recycled once so theres four options remelted down back into oil or recycled once or a permanent place like in houses or cars for the sea plastic or banned all together and politicians should be doing a lot more for are environments all they do all day is get paid to argue never agree and no action they spend more time ignoring this topic by influencing the public with other diversions in life and that is why we are in this mess in the first place companies don’t care they build for money profits and jobs and have no consideration for the environments what so ever . Oil is made from plastic so it’s the oil companies fault and the plastic companies fault that this started in the first place you can every day blaming each person but under influencing was always going to be a problem and companies new this was going to come one day but they where more interested in there money and profits .

  20. I really love this project, it's very effective and a good way to clean up all that garbage

  21. Developed countries are struggling to recycle plastics and in some cases they just sell it to developing countries to get rid of it. How on earth is TOC going to do something that entire nations cant?

  22. 4:43…Typical Malaysian chinese uncle talking…haha…and Great Initiative Ocean Cleanup and Team.

  23. A good project but would be great if people could just stop dumping their shit in the rivers instead…

  24. turbo splicing of clips… jibber jabbering…distraction…maybe some things to work out still ? ? ?

  25. Adakan squat rakyat catitkan nombor kenderaan, tangkap gambar drebar yang buang sampah di bahu jalan. Klo tidak, selama lamanya sampah akan bertambah di sungai.

  26. Waiting on Interceptor 004 to come to the Dominican Republic, Rio Ozama! Let's get it done💯

  27. Im not trying to be ugly. Actually i want you guys to work with me and my company. Renu Energy Services Inc

  28. It is truly amazing what you bring here in action. It's really cool, to see how you communicate with this natives. Cool, thank you for sharing.

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