Installing Tree Up-Lighting

Hi, I am Steven from the Home Depot Community and today I’m going to show you how to install uplighting for your trees. It’s a
great way to add dimension to your yard at night and add an unexpected touch to your landscape. If you’ve never worked with power packs
or lighting kits before, don’t worry this isn’t going to be complicated electrical engineering. Just be safe and have fun. Ready? Here are the things you will need to get started. A low-voltage lighting kit from Malibu
with power pack in cape, a screwdriver, drill, and drill bits. A shovel, and which wood screws or mounting screws that are appropriate for
armani spirit that’s appropriate for your siding. You could also use shields and screws
instead. Begin wiring the power pack by screwing
the cable into place. Details can vary by manufacturer so be sure to follow the
directions that come with the power pack. Mount or hang the power pack by mounting it with a wood screw next to a GFCI outlet. It has to be plugged into a GFCI protected outdoor electrical outlet that’s fitted with a while-in-use cover. If you don’t want to mount your power pack your
siding you could drive a wood stake into the ground next to the outlet and screw the power
pack to the stake. It could also be mounted directly to the
wall of the house. Assemble the lights according to the
manufacturer’s directions. Arrange the lights around the tree and run the cable on the ground from light to light if you come to an obstacle like a fence or shrub
just string the cable under or around it. Be sure to put the first fixture at least ten feet away from the power pack. Never place to light within ten feet of
a pool, spa or fountain. Leave some slack in the cable if you want
to change the positions of the lights. Use a large screwdriver or garden trowel to dig holes in the ground where the fixtures will be staked. Don’t use a hammer to pound in the stake. You’re asking for a broken fixture that way. Connect the lights by attaching the cable connectors. For this particular light we’re putting the connector on each side of the cable and snapping it together to connect the light. Dig a trench up to six inches deep
alongside the cables on the ground. Place a cable in the trench, but don’t bury it yet. If you do not want to bury the cable it
can be covered with mulch or left on the ground. Plug the power pack into the outdoor
outlet and set the timer. Be sure to cover the GFCI outlet with a plastic
while-in-use cover. This is usually sold separately. Then
test the lights. If your lights are dim it could be the power pack isn’t supplying enough power for all the lights Be sure to ask a Home Depot associate for advice before buying your power pack so you won’t run into this problem If your lights are working properly and you are satisfied with the location go ahead and bury the cable and place the lights into the holes you dug. There you have it. An up-lit tree that will give your landscaping a defining and dramatic look. Remember to replace any burned out bulb promptly otherwise it will shorten the life of the other bulbs or use LED light fixtures that do not have bulbs to be replaced. If you enjoyed this project and want to try a few more visit for more great how-to advice and projects.

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