Insurance Companies Screwing Sandy Victims

but by some estimates its didn’t have caused seventy billion
dollars for the baggage urgency now unfortunately no surprise here but the insurance companies are trying
every trick in the book to basically weasel their way out of paying for things that they’re
contractually obligated to pay for now that’s where did he sits a little
bit deeper and a little bit murkier but lets us dot and you would discuss
basically what’s going on yourself there’s plenty of people in new york in
new jersey that uh… pat pertinent rights bands what cindy had we cover story just
hiking couple days after sandy where we were talking about how these
insurance companies had hidden in the fine print something called a a hurricane
deductible and offer some deductibles knowledge of
normal deductible or tolerated is pretty fucked up you know how to get to a car
accident they say all right guess who were totally gonna cover it except that
you have to cover the first like five hundred thousand dollars usn campaign you every month like a
hundred thirty two hundred fifty bucks and then something happens why shouldn’t you cover the whole thing because you know how is that the
contracts they tracked the contracts to be as easily as humanly possible so
they can cover as little as humanly possible and you know mayhew people pretty much
as much of the tab as as legally allowed now i understand
that that’s how for-profit business works and and i did not get you guys on the
capitalist that talked about that extensively but the fact that there is you contract with somebody to convert
you for insurance and they don’t insure you when something
happens we have an issue was that let me stop
inside fractured focused particularly on what’s going on with sandy so we covered the hurting insurance and
have a the deductible for like five percent or
ten percent dot now if you’re full house gets trashed property value gopi jerseys pretty god
in christ so you’re looking at you know five percent or ten percent of four
hundred thousand dollars also known as an amount of money people
don’t just happen where you’re at so it doesn’t hurricane deductibles were
good enough with the insurance companies are doing
that i was there there bringing together they’re tremendous
legal teams to try to find ways to not pay out the payments that they should pay out of
the people whose houses got destroyed so now they’re argument is this alway you guys all of that her teachers but he doesn’t think it was really the
hurricane pursuing to structure a house in one day it was the flawed so you can purchase hurricane insurance
and flood insurance so you know we’re not going to pay you now think about that at think about that’s like saying well and i think you have flood
insurance is well put your flood insurance for the congress uh… fault the flood level in twenty seven feet and
three-and-a-half inches in yours was uh… his that’s the less than that it would
indicate commenter secular member of the and he did which is a way that these people will
form no one calls to work around to not do what they were hired to do is absolutely mind-boggling and i have
never in my life scene up there or give it for stayin independents their apartment this
objective that is that it’s a wall of what second year you know you you you need to any to
cover this in good faith let’s call this thing government

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