Intel Kaby Lake G, AMD news deluge, Nvidia BFGD, CES 2018 Staff Picks | The Full Nerd Ep. 38

pinwheels okay yes in this episode of
the full nerd we’re still hungover from CES but we can still talk about the cool
ass PC gear we saw welcome to the full nerd episode 38
recorded on January 11 2018 I’m Gordon Mong along with Brad carcass hello
Internet who is still warm out there and special
guests muscle roof Rio hey and of course controlling the vertical
and horizontal is Adam Patrick Murray hey Gordon I went to CES 2018 and the
only thing I got was this light-up fidgets we had to bring out the fidgets
from from HyperX Thank You HyperX for the light-up fidget spinner and
especially light-up once I I did not have a light-up one before this this is
actually pretty cool yeah yeah you know I was actually at the Kingston HyperX
booth and you know they were like cuz you know I think they were giving away
like pretty nice you know hey media you know 64 gig going over USB key I was
like I need the fidgets spinner don’t worry this the 64 gig USB stick has all
of our press materials on it yes yeah just free form it would be cool of
actually the fidgets spinner was a USB key I’m sure I’m sure I’m sure people
have done that pretty good night Adam he’s not usually he tries to sidetrack
us actually you know I’m not gonna sidetrack but I am gonna say something
that I realized you know all the people who tuned in live on Facebook YouTube
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know what I thought you were here why would you listen to it again I know
because you want to like listen like what did I slept and then it just it’s
permanently on the record doesn’t come back sometimes muscles back it’s just
sometimes a brings me back to the you know listening to you on the no BS
podcast you know those like it’s Gordon those were the photos no rule
no rules no rules but I do want to get into cool ass stuff from CES Melissa and
I just came back from Adam as well yes retired from the Consumer Electronics
Show it’s not called the Consumer Electronics Show anymore really do you
want the lawyers to get after what does KFC actually mean does anyone know do
you guys know where the first KFC is only in its home state no the first KFC
was built in Salt Lake City yes yep I mean I’m sure it is from there
that’s a lot they were building a bunch of them at the same time but that’s the
first one that opened go to UFC I mean USA you’ll see it be Utah from just
can’t everything just oh that’s just I’m not surprised I mean
just everything we hear is a lie basically it’s true but you know it’s
not a lie what is not a lie brand new Intel collaborating with AMD’s crazy
right so we saw it there KB like G announced officially yes yes of course
it was like worst kept secret in the world but bring in the new year
well and it was a huge surprise because until an AMD have been rival since day
zero and why would they possibly collaborate on a chip but here we are we
have a 8th generation Core mobile chip and a Radeon Vega M yeah we gotta go the
full name of the part is Radeon rx I memorizes Radeon rx Vega M graphics
processor I forget what it is it’s crazy it’s like it’s like a pair of JL thng
say it again while I count back 36 5 14 to 20 nice oh so there’s like GL
which is lower and lower processor has fewer C use GH higher end version both
of them are 65 watt parts and of course the magic of this is HN quad-core chip
which uses Intel’s new email god I can’t remember any more embedded die
interconnect it’s basically a way that they can connect you know the chips on a
high speed interface and you shrink something that might be this big down to
this big it’s super tiny it has 4 gig 4 gig stack of HBM to write next we did
some laptops with this chip and it’s fast
yeah so I mean there they are claiming we saw to write this to announce HP
spectre x360 15 and also a around for a long time what’s actually gonna do yeah
change it to Utah yeah back to Utah Fried Chicken I don’t think they could
do that oh yeah I don’t I don’t know how consumers I don’t I’m gonna hope
consumers can understand like Oh something oh I’m actually buying a
laptop completely built on some like unsafe technology necessarily I mean the
name you know yeah yeah so I’m performance for people who don’t
know it’s now officially so the GL part the benchmarks Brad and Brad’s got
something to say about this the benchmarks Intel is saying because we
have not actually run independent benchmarks on it we have touched them we
played with them a little bit but we haven’t blow benchmark them GL is 10
they’re saying greater than 10 50 performance it’s actually like 1.4 1.3 x
1.4 and then on the GH part which has more sea use they’re saying maybe 1.3 at
10 60 of a geforce gtx 1060 1.13 half so front of me 17
say whether it’s a six gig or three gig Krista there are some three gig 1060
laptops my minutes I’m gonna assume it’s the six gig which is what you see most
laptops well they said it’s higher performance from the 1060 max-q
okay that’s a six conversion oh okay so that’s that’s pretty good it’s exciting
because as I said before we’ve already tested just regular KB like G and going
from dual core 2 quad core and mobile huge improvement and if they now add you
know this Vega M GPU I mean that’s what we’ve been waiting for we’ve been
waiting for a mobile GPU that didn’t require a big fat chunky heavy laptop
you know but wasn’t as as boring as an HD 620 yeah and I gotta say like that
then you know cuz you know they did announce can’t be like gee you know
maybe a three yeah several months ago November couple my number but then it
wasn’t totally actually like I was like well so what he’s gonna go into like
arrow 15 which i think is a great laptop XPS 15 current fairly thick you know
z-height pretty big laptops they can get 10 50 10 60 in there and ten seventy
even in the max Q in the in a Aero 15 at X but the like the the spectre X people
don’t know this the spectre x360 15 originally came out as a dual core
laptop so with a 15 watt you know chip with you know a low-end geforce and they
have crammed that thing with with the this basically if they’re saying they’re
saying you know 1050 plus performance it sounds like almost 1050 TI to me and and
of course the new XPS 15 2 + 1 is just it’s just stupidly thin it’s stupidly
thin you’ll just be like you know there yeah you know it’s like I mean you know
to be fair it is like MacBook Pro 15 then so numbers then I here’s Brad being
a hater that guy the thing with those benchmark numbers is that game frame
rates that they provided we’re in hitman Deus Ex mankind divided until the war
war hammer and vermintide – which are all heavily skewed towards Radeon
graphics versus Nvidia right so it’s it’s apples to apples but kinda you know
gray-smith apples versus Golden Delicious apples we still
have Adam crack open sorry I need some caffeine oh I think I mean what what did
you expect them to benchmark against yes it’s important to point out but it’s not
like they were gonna go and find the Nvidia optimized benchmarks and run it
on mats but you know we’re gonna hope I think that I I think what I think Brad
and I gotta say I hope they’re setting expectations right so yes if they’re
saying on the GL part which we’re gonna see in the end the in the expense of
fifteen two and one and the spectre x360 fifteen if we’re gonna expect ten fifty
TI performance but it’s closer to below ten fifty or closer to ten fifty then
it’s like you might be a little uh you know but still that’s incredible to get
that performance of something so ten well and when are we expecting these
it’s the spring I believe so probably spring determinate spring also did they
talk about a power here because I mean that that’s still something to always
care about in a laptop is how long a battery life here on this yeah so the
part itself it’s interesting they rate the entire part at 65 watt TDP a typical
you know that’s for the graphic flow version oh yeah for the GL version
because we have not seen a GH laptop version gh is only going into the nook
which we can talk about a bit but the GL version is gonna they’re calling a 65
watt part you know so people know current cable a car is a 15 watt part
quad core and then a cable like well I guess it keep it like an H part a
standard typical you know thick powerful gaming laptop is H part those are 45
watts for the CPU for TDP so they’re saying both parts combo 65 watts and the
power unit is shared between them intelligent so they can actually sort of
you know if the GPU needs more power the GPU gets to have the CPU so it’s all
really very very controlled by by Intel on this so 65 watts total for you know
GPU and graphics is pretty good but again this is we’re talking stupidly
like well I guess maybe not that carbon next one but you know the size saying
that the graphics high will be a hundred watts
yes so the gh version is hundred watts which you know that’s a bigger laptop so
we’ll see what happens but I gotta say it’s still
impressive to get 1050 and this two and one you know most people don’t know what
this XPS 15 two and one looks like but it is crazy thin you know hey it doesn’t
happen it’s so thin there’s no USBA on it but the spectre x360 15 t which has
been out for a little bit this is a refresh to that it’s again this it was a
platform built for a 15 watt processor with a you know low-end discrete part so
is it easier do you think it’s going to be easier to cool like doing it this way
or I don’t know you know I think it’s gonna be like most laptops right – yeah
cool you keep it more performance you know or if you’re willing to get you
know deal with more fan noise you’ll get more performance so we’ll see I don’t
know 60 I mean assuming they’re more or less just plopping this different part
into the same chassis you know the fan noise on that is pretty
moderate ya know they’re they’re actually pretty good as far as the
battery I don’t remember there actually being battery disclosed when I wrote the
nice stories but I had a discussion with some hardware company and it said like I
think it was maybe 12 to 15 hours both of them have different ratings and we
were discussing how they’re getting these ratings but you know 12 to 15
hours basically video run time probably for both yeah your mileage is going to
vary depending on what you do course yeah so of course you’re gonna say video
run down or I think man it may even be mobile mark which is you know probably
the easiest of because some of these video run down tests are run at like you
know 115 its brightness and if you get a laptop with a discrete GPU you probably
want to try and play some games and you’re not gonna play games at 115 it
you’re gonna crank it up to you know what 250 350 if you can and I don’t know
what the max is on these things yeah yeah I think expense 15 is 400 nits
I don’t know Xpress 360 so it says 12 to 16 hours but they’re doing it on a 150
nits and you know stopping every 10 minutes and that’s not your mileage is
going to vary yeah definitely yeah you crank up the GPU and you’ll yeah any I’m
I think generally the rule that is always accurate is you’ll be lucky if
you get an hour and a half in any the matter it’s just yes that’s what I
want to see I want to see if they’re somehow broken some yeah that that would
be that would be the magical listing that will be the match of time when you
get a gaming laptop where you can actually play on the battery for say
three hours that would be just like and well we got a good question from
Fernando over on YouTube he says uh he made a comment but I’m making it a
question could this be the next CPU for next-gen consoles do you see it kind of
going that way I don’t I don’t think so because I think the console you know I
wish Elena heard so I can give her some sideways you know console makers it’s
all about cost cost costs this is not gonna be a cheap part Intel it’s like
give it away for free so no I don’t yeah yeah it’ll be interesting we I my guess
is next gen I would think PlayStation 5 would be rising based honestly b.a.p I
don’t I don’t think we’re gonna see a refresh for at least probably two or
three oh yeah okay where’s the paper you can put that I say PlayStation 5 didn’t
already make that prediction yes your next year put the finger at
Xbox yeah we got this yes it’s all about its it’s a big it’s a big motor race now
again with those console makers it feels like I’d be surprised though if AMD I
mean they’re they got good business putting their chips inside these
consoles let me surprise if they give any of that up to Intel yeah well
instead of getting a new console why don’t you get the new Hades Canyon Hades
yes and that is that is actually the one thing that I saw with the hundred watt
version wait it is and you’re well I think he doesn’t have your walk yeah
that great big 130 watt power brick so yeah it’s it’s a KB like eh it’s in it’s
in enough I don’t people remember the current skull Canyon which about the
size of VHS cassette this is thicker and of course everybody was like hey this is
bigger an Intel Intel person was like what is he one 60 graphics in a box aside he didn’t
just say well come on give me a break previously it was just simply integrated
graphics I mean the best integrated graphics iris pro iris plus whatever it
is does not hold a candle to this cable 80 parts okay be like gee we’re talking
sand and 60 range performance in a boxercise of just tape it’s pretty good
for Millennials that’s the thing we used to put into this thing to watch
television shows well they’re saying the Geo person is 1060 max-q range right and
no GH version is has for more compute units a bunch more stream processors so
it’ll probably be maybe even a little bit above 10 16 I don’t know I think I
thought oh god it’s been it’s been it feels like a year but I think yeah 1050
and gh is 10 6 yeah I believe me if you could get 10 60 range 10 60 max Q range
and in that GL part you’d be like yeah just take my money because that’s just
we’re talking like stupid thin like this like this MacBook Pro spectre x360 13
right here it’s just you know the 360 degree hits it’s crazy it’s crazy thin
so if you could get but even but again still to get 10 50 out of that 1050 Ti
range just like that’s crazy that’s good it’s crazy and it has a glowing skull on
top so what more do you need yes Hades Canyon which is sort of like I
thought that’s kind of funny though it’s like it’s got edge but we don’t want to
say hell HD double hockey sticks Canyon I don’t think that really is attitude double hockey sticks right that’s just
babies Canyon like I don’t even think people know what Hades have to go like
what does Hades I know well and uh somebody made a comment earlier you know
why why do they still not sell it with with RAM and specific things in it oh
you mean the Nokia well because once so it’s a bare-bones box nooks of you
advert you bring RAM you bring swords your scepter
and you bring your OS they don’t sell it build complete because if you actually
put all the hardware in it with the OS and now you have to support it so they
call you for support mm hey Intel I have a problem I can’t log into Windows and
cuz I went to the site and my system is lockwood yeah no they don’t want to do
and no one wants to deal with that that’s so by selling in his bare bones
they ain’t gotta support it which is the best of both things you’re on your own
kid go call the place that made the operating system instead of us so yeah
nice anyway that’s can’t be like G right yeah
yeah I think that’s reading all the you know information that Intel put out
about cable AG it never once said AMD anywhere on anything it always said
radio yeah it always 100% said Radeon never once a interesting very good catch
there Brad that’s just a shame right you know and people don’t know it is a
custom part they basically I wonder if they didn’t aim to even know they sold
it to Intel somebody who made this deal for uh you know Radeon yeah right before
Christmas you know just like I’ll just sign it yeah Intel or something I just
yeah put it through it’s pre hey you know sales a sale right yeah could you
do that I mean they must have like they must negotiate these things like whoever
you’re buying it from like and sorry real quick Leslie says uh Intel doesn’t
they cannot spell AMD they don’t it’s not nebula yeah I understand if you go
there the keyboards like a control function something to make another
letter make a that would be funny but I don’t know
that that is really interesting brand that’s really not I got it let me ask
you this how much it was is it a deal breaker because it kind of bugs me
because it goes back to an old business model but drivers for the radion part
you have to get from Intel and that’s sort of like we moved away from that and
you know in the early early days of a you know Nvidia ATI / AMD you had to get
the graphics driver from Dell or HP or Sony whoever made laptop people got sick
of it because what happened was like Sony’s the worst case is like you know
what we don’t want to support these new drivers because if we do you know you
and it breaks something we got to like pay money forget it we’re just gonna
stop giving you drivers and that was their solution that was so nice Ellucian
i think is like it’s like that just for gamers that’s just a deal breaker now
we’re sort of back to that with don’t HP where you got to get the driver from
yeah it’s what was very careful to say that well yeah that you know that other
company is kind of giving us something but all the drivers are really coming
from us not them yeah maybe they even have like they had screenshots of like
real ivory live radio I’m sitting somewhere but all done up that’s
interesting yeah maybe they don’t even know like I like with the they just
ordered it and had like yeah we want to buy 250,000 of these Radeon parts and
give you a peel box we should yeah it feels like one of those uncomfortable
family relationships were like the parents are divorced but they all have
to come to Thanksgiving and they ignore each other yeah and then things
everybody eats quietly yeah that’s nice how are things as far as the drivers go
I mean Intel just started the graphics dedicated division under Raja Kaduri so
I consider this kind of like an interesting first step down that path
like because it’s gonna depend can they reliably put out drivers for these parts
that’s gonna make a huge difference as to whether or not you know these
machines that are paid based on it are desirable and that’ll reflect on the
graphics image so I think they’re gonna do a decent job
keeping up on it personally yeah you know what it suck though it’s like
Rogers first day at Intel hey Brian how’s it going hey Roger doing great you
think he could do a new driver for us like what drivers for AMD again you know
Ruru – over on YouTube he thinks that rajat going over to Intel as a sign that
AMD is getting ready to sell Radeon – in tow it’s too valuable of a business for
AMD at this point not just no way there’s just so much value I think bread
crazy I know you they couldn’t do that yeah I would to me I would like the
features and GPU compute machine learning all the stuff why would you
sell and so much of AMD’s business is built on the idea of AP use so they need
graphics for that right now so I just can’t see them doing it well and one of
the things they talked you know they they want is that yeah they want they
want their chips and everything I mean they’re trying to build their Radeon
everywhere that was one of the key points they mentioned which is a good
segue yes AMD actually had I was out there Friday early I you know days early
for CES enjoying the wonderful Las Vegas of weather to meet AMD they had a lot of
editors there to brief us all in their new parks which is everything right
everything for like the next three years yes so basically what it was a lot of us
were hoping for a actual hardware in our hands or at least performance numbers
but they instead just dumped the kitchen sink on us on everything you doing so I
just go who wants to who can remember somewhat Brad or let’s start with Rison
Plus which is going to be the second gen Rison CPU 12 nanometers but then they
also talked about going I mean they they mapped out Rison for the next three
years and so risin to is do they call it risin to Oz n2 then – why are they going
back to then they no it’s risin and now they’re saying
it’s Zen again I’m like well Rison is the superchips
Zen is the architecture so like Zen does thread River – yeah so Zen plus due to
Zen to bread he’s got the map up I don’t know 2018 I mean oh my god yeah
Zen plus 2018 this year Zen to 2019 next year send 3 2020 yep so and they say
it’s gonna get more performance in each step than the industry average over the
past few years aka Intel yeah yeah huh
yeah there and I it’s of course you know everybody wants analyze it because
there’s they show you the little yeah the little grass and it’s like you know
they’re saying if this so you go like well this is a 7% increase for Intel
year six I think they’re five to seven percent challenges and parentheses not
mentioned and then if there’s if there is bigger I mean it looked like like it
almost looked like oh buddies by the time we get to Zen three years and two
it’s 2030 percent performance increases basically you over the previous
generation it felt like it’ll be nice that’s coming out in April yeah in April
for Zen plus 12 nanometer April part and then I were nothing as I said it’s like
hey I think this is very important is is AMD’s very confident because why they’re
doing the roadmap is they don’t they think as Moore’s Law has slowed down
that Intel cannot run away from them by just having a better process anymore
it’s like the old days they make it close and then Intel’s like hey we got
this new magic you know areas 51 whatever process and now we’re like 20
percent had everybody against I can’t do that because you know it’s clear it’s
hard for Intel to get to these these smaller process I think it was good for
them to do I think they need to show you know that
Rison isn’t a flash in the pan I think they need to throw down the gauntlet and
say this is what we’re doing Intel top that right oh and then so I think it’s
show confidence to people who would buy like companies to write like hey we got
a roadmap here’s what you can expect from us right yeah and I think we’re not
gonna be stuck with FX chips for five years again yeah and and I
think the other thing is that you know it was a little bit of a letdown for
some of us but AMD doing her I can’t remember the last well I I mean I can’t
remember in ten in the last ten years last time AMD laid out a roadmap for
anybody because frankly nobody cared because their parts weren’t spectacular
so they didn’t and then now they’re like hey here’s next next two years two years
plus so even the GP on the threat of per second generation thread Ripper second
half this year as well and the GP roadmap which I can’t remember
forgetting well getting one that I find most interesting well even before the
sudden + chips come out in April they’re releasing two new rise in AP use
oh very so these are basically rising chips that have some Vega cores baked in
because one of the drawbacks you could say of Verizon right now is that it’s
just pure CPU you need discrete graphics in order to you know output video to
your monitor these ap use are going to negate that so that takes away the Intel
advantages on that front they’re gonna have to they’re both under 170 bucks 100
bucks ones 170 bucks they have vega cards they’re coming out
in February so right and that hundred-dollar one this is really kind
of like appealing in a lot of ways because although I don’t I think it
performances may be I mean it’s not gonna be spectacular right cuz you’re
looking at using main system memory but I think I mean you know you’re not
lonely he’s not remotely close to a 1050 I think like a 1040 maybe I don’t know
what I’m hoping they send anyone oh I’m sure well I you know and I think it but
it’s a really it is important for them to have that gap because it was a bummer
to like if you want to build the system with a you know $50 motherboard and $100
you go on by $100 GPU or $50 GPU at least so I think they’re saying I wish I
should have had these like I can dig up the numbers if we want to but it’ll you
know it gets it it can play games decent games you know eSports level of games on
the worship yeah hey run that I run that on a 940 so
running down on a 940 mobile part it’s not so we have people in the the YouTube
chat going back and forth on guesses for the Mac score clocks on on sin + sins
and – what do you guys think well yeah and I will say publicly they’ve said
this n plus you know it’s got improved boost performance right they have
precision boosts better and you know and I honestly think the way I’m sort of
looking you know I heard this echoed from a lot of Industry people I’ve
talked to you at CES cuz you know everybody wants to just kind of chat
about what’s up what we think you know then was I don’t care yeah for the most
part not a great overclocking part not a great I mean 4 gigahertz was sort of
like what you got right and that’s like everybody got 4 gigahertz
max I think Zen plus fixes all those little kind of tiny problems I I would
think you know probably mid mid mid to low force and some of these things and
maybe better overclock on the high-end on the high-end ones so they basically
they had to come out with something Zen came out rising and then we’re gonna get
this rising Plus that will have actually yeah decent you know decent you know it
sort of fixes all those little things that bug people I think and it’s
happening so fast which is great to like you really feel like they just keep
moving forward and improving which is what you want to see right yeah and you
know there is a new chipset announce the fact I saw a motherboard gigabyte showed
me a next-generation risin mother more secrets no I said what’s the sticker
covering this thing so we can’t say what it is clearly I’ve I pulled that sticker
off it would have said you know next 470 right so that’s your new chipset
marginal changes I mean you know again it’s probably is sort of aimed he’s like
hey here’s all the things we had to fix we fix them in Zen plus and it’ll be you
know very competitive good part right from the most part like what kind of
things do you think they’re gonna be fixing well I I think that I think that
it’ll hit higher clocks you know I I don’t know if they’ll get perk or
overclocking you know that would be kind of nice
I’m don’t have working necessarily get that so probably you know better memory
the ability to dress better you know faster heart without it’s just you know
it got a little it got a little weird with the memory sometimes and all those
little things just being a lot of bug fixes so it’s just a
better parts of plus so I guess like over time it’s got a lot better the
memory was a big issue when it first came out now it’s a lot better you can
reliably hit three thousand-plus right hopefully this next generation you know
Jax motherboards and processors handle it much more smoothly right oh and then
also a threader for second generation do we mention it yeah so they’re saying hey
officially it’s on the roadmap second half of this 2018 will see a new third
Ripper nice I mean I guess it’s probably we shouldn’t call it second generation
or sort of upper – but you know course that’s my prediction nice more force
more cores put that on paper last time yeah you know I I didn’t I kind of
wonder could they for Rison for you know not obviously thread rippers great know
that but could one of those things that enables him to hit that 30% increase in
you know previous year could that be hey consumer Rison will be a 10 core
part you know 12 core could they actually push that up higher than eight
you know maybe that’s their secret more course that’s kind of what Intel did
this generation right with the six core parts so that could maybe Xen 3 right
Xen – yeah Xen 3 could push up the the the core count woody would you what do
you want to see in a new thread Ripper anybody higher speeds I mean the same
way with rising higher speeds you know better better memory
compatibility out of the box those are the two big things for me you know yeah
especially in the wave all the specter meltdown stuff looking like it’s given
Intel chips so it could give Intel chips a decent hitting performance so I’m
curious to see what a and B is able to do if they can hit higher speeds out of
the box with these hmm I was interesting cuz I you know again talking to just I
can’t remember I’ve talked to so many people about so many different things
but third Ripper people like what do you think what do you think and like you
know people I’ve heard people say looking you know we’ve seen these things
they’re not really selling great so it’s interesting well I mean it’s
very interesting because I’ve you know I have no real hard numbers this could
just be hearsay everybody’s drunk everybody smoking it’s CES it could be
just simply whatever but let me just say I some people say yeah it’s not like
this thing is lighting the on fire when you know what do you think
and I you know my I was telling him is like lot I my thought is like look
threader for I love it I actually love it is it is it is every bit as good as
you know sky like X and everything kind of single way yeah probably not there’s
simply something sky like X does better but at the same time who cares for the
amount of money yes value yeah I mean Red River gives you a ton of power for
an you know are less money than sky like X you go ahead and buy sky like X if you
have them or any I suppose yeah and essentially because I think a
lot of the way some people sort of see it as like yeah this is still in you
know some people’s eyes like if you had to have the best thing it is still sky
like you know you get more cores you get higher clocks you there’s just no more
button-down but and they sort of they sort of see this as like yeah you know
for people who want like the very best thing but but they also understand for
consumers who do want something better like for me I’m never gonna be able for
us 18 course colleague acts but no you know 16 core thready bread just like it
it’s like it’s for everybody so that’s why I think it’s really still a
fantastic part and there are a lot of everybody’s yeah yeah yeah so it
surprises me actually that thread Ripper isn’t selling better because it is
something you know a much better value right well you know at the same time
there have been times if you look at the Amazon bestseller CPU list which is not
you know anything you can quantify but it’s one of the better sources for
getting a feel of what’s selling around there have been times where there’s been
thread river chips are really which is pretty amazing when you think about it I
hope you don’t often see thousand-dollar chips on the Amazon bestseller list
right so I don’t think it’s a dud by any stretch no no it’s not I’m they’re not
saying it’s a dollar I think it’s also people have to put
scale in perspective if you were to look at all CPUs sold like you know Rison or
you know coffee like 98% of those chips that consumers buy would be either
coffee late class or a rise in class right or you know KB like and then you
know 1 to 2% of those would be sky like X 1 to 2% of those would be threader per
so these are never gonna be high-volume parts anyway but but he just I know
yeah I follow I associate with a lot of like YouTube let’s players and twitch
streamers and stuff and double-digit figures of them like I know
a ton of people who as soon as the dripper came out they were excited for
it and bought it immediately for their twitch streams and whatnot right right
they could never get something like that out of they could not afford the Intel
chips no so hey you know how much for Intel ones for those parts oh yes that’s
what the magic of threader per is but you know again you know you sort of
recognize yeah you know Schuyler kicks your dirt there are some things that
does a lot of things that does better so except save you money speaking of money
there’s also been some big price drops we have people here in the chat asking
you know should Oh should they should they go for the price drops now or wait
for this new stuff coming up what do you guys think that’s I would go for those
price drops in the second personally three hundred and fifty dollars for the
high-end eight core Rutan rise in seven 1800 X 350 bucks last CES CES 2017 the
only eight core part you could buy was $1100
this year you can get 1,800 x afternoon’s press shots for 350 bucks
Wow you will have no buyers your grant look
at buying that no buyer’s remorse yeah when we go over all the all the cuts
because I mean they made some good cuts there yeah basically all the Black
Friday deals are kind of permanent right so 350 for the 1800 X I’m just gonna go
off my memory so don’t our price quote about three hundred seventy three
hundred fifteen hundred x and 8310 and rad must have it but in about three
hundred yeah 300 for the 1700 yeah and a lot of the other unless 1600 X and all
those kind of basically yeah the big cuts are at the top end the lower ones
are yeah you might say 20 bucks on a 1600 X 15 1500 part but I gotta say I
love the risin 1700 because $300 but now I gotta say I think I’d do
the 1700 X gave up the free raise cooler and oh that was the big news that was
actually the big news we’ve got all the roadmap whatever that came out with a
new rate cooler LEDs so that was yes got LED spread I didn’t I didn’t have a clue
that was probably the biggest AMD announcement that’s when they like it’ll
be like all this roadmap stuff and like oh my god cool it without GB every time
I’ve written about the Wraith cooler in the past when they first announced it
when it went on sale by itself those post blew up people loved that I wanted
to I would have written a story about it but it was it was watermarks I got you
know their name I did not have good enough image of the of the Wraith cooler
because they didn’t show it to us and we only saw in the presentation so I think
it’s white – I forgot it should be white if it sorry yeah oh just like this
fidget spinner yeah also real quick somebody in the chat mentioned that
Elena was probably really happy about the price cuts and Elena Yee chimed in
you know she rose from her grave and said I am Darth Vader looking down on Tatooine
familiar or something you live there you grew up look right here 100 you know
Main Street as you know interesting and enthusiastic I was looking at though
this rise in news I was kind of bummed out by the radio inside of things to be
honest because they should have removed that there too right yeah seven
nanometer Vega not for us which is odd but no it’s not odd it’s $100,000 versus
or whatever they would charge yeah we can sell you this you know brand new
Vega 56 for video and video is putting all
their newest GPUs in their machine learning stuff because they are selling
those computers for like a half a million dollars yeah we can’t we can’t
compete with that can’t complain can’t complain they got
something next year 7 nanometre navi oh it doesn’t say next year I said this
year they’re 7 nanometre Vega 2020 that I guess it implies next year there’s
next-gen unnamed right 7 nanometre plus chip and somewhere in the middle is navi
sign so could be could be no see I was I would
expect the next year I would hope the graphics card market is a mess right now
anyway at this point with all the Bitcoin going crazy and stuff it’s
gotten even worse over the holidays at this point you can’t even buy 1080p eyes
they’re sold out going for a thousand bucks really you can’t you can’t get a
1050 TI for under 200 bucks everything’s just what was that Best Buy
the other day and there was a single graphics card on the shelf a single
eight gigabytes XFX Radeon 580 which is supposed to be $60 thing and it was on
Best Buy I was selling it for $500 like since the beginning of the show people
have been chatting all like amongst themselves about graphics card prices
and still being so hard I’ve even been talking with some people who might take
some some my old graphics card oh I see oh yeah I put this one it’s not
necessarily driven by mining though right it’s something there’s something
else I think it’s all tied into that I think it’s because bitcoins going so
high aetherium is going high you know even dodge coin is hitting new records
or however you pronounce that I never knew how to do the shoot the dog it’s
just everyone wants to get in on that I don’t understand it cuz I swear to god
you could get a 1064 almost normal pricing three months ago right now we’re
back to early December spikin it’s like the cheapest gtx 1066 keyword i saw an
amazon two days ago was three hundred and sixty dollars
well it sounds bad yeah i next i was talking to someone they said like yeah
it’s Keith this year is gonna be ugly for memory two main members main system
members like it is gonna be brutal people are gonna be unhappy well luckily
we’re getting those those permanent CPU cuts yeah yours you’re eighteen hundred
extra three hundred fifty dollars and you pay $600 for 580 rights
yeah there I think it was they were blaming Samsung they’re saying Samsung’s
taking some profits and you know Ram people they have to make their money too
right using but I guess overall what I wonder
is I mean is there any end to this is it I know that we’ve talked about how well
you know this graphics card isn’t doing it anymore if they’ve changed it so it’s
not gonna matter anymore but it just seems like they’ve taken over and so
it’s like no one else can buy one which it’s like holding a sausage is there a
capacity issue are the graphics cards companies have no motivation to put the
prices back down to a reasonable level well they’re not a problem it’s like a
crazy bubble right now yeah yeah either it’s a crazy bubblers not yeah either
way it’s gonna pop they don’t want to invest all that money when it does pop
though stuck with everything or if it winds up last in a year I’m sure they’ll
ramp up capacity but they’re selling out of everything they can make right now
right and I feel like I heard some people talking about buying a fully
built pcs just to get the the cards oh yeah yeah yeah
CyberPower saying that yeah it’s like how come all our systems are on honey
babies you know they get allocation for the cards so you can you know they’re
really loving there’s only way to get an Rx 581 point was to buy you know a you
know budget gaming box for it is crazy they say they buy you know you get rx
580 system rise and build for you know whatever seven hundred eight hundred
dollars thousand they get the thing stripped the RX 580 and sell the rest of
it on eBay for 500 bucks ended up you know we’re just making money
I wonder what yeah wonder what that post on eBay looks like it’s like hey
brand-new never been used except for we took out the yeah that’s kind of a
bummer that’s funny in a situation like that I
mean who can blame them for not rushing out in out of the year or whatever we’re
not giving vega 7 animator to consumers I mean hbm to chips that adds a lot of
cost so if they can sell them to key learning and miners directly then you
know surprise they will yeah that’s what I got a one or two is like even and you
know getting back to K be like gee but you know K be like gee part that eats of
an HBM two modules so that’s yet one more HBM to module that AMD and
NVIDIA can’t get for their parts so that’s got to drive up the price a
little bit hmm well sorry side note uh Mad Max is
saying that South Korea is gonna ban Bitcoin trading oh really
might might affect some stuff but yeah y-yeah I don’t know I saw this I saw a
gigabyte had you know I saw their mining board you remember they China is I’m
sorry China yeah it’s uncontrolled currency right and Kodak came out with a
mining computer oh that Kodak it’s caught out given around anymore
yeah oh yeah yeah they’re a Bitcoin firm now they sell is crazy man yeah stop
working on that film emulsion what am i doing now well you’re keeping this
Bitcoin farmer codec the new lady leaders in in mining that makes no sense
that’s just easy you might have better luck you know like we were saying buying
full systems with graphics chips in them that might be working out better
financially for you in the near term well incidentally AMD also announced
that Vega Mobile’s on the way this year so we’ll be seeing discreet Vega chips
and laptops sooner than later I’m not sure if they announced an actual date
for that but no I mean they showed it on stage but they didn’t say necessarily
when it’s gonna come out no so no performance numbers but I’m you know I
think everybody’s interested in the power because right Vega 56 I’m in
imagine is what its gonna be 56 is not exactly a great performance power
performer on desktop is that gonna hurt them in laptops I’m very interested to
see the thing with the desktop chips is they cranked them past their optimal
power curve to be able to better compete specifically with the 1070 in 1080 so
they’re cranked way past or so I think when they down clock them inside of
laptops pools we’ll see much better power efficiency yeah yeah that’s my
guess yeah cuz that would not be good that would not be good if it was just a
power hog in a laptop so people are that’s not the way though the industry
is going right now so oh man is there anything left for D
there’s got to be that’s everything right
GPUs CPUs x4 70 motherboard Vega mobile ap use doesn’t you see there’s so much
stuff you can’t keep track of all this time to move on yes time move on which
on to a very big subject boom boom a big subject into it his reaction not quite
as positive invidious don’t worry GD don’t worry I’m gonna talk about it yeah
alright so Nvidia announced a 65-inch be f GD which is basically a great big
gigantic display 4k HDR 120 190 Hertz 144 144 120 Hertz it only looked like yeah we’ll get into that 65 inch display
i okay now think HDR yeah these are g-sync HDR displays like
the ones they announced last year but never actually came out yet this is
another one of those but gigantic and with with a shield TV
built in as well yeah yeah I don’t that’s to me it’s like yeah it’s nice to
have it I love the shield it’s awesome but well there’s good it’s
the shield TV part Jared who is tech Ives cord cutter confidential columnist
he’s our you know our streaming guru he he actually said that’s the best Smart
TV flatout the best Android TV that was at CES nice nice
alright yeah I’ve been wanting to get one I feel yeah it’s a Cadillac or Lexus
depending on where you you know you swing but it’s a Cadillac or Lexus of
Android TV boxes I have one it’s I really like it well asses responses I
still use my my shield tablet so but you know so one thing very they did not want
to call it it’s not a television it’s on television every time everybody would
say wow this TV it’s not television if they were tell they were adamant because
televisions need antennas or whatever tuners tuners
atsc tuner is a television but it’s not technically a tellin ya well yes I’m
television and you know the argument is you could of course make us no one
watches ATSC anymore which is not true but you know do you think is that so
okay now that Brad is very excited about it why are you excited about it Brad
well the same reason excited about g-sync HDR butters in general they’re
like the holy grail of monitors if they turn out being as awesome as the ones I
saw last year at CES okay super bright thousand its HDR looks amazing
I think HDR is a bigger deal than pork a hundred twenty or its 4k right now you
can only get sixty Hertz or okay monitors right now so these things are
the best monitors you can buy this one’s bigger than my TV so then now Adam has
enough freaked Adam has another opinion well listen I saw with him the promise
of it yes is awesome I mean who wouldn’t want that the promise of that and the
promise of what we saw last year with the the the displays that they were
showing off the promise is great but what they showed off was hot garbage
when we when I when I got my eyeballs on it it was hot garbage so it has a long
way to go to to actually fruition the idea is also a shoe so the the issue oh
no I mean the build quality whatever they had three different manufacturers
predator the Acer predators HPE a servant yeah yeah so you know they they
all had their own spins on it and and I get it it’s early it was just a plastic
shell for the most part you know I even looked around back of the HP one and it
was running off an external power supply happy a PC power supply right you know
hey I get it it’s early days they’ll they’ll piece that together you know for
me it was more the the display they were all using the same panel I don’t
remember the name of the company but they’re all sourcing the same panel and
you know they showed off some demos you know some slides and then switched over
to destiny you know whatever it was it was fine and then somebody was like oh
hey can I can I run it on lower settings and so they switched over the settings
and they’re like oh we need to RIA relaunch the the software when they went
to the desktop the desktop background was pure black and they weren’t talking
about you know how many lighting zones or anything they had in it and and when
when they dragged the mouse across the the TV
the lighting zone was literacy play atom display display the out tuner whatever
the the SES across the display was literally this big so as you saw the
mouse go across they were just lighting up right it’s
only just huge zones so you know like I mean that those so I get the build
quality as early days but the panel itself is way early days as well well
yeah I mean that but now now to be fair you know it’s who knows there’s a lot of
tuning it happens of course yeah it doesn’t make you go like cuz
yeah it’s like this big-ass display with a literally a Thermaltake power supply
yeah like from your PC sitting on the desk running I think it’s more like if
you’re going to announce it and then show it to people don’t have it be like
that my impression exactly even when we saw
bread and I saw the the the displays last year you know sure the off-axis was
a you know a little wonky but you know I didn’t get a sense of anything like that
even the build quality felt there from especially compared to this this this
really felt like they just kind of had to slap something together because other
than that when we went to go see Nvidia I mean they didn’t really have anything
else to show off yeah you know so I you know I was like they had nothing else as
far as Hardware goes yeah but I mean even the game stream thing on PC cool
you know I want to try it out but you know like especially compared to last
year they had the new shield TV they you know they had I wonder where that little
dot thing was you plugged into the wall yeah I don’t know it felt early days in
a way and and yeah well and when I kept asking them hey you know what’s the the
subpixel arrangement you know what how many zones the lighting and they were
like oh we’re not talking about those right now we’re talking
right now you know it’s like you’re not talking about them because it is super
early day you know yeah it’s very early and the panel I believe they said was in
AU Optronics so and yeah long Hana Association a you for a lot of jisuk so
and it’s not like they can’t make it good you know my panel I really I’m sure
they can hear just right now what I saw I was like oh the it’s like being
excited really excited for something then showing up and being like oh this
is what it is right yeah you hope it’s gonna be there when I launches by IO and
soon I’m I gotta say I’m gonna count myself with Brad I I love the concept
now I know I still love the concept as well I love the concept as well no I
want to say this because a lot of people go like and because this thing is not
gonna be cheap you get that’s not gonna be a $500 Costco special ovie minimum
two to three grand 65 inch panel I don’t know how it could be I’m just gonna be a
crapload of money but to me the concept is really good because it’s what we need
is a bigger display that is also very importantly tuned for lower latency toys
you know of course people look oh I got a 4k TV I play my sake man it’s just
it’s terrible generally playing games really isn’t it was Haydn was serious
like it’s terrible right you play games you hook your PC up to a TV
it’s terrible compared to a really good panel even an average panel and even in
game mode you know most TVs have like a game a low latency game mode yeah I mean
never works I mean and also they weren’t talking about the latency on this there
at all they sort of we talked on background you know people said like
yeah it’s you know it’s it’s gonna be it’s terrible comparably but compared to
a lot of televisions television gaming what the gaming PC’s is not really a
great combo people say it is cuz you know hey you don’t know you’re not a
being or something but if you played next to real panel you’d be like oh oh
he’s up latency probably doesn’t matter as much in world of warships right yeah
yeah issues they need to work out though
because if you’re talking about a super high refresh display of that size you’re
talking about how they’re using a separate PC power supply what is the
power supply going to look like for that display and is it gonna be a thing where
you turn it on and then everything else in your house dims yeah kind of like
this your floor at CES so you know it’s something where I wonder maybe they
should have waited until their conference attention we have in May or
something was too early it was but it was this big stage they wanted to say
something and everything else was about smart cars and machine learning and crap
like that but I mean it’s it’s it’s a bummer because it’s so exciting but it
seems like it really kind of left a bad taste in your mouth for Adam what the
headbread intel and AMD both had big announcements at the show I think Nvidia
didn’t want to not have a big announcement in this case the show well
you know I think an even bigger announcement would have been to follow
up on what on last year the display said last year like I mean we’re still not
seeing those like you know they could have come out and been like and here
they you know here they finally are here’s what’s you know like just like I
was bummed they didn’t he they weren’t even showing it off there they weren’t
like oh you remember that stuff we showed last year here it is again you
know like they didn’t even do that what about the game streaming too I mean they
had the game streaming set up you know I have slide info there Gordon don’t see
cause I was like you know of course is like what’s up with the we haven’t seen
these damn thing said that’s like I was told this quarter this quarter we didn’t
see those four KCR panels right so that’s what either Acer Asus or the two
were making them they pushed him back to first quarter 2018 yeah and I really
want to see one of those really really bad yeah I need to get past 60 frames
per second at 4k yeah you know what I want to know though so like again I love
the concept because you know it’s funny because when they did the demo they had
you know mouse and keyboard but sitting maybe five or six us six feet about six
feet from the television which I thought was a little weird because it it sort of
like went to that like about in your vision I look about this big
and I wasn’t like a normal monitor almost well you wouldn’t sit I like for
me I would sit right up on that like I moved it up to like three feet and like
it just yeah he literally grabbed the table and he was like hey can I move
this closer can I move in there like sure okay Gardens a little nearsighted
no you wouldn’t like I think the mistake is to think people want to have their
whole ideas like this could be the ultimate nerd cave you know like sit
there with your controllers sit back on a couch yeah let me eat away from a 65
inch TV I wanna I want to just basically use it as my sorry right yeah it wasn’t
a TV wasn’t a TV but I’m just saying I just wanted to feel like I really would
just use it as a big monitor whoever said this is my thing whoever who has
ever said no to a bigger monitor hell no nobody if they said like everything
would look retro II that’s so that’s kind of cool but if you don’t have room
to set up like a five setup you get one of these put on the wall sit back like
two feet and just pretend it’s VR one free the g-sync itself yes actually
gives benefits to the television Android TV shield TV side of it because it can
play different native frame rates like 24 fps 25 fps at the native output yeah
without needing to switch modes and go dark and whatnot it just plays it
automatically because as g-sync so it’s a lot less hassle and if you’re trying
to look at videos and their native output today and switching between
formats well yeah and they did they did talk about whether they were showing off
some content on on Amazon Prime right that you know the switches they I was
native yeah well they were saying is it like one of the video series like
somehow changes frame rates in between clips like of one video and they’re like
yeah and it’ll it’ll it’ll match whatever the native was so yeah oh and
you know the one another thing though so this just tells you again this is it is
a BFG it’s not a television it has DisplayPort
on it yeah yeah I ain’t never seen this play before on a big-ass TV never
there’s not a TV so it is not a TV it is a is a b FG d literally right
could you imagine that there’s just like hey what if you just what are we gonna
do who to launch they’re just like well what if you just hit the 2x button oh
that’s great click the print button 65 inch display ya know the name – I just
want to set that up before remote so that’s really I don’t understand great
it’s technically big format gaming display but if anybody who’s ever played
doom everyone BFG so ya know it’s like it’s a good name definitely the best
thing about it right now yeah supposed to be the summer right
yeah right no way yes they also said that the initial juicing HD our mothers
are gonna be out last summer yeah your firstborn – also I’ll say right now I
will eat some paper if it comes out anytime this year they’re gonna do it
just to make you like eat that paper yeah it’s not gonna be you so it’ll be a
65 inch piece of paper you know what I will lead a very large sheet of paper if
any of them come out this year you know like make a burrito out of it I know
it’s gonna be cool I like the idea so I love it I love pushing pushing to the
limit yeah right in my grill Gaming is one I want to see when it hopefully
comes out if it does Elena in Chet’s as a someone mark that she’s not taking
that bet she’s smarter than ice whatever and all she doesn’t beat you into taking
these bets I that’s interesting you wanna make a bet on that
I have a sensitive stomach yes sensitive stomach okay last topic yes everybody’s
favorite pics what so what CES it’s just like it just an explosion of hardware
and software and craziness what what did everybody came up with you come back
from CES was what’s the what spin shit spinner Java RGB fit just burner
actually I have a really good one that Gordon I can can I and I can talk about
we saw our friends over at creative labs Ryan friend of the show we’ll definitely
have him on again they were showing off their their Super X Phi experience they
had like a demo setup I did it Gordon did it and then also my crown on
tech I’ve did it now Mike Brown is he he’s very much into the consumer audio
space you know does a lot of the systems I was actually talking about have you
have you talked about his uh have you ever talked with him about his room at
home where he Tesla stuff no but I do know from from talking to Mike he takes
his audio see oh yeah yes is audio Sears he takes it very seriously yeah no he
doesn’t have a floating floor but he pretty much has everything other than
that a two door system with you know the double walls you know like it’s it’s a
serious setup anyway he took the demo first right Ryan we were talking to Ryan
at pep common and you know and he’s like man after Mike took the demo he said
that’s freaking awesome I said freaking really double sticks
awesome and Mike Brown is a very you know he he can be hard to read sometimes
yeah and and they were like whoa wow you know we finally uh you know got through
to I mean not the gut didn’t get through the people but then he he was like you
need to come make time so we made time in our calendar to both go see it yeah
separately I saw it first or heard it first so yeah we’ll walk
through the experience I guess so they before you get in there they have a
smartphone app that they take pictures of both of your ears and your face to
understand the the physical properties of it and then give you like a little
hexadecimal readout you know mine mine was to be – five that was my
my structure and then they they sit you down in there they also run through a
series of like tuning tuning the room so you put microphones in your ears and it
it blasts a room with with frequency patterns and you know it kind of
understands the rest of stuff and then they you know they played some stuff it
was just a stereo headset really nice headset but just a stereo headset and
they’re like hey you know here’s how it sounds just normally and then we’re
gonna turn on the the mapping super XY chip processing thing they had to –
realistically bringing out the 5.1 in the room so they actually did have a 5.1
setup they also played their point – yeah you’re right you’re right and then
and then put it on the headset and I I was floored I know I’ve heard these
demos before in professional audio applications that’s my background so
like you know I knew the power of understanding the mapping of
understanding the the facial structure but to see it at on a consumer level and
to see it possibly come to smartphones and and PC gaming and movies and all
that sort of stuff I I’m not I’m not it’s not hyperbole I literally almost
teared up like it like the the promise of it was like you guys did it you know
like it was it was huge what do you think Gordon did you enjoy well I have a
question for so they like measured your head and took pictures how is that gonna
work in real life yeah well yeah they had so it was two
ways you can either do the the pitcher thing it’s just an app that they’re
gonna release so you would have somebody just take pictures you know and it’ll
spit out a little profile because they kind of have like a mapping of it but
more if you want a more refined you put the microphones in your ears and it
hears the space so you know most most home theaters now come with that little
disk that you can kind of tune a room you know they could just you know do
like a cheap pair of microphones that you put near ear and do it that way so
that’s more accurate but like the the actual smartphone app was was it was
super accurate as well so now last year at last CES not this year
I tried headphones that kind of did the same kind of thing with just the in the
air part by a company called Asik and what they did is actually built sensors
into the headphone itself and it automatically match your you’re using
those sensors and took the all the pain out of it well and and just as important
is the face of your shape you know you know because the the way sound
propagates through the room you know your your face is blocking certain
reflections the way that you know if it comes straight at you how it’ll you know
propagate around your cheek so you know that I think having all that information
there is is super important and more importantly just understanding how to
then map it into a space you know and and I didn’t do this because I wasn’t
there but supposedly Mike Braun and Ryan switched profiles oh to say hey you know
this is this is how Ryan heard it and Mike could hear a completely different
you know he’s like yeah it didn’t feel quite right it was off you know just
because the shape of their face and any ears are different so it’s very it’s
customized mice for you and it understands you and then also the you
know tries to recreate a physical space that you could be in so could you game
it if you filled your mouth with Cheetos and blue bubble gum while it was I mean
you would ruin your experience yes yeah and so they’re there and when they
bring the consumers probably the first way you’ll get it is the application
where you take a picture of your ear and your face and then am absent yeah and
then they’re also hoping to do hopefully they haven’t quite figured out the cost
yet but you will build look they’re hoping you can have the microphones in
your ear so that you know you can map it more accurately because it’s about
mapping it to your head basically like putting earbuds in your ears ear worms
and Wrath of Khan I mean that a cool actually
they should do it that way now just think of those like construction those
little yellow construction guys that you put in cut it in half and and glue a
little bit microphone on it so essentially you just need the
microphones to stay in your ear right wallet wallet
you know pounce it with frequency yeah and we’re talking the reference speakers
they use release oh very nice yeah it’s like three to four thousand dollar
reference speakers dolby atmos you know again five point one point two and the
whole room was tuned like I remember Suzy can’t you know came in to see the
demo and she’s like where should I yeah from creative I’m sorry she came in to
see the demo and she asked the the technician she like worship where should
I stand because you know it’s already been tuned for everything that’s in
already in that room so you if you move you know anything in there it kind of
breaks it yeah I just so for me I just gotta say like like although I don’t
think the Wonder Woman clip worked for me because I think it was just not the
greatest track not the greatest but the day they played one dolby atmos track
and it was just phenomenal so you listen on the on this again we’re talking a
high-end Dolby Atmos system you olicity been playing this clip and it’s just the
position was fantastic because you have speakers literally on top of the ceiling
and you put the headphones on and it was you know some people will say it’s
indistinguishable I actually found I preferred the headphones for the
positioning over a true 5.1 point two Dolby Atmos system I mean the the the
wild yeah yeah that’s crazy well because I mean you can you know like we were
thinking of practical applications and it’s like when I watch movies I like to
have it loud and my wife likes they haven’t any real soft so it’s like well
we can load up our profiles both be wearing headphones and experience the
movie the way we want to experience it but I mean the only thing you miss by
doing that is that you do get the the actual physical audio push from a true
surround sound with with a woofer you know it though the waves that creates
you can feel it against your body you’re not gonna get that in here you know so
you don’t get that nice Rumble but at least you get the positional was was
spot-on right and it if it ever comes out hopefully it does
all 850 bucks it’s heaven it’s gonna be bus powered plug into a smartphone it’ll
be in a PC it’s I mean you know yeah it’s like magic stuff you know hopefully
they didn’t like pump the room full of some kind of gas to make it smell like
the we think that it really was Phenom II the the it’s it’s physics it’s it’s
it’s not even it’s not one of those stupid you know oh we’re gonna take a
stereo signal and try to virtualize the no surround it’s all junk anyone who’s
ever do that stuff knows that it’s junk this is saying hey you know what we’re
gonna map out a physical space we’re gonna take that 2d or the the stereo
signal and map it out like you would on on a 5.1 thing so I mean you still have
to have a 5.1 mix they played what was a Steely Dan yeah which was still just a
stereo like recording and they put it on a 5.1 so I mean it was a nice you know
surround but to get those actual things you still need a five 5.1 signal to map
to it yeah so that was really good too because that’s Steely Dan clip it felt
like you were in the front row of the audience of a concert you really did
feel like it well in the epic I mean the applications can keep going I’m sorry
Bradley you know it once you understand it you can you can then say okay well I
want to listen to it on this kind of speakers I want to listen to it on a you
know 7.1 I want to listen you know or even mapping out the rooms you know I
want I want to see you know what it would sound like in a huge hall in in a
in a small cave you know what I mean just like you can change up all those
variables because you understand how it’s gonna affect you know you so Adam I
understand one thing I did hear from creative Ryan pull me aside and say hey
this can be awesome secrets we’re only gonna sell it with the B of Gd so forget
it is bi b f GD that’s it one thing I find interesting about that is the three
of y’all who went and tried it out I’m just glad and I’m like yeah good every
single one of y’all came out of there and said that is the coolest thing I’ve
seen the CES yes and you guys you know liquid-cooled machine to all the things
we’ve been talking about on this show and y’all came out this audio you know
demo and said that’s the best thing I’ve experienced and that says a lot to me
well and I was looking on you know for other people writing it up and like
you know cheddar out there and that the cheddar is not there like like it should
be you know like it’s so easy to look at the BFG D you know because it’s like oh
the idea of it or you know a cool water cool laptop but you know it is one of
those audio is one of those things that you have to experience it so that that’s
a bummer but you know I mean they said they’re gonna hopefully bring it by you
know whenever the the tickets ready and you know we’ll try to figure out a way
to do it here on the show we’ll try but I got it it’s true though because I mean
I somebody said hey what’s cool singing Sasa will do I just check this out and
you know people are meeting like yeah whatever
I thought you can tell me something cool right people do not believe you about
audio stuff it is so personal so it’s hard people have been sold frankly
snake-oil for years right oh whatever whatever please bill burns yeah I wish
that Dolby button in your 1978 controller do anything well in my car
there actually are different settings that you know and then they’re called
like Music Hall you know and and and it does change the way the sound sounds you
know my car but I mean that’s yeah well but I’m but they’re also not trying to
map it to a you know a positional space you know they’re putting different
levels of reverb on it yeah yeah oh that would be cool this technology in the car
right yeah yeah so Mike can I do another pic real quick sure or did somebody else
want to go next so I don’t keep blabbing come on make it quick
the other cool thing sorry the other cool things I was I liked it I don’t
think everyone else was as impressed was the project raisers project Linda oh
yeah I kinda I’ve we have not got what is it a razor phone to get in for
testing but the idea is that it’s a laptop that’s missing the trackpad and
where that would go is that you put the razor phone in in and it plugs in USB
and then it shows up on on your screen so in the laptop itself is just a you
know a 120 Hertz when if it comes out screen that matches the the resolution
of the phone I can’t remember the exact specs off top of my head but it just has
you know a huge battery in it that can power it up to
four times a little bit of storm I think yeah 200 gigs of storage USB a port USB
C port and a headphone jack so I mean there’s not much in the laptop itself
but it’s still I mean at first glance it looks like a razor blade stealth you
know from their lineup and then yeah the actual phone turns into the trackpad of
the laptop you know that I think it’s slow
we’ve seen you know docks for phones oh yeah and elapsed house before and they
were all kind of janky this one looks really good yeah because I kind of think
that every Android laptop that I’ve tried has been garbage so yeah that is
the biggest drawback that it’s literally just essentially making your phone a
large Android tablet laptop like you know so you’re not getting a desktop
experience like even like Samsung decks when you dock it you still get like a
Windows analogy of a desktop and and moveable windows so this still is just
Android but at the same time I mean you know if I need to type up something more
you know or I want to do I mean that they had vainglory running and you could
pair a bluetooth mouse with it you know and I play van vainglory so yeah I like
to I you know I mean it depends on price if it’s 500 there’s like open oh right
yeah you know if it’s a couple hundred bucks and you know I think it could be
worth it yeah I mean good lord if you can get that thing for $200 I’d be
excited for it yeah but it’s razor right the razor core is five hundred dollars
and it’s just you cabinet it’s like the most beautiful built GPU cabin you’ve
ever seen in your life but it’s $500 it’s this thing really gonna be I mean
are you gonna go are you gonna stretch out would you pay $400 for it no more at
that point it’s and then it’s kind of like you know I’ll just get a laptop I
think the top end they can probably sell it for realistically as 300 yeah that’s
a lot of hardware for $300 that’s a lot of but you know honestly for razor the
the razor phone in the phone space is actually a pretty good deal for the
hardware that you’re getting yeah so because I thought when we were gonna go
see the phone it was going to be like oh well it’s gonna be an over overpriced
razor phone but actually you know it’s pretty competitive as a phone so maybe
they continue with that and make this accessory you know more competitive
but I don’t know right it’s just tough I think it’s the price is gonna be that
big barrier so alright Animas are sorry I’m done yapping monopolizing all of the
cool CES stuff anybody still waiting we’re all here yes Melissa yes actually
Adam can help me with this so Adam and I went to see Acer at CES
twice because because they had they had lots of stuff but the first time we went
there we saw two new gaming PC’s that they’re coming out with and I was having
trouble choosing which one to talk about and since Adam did two things will kind
of do two here too one of them was the predator Orion 9000 desktop this is
going to be their flagship gaming desktop with wheels yours this is their
new flagship gaming desktop they’ve been they’ve been selling it in Europe
they’re bringing it here we actually saw it at Aoife last year and they’ve
changed a few things they were going to have four graphics cards as a
possibility in it and they’ve mixed that for some reason they wouldn’t say why
but now their top thing is only two GTX 1080 10 eyes and sli so you know that’s
a pretty good consolation prize but I just loved this desktop you mean gaming
rigs are usually beautiful because people are putting money into it they’re
putting their passion into it but I was literally running my hands along the
inside of the case looking for you know just to feel it and they’d shaved
everything down I wasn’t cutting anywhere although I actually found a
little thing they forgot to shave is it hey you forgot that like oh oh we have
to go fix that but you know they have five fans in it and two of them are in
the front and they glow which is fun but they have this little hood inside the
desktop so all that air that’s coming in the front part of it is routed in back
of the motherboard to help cool the motherboard the power supply is hooded
and down at the bottom and it has its own ventilation system but it’s kind of
you know it’s got this cool raised a predator hood on it looks really great
they have three more fans two on the top so it’s almost like you got a helicopter
desktop thing going on and it has handles on the top because
we’re pretty sure it weighs almost 50 pounds and yes Adams spoiled my favorite
feature on it which is that it has wheels in the back a very discreet in
the back of the lower back corner of the desktop so that you can lift it by one
of the handles on the top and just roll it along and I love that I love that
that’s I really hope I see that an airport someday something roll it down
the driveway of your friend’s house to the land party you know maybe you roll
it from your living room to your person cave well and Brad you’d be surprised by
the amount of people I see walking around soma with IMAX like that just
there just carrying an iMac it like a bear it happens way more than you would
than you would realise now they can just roll around it it was about attention to
detail so someone who’s been reviewing desktops for as long as I have you know
and we used to actually go in and check on you know everything about how they’d
arranged it inside the case and I mean obviously this is a demo and they
spiffed it up but just you know again like the finish on it and the thoughtful
things like the wheels and the handles and the positioning of the fans and and
making sure you routed some air behind the motherboard to help with the
thermals these are all things that that meant a lot to me made me feel like a
sir and put some thought into it and the reason I mentioned that is because last
year at CES they had the predator 21x which is crazy
eight thousand dollar laptop with a mechanical keyboard had it had 210 ATT
eyes and sli and had a curved display it was 21 inches wide to power bricks that
that was enough to power bricks incidentally in case you’re wondering
and they only made 300 of them but a sir told us that they had sold not only had
they sold all 300 Oh but some of them were sold through this guy who does
custom paint jobs on laptops so he bought it and then painted it for
someone and then turned around and sold it for like $14,000 14
thousand dollars yep so and so I am gonna find some pictures of that yeah I
mean so I understand that there are you know gaming PC companies that have been
around a lot longer in this space than Acer has Acer is fairly young to the
gaming space and you could have seen the predator 21x of some kind of stunt but
then you see the predator Orion 9000 you see that they’re paying attention to it
and you can also see in the other PC they showed us the Nitro 5 gaming laptop
this is a casual gaming laptop so it’s not it doesn’t have to 1080 T is an SLI
but it does have an rx 560 discreet graphics it comes with a choice of Intel
and Verizon mobile CPUs you know it doesn’t have a mechanical keyboard but
it has a really nice 15.6 inch display and the starting price is $7.99 so you
know you’re probably the price is gonna go up a little bit from there there’s
probably a model that costs around a thousand or 1100 sort of thing but I
think the point is is that you have a chance to do some decent gaming on a
laptop for 800 bucks seriously so they’re taking it seriously
and and you don’t to spend $8,000 so I I just I I admired that Acer seems to be
taking the gaming thing seriously and instead of that red they the on the on
the back of the nitro they you know it had a nice because I don’t know that the
predator red is usually like a real bright red yeah I feel like that that
strip on the back of the Nitro was a nice like like I don’t know like a like
a more burgundy yeah matte red hinge on it but actually the predator Orion 9000
had a teal in black color scheme and they’re kind of moving toward that
because I mean honestly everyone doesn’t read in black it’s over so and the the
Orion 9000 we found during the video you should look watch the video on YouTube
we found a little thing that ejects in the front to hold your oh yeah
headphones yeah well and I was going to say that
the the comments on the the YouTube video people were a little upset that it
didn’t go over 9000 you know right well and that system starts at $2,000 and
goes up to 3,000 they think it’s only a fraction of the cost of the predator 21x
and weighs about the same yeah Wow I should go Brad will be last cuz he’s
on the right we’re going left to right it looks like okay all right I got two
picks speaking of badass PCs so I got to I’m
not really I have a tough time picking between them first one I got it I really
think digital storms project spark which is a liquid-cooled 1080 class gaming rig
that is the size I heard people say shoebox I think it’s actually smaller
shoebox I would say box of a you know one of those bat a box with an X well a
Kleenex box a fat Kleenex box it was just super tiny it’s it was
liquid-cooled it was beautiful it was beautiful I mean it’s just because it’s
it’s a liquid-cooled machine that is just like this big it was just simply
like wow this is awesome custom-built micro SD X 1080 and an MX
and module you know a coffee lake version it’s just it’s like wow it’s
amazing to miniaturize that much of course 1080i I think a messiah actually
introduced introduced a 1080 version of their Trident hmm but this is
water-cooled so it’s gonna be really quiet and you know it was custom
water-cooled it’s not a CLC so it’s a custom water-cooled you know miniature
PC I gotta say I I love that it’s it’s awesome and then the really close second
maybe even better is main gears F 131 I know I didn’t see that one oh yeah I
said last day I was you know everybody was hungover and it’s like it’s like
it’s just beautiful because what it was it’s again everybody’s doing custom pcs
it’s a custom you know I would say small form-factor
but you know it’s maybe it’s about this big and maybe like six inches you know
wide and it was designed from the ground up to be custom liquid-cooled and the
awesome thing they did is like they start with a
bass you know steel chassis wrap it in aluminum and then they have this big
huge you know acrylic block that they’ve milled all of the the reservoir and the
flow meter and the temperature gauge it’s just simply this big huge cool
block that you feed all the liquid into and then you do all your custom liquid
cooling from that it looks spectacular because then it’s it’s clear so all the
light shines through it you can put different color liquids in there and
then the machine itself you know the big trend now is no longer to actually put
cards in the slot see fountain mouthing more vertically it had to you know cut
some liquid-cooled 1080 tea eyes mounted vertically and of course you know you
know main gears you know claim to fame is they really kind of push this exotic
car look they had like six different machines that were just like just
stunning right you just like these things are just beautiful they look like
you know high end you know million-dollar exotic cars every one of
them single every single one different and unique and this and all built on his
new f1 31 chassis that’s just it’s it was just really stunning you know I
don’t notice because I was hungover but I just I gotta say I thought I wish I
had the pictures to show right now but it’s just like just beautiful you know
cuz always all the chrome hard tubing and everything and everything’s just lit
perfectly and we’re talking we’re talking you know coffee Lake or probably
you know whatever big socket if you wanted to to my Creek micro ATX
motherboard and then two full-sized video cards liquid you know liquid cool
you know in a little tiny box not a small spark but this is a lot more power
because you’re talking 1080 T is that we cool you know well in the liquid cooling
was a pink correct they had I mean this this is a company they built a special
coca-cola machines they built these coke mod would give you an idea of this they
were telling me that that machine they built for coca-cola the glass they used
they actually use the same glass that coca-cola bottles are made out of
so they melted I guess I got glass all the glass for the whatever that any
glass I was using it was actually to cook a Cola bottle and then they got the
color dye from coca-cola that they use to make coca-cola and then that’s what
they made the liquid cooling out of Wow yeah that’s attention to detail
right that is intention detail and then it’s funny because they said like we
hadn’t actually put a warning like do not drink not cool just like are you
really who’s gonna drink the liquid out of their computer but you know on the
road I think it’s actually coca-cola there’s like a reservoir at the top that
shaped like a coke bottle with the coke sticker on it yeah that’s pretty awesome
yes so but I mean this f 131 is just it looks exotic the nice thing is it
actually can actually be almost like they’re gonna actually they’re thinking
about selling it as it is a kit like if somebody wants to buy just the case and
cooler we know apex cooling they they may do it
at some point most of these vendors they only want to sell yeah it was the
Machine because clearly they like making money that’s a plus but I was really
this project spark digital service project spark just outstanding main
graph 131 just like just really probably the nicest machine I think I saw at CES
nice so spectacular awfully anti-climactic compared to y’all crazy
things I didn’t actually go to CES this year unfortunately but by curiously
through y’all spectacular PC world coverage and the thing I always look
forward to at CES is the ridiculous crap like a couple years ago as a CES an MS I
had an SLI bridge with a fan on it and it’s just ridiculous and over-the-top
and it shouldn’t exist but I’m glad that it does that’s the kind of stuff that I
love and for me this year that was a Seuss put out a bezel free monitor kit
so it’s basically gonna kill you guys saw it it’s so we did a video on I feel
like prisms like prisons prisons acrylic prisms that go along the edge of your
monitor and multi-monitor setups and they’re set a certain angle to create an
optical illusion so that your monitor edges disappear and it’s more immersive
that way so when you’re looking left to right across your monitor setup you
don’t see those ugly black you know jarring seams down the middle and it’s
not perfect I mean that I was watching you guys as a video of it it’s kind of
blurry there looks a little low res but it seemed much more immersive to me
at least watch the video right and I’d never thought of that
but now that I see it I actually really badly want to buy that from my own
personal setup blows my mind I love it it’s simple it’s just acrylic strips
connected by plastic tabs that’s all it takes
yeah that makes me this I’m excited about that yeah I and I gotta say that’s
it was really cuz you know I saw it in person a week ago and it was just like
it really is like yeah is it perfect no is it as good as a 49 inch panel but no
it’s not but it’s probably gonna be a solution you gotta appreciate yeah it’s
like oh that is so clever because otherwise if you have three panels with
bezels you’re just gonna be serving a puzzles all day and it really does help
sorry I got to give Asus props for this really that was really super clever to
gauge interest I hope hey ace I’m interested yeah they
said like yeah the reaction is like oh we’re gonna do it because in there all
social right now there’s sort of sighs for the twenty four point five inch
panel so they have they said like will probably make other sizes for a larger
monitor so ideally it works best with thermometers you know because if it’s
built for that size but there’s really nothing to stop you from doing it with a
than another monitor the angle is pretty extreme it’s about 130 degrees so it
does kind of wrap around you but it’s pretty clever and I got actually I do
want to say another little sort of clever a little tiny it’s the little
things I was at iBUYPOWER and they showed me like oh yeah we’re
doing these and they were like we were looking at the machine they’re like
what’s what’s the last thing we can RGB oh we could do the combs for the power
supply so the basically if you have braided power supply cables so people do
and you have the things that hold them in place and make them cool so they’re
straight no they don’t look like you know a mess those are called combs since
we’re gonna RGB those so they actually chose the RGB them and it and the nice
thing is if you have white cables the light kind of shines through and it
almost looks like the power supply cable even though it’s not lit up is kind of
lit up but it was ridiculous because they were saying like yeah we’re like
what what’s left the final frontier the RGB
the the rubber feet yeah oh my I’m sure that’s just what’s left I’m behind some
my Christmas cash to get some custom cable mods oh really do now my system
Adam so it is a big thing with enthusiasts who are doing fancy things
uh you know I love what I personally like I appreciate it was the trend I saw
probably five or six different vendors had power supply baffles there was a
yeah now what that is is like from them they’re pushing is like this lets you
baffle off your power supply so the heat from the power supply doesn’t affect the
rest of your components what it says for me is you’re lazy a stand do cool wiring Marv the look of the right right and
what it is is like if you ever looked inside of some new cars if you if you
pop it the the hood of your car it’s a huge cover and there’s a huge cover
because you don’t want to look at like 50 million wires it’s like when somebody
comes over your house and just kind of like cover stuff up yeah RGB the cowl
that was you know it go to my grandma’s showed up at my house unexpected and my
wife yelled at me because I threw all the dirty dishes into the oven and
closed it perfect oh that is clever that’s really that’s going to block
posters Brad did you have any more pics from CES that was it for me we’ve
covered pretty much everything that I would have picked between the various
segments so but for me that a Seuss thing that’s the one thing coming out of
CES that’s not one of the major things that I really want to buy yep you know
I’m surprised we uh we missed a really big blind spot which a lot of people
were in chat we’re saying was her favorite was the HTC vive pro Oh which
is a Gordon got to use I I considered it yes basically an upgraded VY
you know high-rez BPI 618 versus forest yeah new lenses and actually I do want
ask you because I I got to say I I really do think the screen door effect
which is you know everything looking heavily picks laws greatly greatly
reduced I think it looks great Adam I think he’s still I mean it was
there but it was definitely reduced for sure right done pixel density I mean
that’s yeah that’s important yeah cuz I got a you know today’s vibe if you’re
looking at some menus it can get a little hard you can definitely win yes
look things get small in the UI it’s not great yeah and this really you know it’s
cool it’s got headphones there’s a wireless option which is your song for
both original vive new vibe you know I liked it it was awesome I mean I think
the deal-breaker really the reason why I’m like not totally excited for yet is
no price no price yeah yeah so we don’t know how much that thing’s gonna cost
yeah I’m glad they’re doing it cuz you know Brady’s kind of been waiting for ya
them to make a move so it really fixes like survive I think is still the
strongest actual virtual reality experience because it’s room scale but
it wasn’t perfect they had a few issues like the the cheapo elastic strap and I
had no headphones and it had the screen door effect just like everyone did and I
think the vibe Pro fixes all of the glaring flaws that are left with the
vive and it finally feels like a complete good headset yeah is my
impression of the thing and I’m excited to see it I’m not excited to see where
they price it yeah yeah and weight is definitely better
so they it’s more Center weighted it is lighter and also because it’s you know
it’s not as heavy in the front it feels a lot lighter on your head than the
original vibe so dans la vía talked about the small details the the way you
tighten it down instead of doing the velcro thing it’s just like a little
twist in the back right it that felt good and it felt stable when you put it
on I got to say I was talking to Hayden about the announcement and he was saying
in the press materials the the color blue of the headset is just like super
ugly and overdone in their marketing materials yeah but in in real life it
was a lot more subdued yeah yeah oh and the other thing they had which is
interesting we didn’t really concentrate is they they have a new portal they’re
doing so the I’ve poured a life report by port and
the big deal is none knew it was it well the big deal is we’re gonna rent you
games sort of right so six five of subscription five well then yeah well
new headset then that’s cool integrated audio yeah and I mean the biggest thing
it fit your glasses yes I’ve never been able to constantly fit these into the
original five so that I definitely must be physically a little bit bigger to
accommodate larger larger glasses so that’s it that’s a good thing too about
how much you know the price if it if it seems six hundred dollars oh and and
just so people know if you have the original vive setup it works – the
original base stations up to four in fact I believe you know they’re gonna
sell you just the headset without the the base stations because I figure most
people just and the one original without the ones and without the other ones just
because people they don’t need all that you they just want the better headset so
that’s how it’s gonna come to consumers first and then sold as a package later
this year yeah yeah it’s being sold to vive owners first yeah cool all right
cool that was a show that was a show that was a lot of that is a lot yes week
great show Intel and AMD had big announcements there’s some really great
hardware there and we had a lot of people asking if we were gonna cover the
whole Spectre saying you know so maybe in the next show we kind of cover that
but yeah this there’s a lot of CES a lot of see us to cover yeah yeah next week
yeah I think we should definitely plus I I have literally not been able to read
anything on it that much I have not been able to get away from it we’ll say everybody was talking about it
so yes I don’t want to start trekkers because that’s another hour-and-a-half
discussion yeah it’s gonna be a big deal it ain’t going away so oh we could talk
about it next week yeah it’ll still be here in a month that
we can talk about I suspect so anyway I’m gonna take us out if I have it in my
notes I do it to do it yes check back in two weeks for your fix of PC talk on the
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Patrick Marty will take us out one spin one final spin I guess

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