Interview with Leaders at DAM Conference

Deaf Can Foundation Discussions District Mumbai says, thank you! No no no, I am working. Indian Army DAM has organised it’s 1st annual seminar. People from all over India are here to give lectures. Please have a look. This is his Sign name. He is the Joint General Secretary of SLAD. DAM has invited him to give a lecture. Please tell our viewers about it. I gave a lecture about various government organisations. Many Deaf persons are unaware about such organisations. I have experience working with them. I want to spread this in the Deaf community. So that they learn and benefit. Since they are unaware, I wanted my lecture to be of use to them. This is his Sign name. He is the President of SLAD. He was invited by DAM to give a lecture. Please tell our viewers about it. Yes sure. This is DAM’s 1st anniversary. They had invited me for this, yes. I spoke about GR rules, in Solapur I spoke about how to achieve equality for Deaf persons. These were the various points I covered in my lecture. Great! Thank you! This is his Sign name. He is from Hyderabad. He is the CEO of Deaf Enabled Foundation. DAM had invited him to give a lecture. Please tell our viewers about it. Organisers of DAM wanted an impactful speech filled with attitude, about how to develop our community. They wanted me to share my 10 years of experience, working with DEF. So that everyone can learn. I hope our association continues in the future. Thank you! Who is this? This is her Sign name. She is from Bhopal. She is the CEO of DCF. SHe was invited to give a lecture at DAM’s 1st annual seminar. Please tell us more about it. Hello everyone! I came here to give a lecture about International Women’s Day. I spoke about its history and how it started. Is it only for wishing each other “Happy Women’s Day”? I wanted to question people about, how it really started. I explained new laws that were introduced for women. People are unaware about these laws. It isn’t only about wishing each other. I want them to learn about the new laws introduced for women. Who is this? This is his Sign name. He is the Consultant of IT & Projects at ISH. DAM had invited him to give a lecture. How did your lecture benefit everyone? Please tell our viewers. My presentation was on “Accessibility” and how to achieve it? It is divided into three important categories. 1. If a person wishes accessibility, but faces multiple barriers, he has to make changes within. Only then accessibility is possible. 2. For achieving the goals of accessibility, we have to plan in advance and co-ordinate with our teams. Then our goals can be achieved. 3. I spoke about ISH News in summary and how it contributes to accessibility. This programme was organised by DAM’s General Secretary and their President. These are their Sign Names. I have a question for both of you. People have come from all over India to give lectures. How does everyone benefit by this. In India people like Sandeep, Priti, all came to Mumbai, to conduct impactful empowerment lectures. Priti’s lecture had a big impact on all the women. Sandeep also gave a very strong lecture. Deaf persons were very interested to learn and change themselves. This is very important, and we will do this every year. My question is, At DAM’s programme, you gave a lecture. What was it about? Please tell our viewers. Yes surely. DAM has organised this for the first time. I am very happy. He will tell you all about our history. Earlier when DAM was founded, they did not know, how to fight with the government, we did not do anything. It was his idea to set up this organisation. It was under our guidance, that they can now independently break barriers. This is her Sign name. She was a member of the audience. Since morning, she has seen all the lectures. Please tell us whether you benefitted from any? Please tell our viewers. Thank you! I found the lectures very interesting. Why? Because they were many benefits. Sandeep from Hyderabad said that, if we make changes within ourselves then the society will change. This is a true leader. Priti from Madhya Pradesh spoke about police complaints. Many are unaware about the laws. She clearly explained, the various laws in detail. She even explained the significance of 8th March. Aqil spoke about various technologies. He spoke about the alarm clock, vibrations in watches, etc. He explained the pros and cons of technology. I feel technology is good. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to function. With its help many things are possible. Jaising is from Maharashtra, he works with SLAD. he spoke about the various government rules, related to Ration card problems, PAN card, name changes, etc. He explained the various departments, who would help solve such issues. I am very thankful for all the information. Thank you!

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