Introducing the Aputure MC | Mini RGB LED

Flexible. Lightweight. RGB. At Aputure we’re dedicated to solving the nonstop struggle of set life but problem-solving takes flexibility, So now, we’re taking that flexibility one step further. Introducing the Aputure MC. As Aputure’s first RGB light with control
of hue, saturation, and intensity The MC gives you the power to reproduce any color with the flick of a finger And the palm of your hand But color isn’t all this fixture is
capable of. The MC breaks ground as Aputure’s first LED
with fine-tunable CCT. Users choose any color temperature between
3200 and 6500 Kelvin. And as with all Aputure lights, the MC prides itself in
its accurate color rendition. With not only CRI and TLCI scores of 96+ but also an SSI score of 84. And, an underlying technology that reproduces color better and more accurately than ever before. RGBWW. Unlike traditional RGB the
Aputure MC isn’t just a light that relies on red, green,
and blue LED diodes. By adding two additional white LEDs one balanced at tungsten and a
second at daylight, the Aputure MC is an impossibly small light that competes with industry giants in fact with this underlying technology, the MC slingshots
ahead, delivering better color renditioning and skin tones than ever
before. And, with 9 built-in lighting effects like fireworks, fire, and cop car, and the ability to create your own animations
using the Sidus Link app, the MC is a light that wields not only speed but also versatility. And at only 130 grams, the MC is a tool that redefines what it means to be a light fixture. Magnetically mount the MC in seconds. Or combine multiple to create
something entirely new. Because while the MC is a
light that packs a punch solo its real power comes as part of a crew Sidus Mesh technology powers every MC light
from within and creates its own wireless
network. Giving all Aputure lights the ability to communicate not only with each other but
also the mobile app, simultaneously. Each additional light
increases the strength of the network instantly extending the range of your
control without the need for an external router. Control up to 100 fixtures
simultaneously all from the Sidus Link app, or pull a color from real life. With color picker mode the MC gives users the ability to point their phone at a color
and reproduce it. Meaning, what you see is what you get. The MC is available not
only as individual units but also a 4-light travel kit or a 12-light
production kit. Each comes with a custom hard shell wireless charging case to
protect and conveniently power your fixtures wherever you go. The 12-light
production kit is made for owner-operators and rental houses including
not only an accessory drawer but also a quantity of fixtures to pull off the
unbelievable. Equipped with a USB type-c port, the MC is also the first Aputure
light to support PD quick charging. Powering a single MC from 0 to 100 in
just 90 minutes and with built in wireless charging you can rest easy
knowing that an entire case of lights can be charged and ready come shoot day. Because the MC is a light that is designed for you to go wherever you go suit what you need and create without question. Any color, anytime.

35 thoughts on “Introducing the Aputure MC | Mini RGB LED

  1. App Controllable. HSI Control. RGBWW. Mesh Connectivity. Wireless Charging. Color Picker Mode. Credit Card Size. $90 Price Tag. What feature of the MC are you anticipating most?

  2. How much is this bad boy? Love to have one… Ok their site says $90 which seems reasonable…

  3. wow…amazing…the flexibility and the colour picker mode is best.this is a must go to.😍

  4. I love how you used these to light up the product shotsof these same lights

  5. Congrats Aputure!!! This little light has a ton of tech in it. Can't wait to see the big boy hopefully soon.

  6. How bright/strong is it compared to an AL-MX and AL-M9?
    For example at 5500K, just to have an idea of the brightness the MC delivers. I guess it will be somewhere in the range of the AL-M9, right?

  7. When will these be available in the UK? It says sold out on your website.

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