IOWA GOLD – How to highbank a frozen river

gold diggers !!! good morning beefy prepper
here me and Dustin decided to come out here
to the creek and the freezing cold weather at the butt crack of dawn and
we’re gonna find some gold I’m gonna try to show you guys a little bit about the
proper way to set up a sluice how to get the matting to work its best so stay
tuned for that sure is peaceful with the birds going isn’t it that idiot with the
camera would shut up right a lot of water flow or a steeper angle
I’ve got these deep ripples you got to keep that water flowing if you have too
much flow the gold is just going to travel on the water right on out if you
don’t have enough flow the sand is it agitating and moving and these cells
fill up and the gold will just skip across the clock so there’s a there’s a
nice balance to getting that just right you want to be level side-to-side and
you want to have your flow right if you don’t have enough water flow you can
just increase this angle to get a little more flow if you watch the cells here
you can see the material dancing in them as it exchanges this is the type of flow
you want so I’m sure I’ve told you guys before
here in Iowa we have glacier gold so all these hills were brought here by
the glaciers and when they brought them they sprinkled gold through them like
salt on a pile of mashed potatoes or something so when it rains the rain
washes down these hills and the gold washes down with it and they flex in
these streams and it concentrates in these there is it wasn’t for them
glaciers and those big hills we would have any gold here so for the most part it’s just like
placer mining we’re looking down here on the inside bends and stuff just like you
would placer mining the gold is a little smaller there’s not quite as much of it
but that’s what we’re doing be sure to subscribe to my channel it doesn’t cost
you anything and it helps motivate me to make these videos for you guys thank you
all right guys you see there we’ve got a wide wide
section of Creek here thought I’d explain a little uh where I’m digging if
I can with the pumps running and gloves and frozen hands ideally when you’re on
a creek you’re looking for low pressure zones low pressure zone means there’s
less flow so an inside Bend you have more flow on the outside and less on the
inside now what happens in the wintertime is if you don’t have that
flow the water freezes up so it makes things a little more difficult down here
I got this island down the middle and that has had the least flow otherwise it
wouldn’t be there you can see I got a really good flow here and I got some
really good flow here coming in around so I’m I’m digging on the edges around
these good flows because the areas of low pressure are frozen and we just
can’t get to them so that’s kind of what we’re doing here you don’t have a whole
lot of choice when it’s this time of year come summertime well you know we
can dict some other areas that are a lot better yeah I’m taking another break the
cold weather kind of hard on you I’m glad to send my tripod back with my
microphone to the bottom and a package deal
so kind of screwed me on today’s video because I have to hold my phone for
everything and it’s impossible that do anything while holding a phone so that’s
part of today’s video issues hopefully and put this together into something
half way entertaining the other problem I don’t know what I’m getting these pans
are freezing up so fast yeah you roll it back fast to see if you’re getting
anything I’m seeing four or five big specks I know I’m washing all the little
stuff down so it’s kind of just concerning you know I’ve moved a lot of
material I hope I got more than ten specks but I don’t know and I don’t get
to show you guys it just freezes up and you can’t even see it with camera it’s a
bad time of year I’m trying to put out some videos for you guys and trying to
get out here and do the adventure thing you know guy I love an adventure guys
and you know this guys loaded up the process I cut my
finger off go might make a stop at the hospital for cleanest goldust thanks for
watching be sure to LIKE comment subscribe I’ll see you next time

16 thoughts on “IOWA GOLD – How to highbank a frozen river

  1. Hey thanks for the tips yesterday and another great video. Hope the finger is good

  2. Hey good video but have to say it cannot wait till spring that place is going to get dredged by the steam shovel 👍👍👍🍺🍺🍺😀😎

  3. 🖕you hurt that finger ouch be careful out there joe 😀🍺

  4. Yeah buddy… im probably going to get one of them mats for my beach mining. pull some of those ice chunks off your beard on camera lol. 🍺 thanks for freezing your ass off to make a video for us to watch

  5. Tough to even run material in those conditions! Some of us truly appreciate the effort, though!!😆

  6. You picked one of our colder days!! Get that finger stitched up and we'll see you next time.

  7. Holy smokes. The caption for the preview on the sub page isn’t just slightly racist. “Gold Diggers is clearly misconstrued for something else entirely. Yikes.

  8. Damn!  Frozen fingers, flippin fumbling, Faking filleted finger!  Last time I frozen fumbled my finger I used super glue to put it back together.  Saved a trip to the hospital $$$$ and it worked as good as stitches!  Sorry about the finger man, and thanks for the frozen adventure!

  9. your music was playing up so bad I stopped watching your tape halfway through , even though I was enjoying the video

  10. Thanks for sharing the winter joys of gold hunting and the work involved. Tks Beefy. =O}-<///>-OOoO

  11. Dang my man. You and Wizard taking chunks out of yourselves around that ice.
    What’d you slice yourself up on? By the looks of your finger it was sheet metal or something rather than ice.
    Be safe. 👍🏻🍺

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