IPRee W842 – Multifunctional Working Lamp – Best Value 2019

Hello friends. Nice to meet you again Today I share with you a very interesting Emergency Lantern It’s quite neat to carry Use when your car has a problem, go camping The lens of the lamp is very well finished High-end finishing Screws are also beautiful The light is quite bright I have a comparison of IPRee W842 brightness with Klarus Mi1C at the end of the clip Klarus Mi1C has 600 lumens brightness IPRee W842 is brighter than Klarus. I think the IPRee W842 brightness is about 700-800 lumens The beam angle is also wider than the Klarus Mi1C Hard plastic Light water resistance The back of IPRee W842 It uses 4 AA batteries or 2 18650 batteries 18650 slot AA slot Charging port for lights and charging ports for phones Micro usb charging port for lights Usb charging port for phone as power bank I charged it to work well I have not tested the charging time Power button Candelabra Can you hear the sound? The base of the lamp has a step. Very advanced finish It’s easy to bring IPRee W842 with you Very good finishing for about $ 10 Brackets with each step very sure Your light will not slip The welds are very shiny and beautiful Very beautiful Install battery test I really like this lamp. Very cheap price The effect is beyond expectations The battery cover is very tight and secure Water resistant cover. Very beautiful beam Klarus Mi1C Highest brightness mode 2nd light mode The lamp has 4 modes Low brightness level has pwm The highest brightness level does not have pwm Very good for only $ 10 The lamp is too cheap and beautiful This is the warning mode The opposite person will notice you within 100m Strobe mode Works very well Very beautiful Very advanced finish Test with 4 AA batteries Use with AA batteries, lower brightness Pwm is also less because of the weaker light Warning lights still work well with 4 AA batteries This is the box of the product IPRee W842 only comes with 1 micro usb cable The box The name of the product is IPRee W842 Use 3 cob leds and 33 strip leds Some features are printed on the box Camping Work Light… There is one thing quite unexpected For the first time, I met a Chinese product that the manufacturer’s specifications said decreased Compare with Klarus Mi1C IPRee W842 has a brightness of about 700-800 lumens Klarus Mi1C bright 600 lumens IPRee W842 is about 700 lumens but the manufacturer only recorded brightness from 0-300 lumens Very unexpected Not much information is printed on the box IPRee W842 is a good lamp at $ 10 price IPRee W842 is sold for $ 7 on taobao But it is difficult to buy on Taobao Buying on Banggood or Gearbest is a good choice Thank you for watching the clip. Wish you find a lamp that suits your needs Please click subscribe to support me Thank you. I wish you a great day. See you at the next clip

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