35 thoughts on “Iranians hacked into New York dam

  1. really i think this is straight b.s its the government thats the real terrorists unfortunately we are all under mind control and believe what these fools tell us. the illuminati is real and in control of everything this "news story" is hype so ppl vote for trump the world is Fucked America accepts gay marriage but wont accept other religions and put a label on ppl from the middle east smh this land was stolen and is now made of many different ppl and religions this is the type of equality ppl need to fight for not Caitlyn jenners and gay marriage, and not that i am judging because we all sin differently, but why glorify sin? and why stereotype cultures? if u can accept a man bein castrated and put it in vogue and making it seem normal why cant we be accepting of religions and other races they are not all the same just as gays dont always cross dress. how bewildering it is to see everyone jump on this bandwagon of hatred and prejudice just because its on the news or government officials claim its true doesn't mean a thing, open your eyes ppl martial law and N.W.O is comin soon Jesus take the wheel!!!

  2. more propaganda!!!! we hacked into their nuclear program with a mole armed with a flash drive and now we hear this?? we will be hit a couple more times on a broader scale. where in the news have you heard about Missouri's Walmarts huge cell phone purchase by 2 middle eastern men??? next year a big one will come

  3. Can't you ever put out a video with likes in the double digits CNN? Seems people hate your @ss. I'm sure the lies and propaganda have nothing to do with it though.

  4. ZNN has ZERO credibility as a news organization. ISRAELIS (Gery Shalon, Ziv Orenstein, Joshua Samuel Aaron) are recently responsible for the LARGEST hack in U.S. history against our financial systems yet not a word about it?! Hummmmmm…..

    GO TO HELL!! Oh yeah… you are well on your way with out my encouragement.

  6. Seriously, if you don't support CNN then don't watch them. All you guys are doing is giving them views. If you don't like them, don't bother to click on the videos in the first place!

  7. TOO BAD CNN .. & other corpse news.. Looks Like people don't buy your bullshit anymore
    We are awake!

  8. If Iranians were able to hack into one of our dams, it's due to our creation of stuxnet and use of it to sabotage their nuclear testing facilities a few years ago.

  9. this is what you get for creating wars. americans killed kids,men,women,old people. their family members will find you someday. stop creating problems,americans. get back to your garage and enjoy your donuts.

  10. hey scumbag propagandist ,who is the [wo]man claimin & has proof iran is hackin anything.i dont care about sourcez i want namez..if u wont give namez ,then FK OFF with ur b/s propaganda!!!!!!

  11. I wanted to comment on this but people seem to have said what is needed to be said!

    Are we gonna see a false flag operation soon? Or is it a facile justification for the new visa restriction on people who were happened to be born in Iran (even though they might have been an MD in Britain for the past 40 years)!

  12. 24 hour programming. How many minutes or even seconds of TRUTH does CNN manage? This is a RHETORICAL question. The answer is NONE! It is ALL PROPAGANDA now. Sad, yes very sad, but true.

  13. Good job Iran from E.U. It's time to kill a fuckin north american general in iraq or Afghanistan

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