Is a flooded basement covered by insurance?

HI, this is Travis Chancey with Abbotts Cleanup & Restoration Customers ask: is a flooded basement covered by my insurance company? It really depends on the cause of the flood for it to be covered or not covered by your insurance company. Typically anything that has to do with appliances or plumbing fixtures… toilets, frozen pipes, sewer line breaks… anything that has to do with the overall plumbing is typically covered by your insurance. You would just have to pay your deductible and that would be it. When it comes to things like outside
water… flooded basements due to rain water or ice melt or something like that… Typically groundwater is not covered by your insurance policy unless you have a flood insurance policy which is a little bit different than just a homeowner’s insurance policy. What I recommend is look to see what was the cause of the problem, get an invoice from whomever is going to fix that – a plumber or an HVAC technician or appliance repair. Keep that invoice because that’s your golden ticket for filing an insurance claim. They won’t reimburse you typically for the repair but insurance will pay for all the water damage mitigation expenses… all of our expenses when we do the mitigation work and all the repair work. That everything in a nutshell when it comes to homeowners insurance coverage of flooded basements Typically you do have coverage unless it is outside water or something that has to do with a flood event.

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