Is it safe to swim in the Amazon River?

We visited the Amazon River in Belém
Brazil and it was one of the most incredible adventures we’ve ever had. We
are a family of Americans with five kids. We actually live in Salvador, Bahia
Brazil for almost two years now and our goal is to see as much of this beautiful
country as possible. The Amazon River is the second largest river in the world
after the Nile and the longest and largest river of South America. It flows
through Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil. For most of its path, the
Amazon River can go from 1 to 6 miles wide. During flood seasons, it can get up
to more than 20 miles wide in certain places. We are in the mouth of the Amazon River,
also known as the Amazon basin. This is the point where the fresh river water
flows into the ocean. The Amazon River carries more water than any other river
in the world. In fact, it’s responsible for about 20
percent of their fresh water that flows into the world’s oceans. The volume of
water pouring out of this massive River has so much force and pressure that the
freshwater doesn’t mix with the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean until about
200 miles out to sea. We have had lots of questions about the best entry points on
the Amazon. There are many amazing places to visit along this river.
I recommend Manaus as another great tourist attraction. Manaus is known as
the heart of the Amazon where Belém is known as the mouth of the Amazon. The
nature and animals are different in this section of the river. In Manaus, you can
see piranhas, pink dolphins, caymen and sloths. For a wonderful wildlife Amazon
adventure I also recommend visiting Manaus. Belém is the capital of the state
of Pará. In English, Belém means Bethlehem. It is the largest city in this
state with a population of about 2 million people. Belém is the gateway to
the mouth of the Amazon. We chose to bring our kids here because this is
where my husband Chris served a two-year mission for our church. Chris learned
Portuguese, taught the people, ate the food and lived like a native. Chris’s
love for Brazil started here. We brought our family to see where and how he lived
and also to have an amazing Amazon adventure. Here we stopped at a local cacau or
cocoa tree farm. Cocoa or chocolate trees originated in the Amazon basin. Chocolate trees love shade so they thrive under big rainforest trees and get plenty of
rain. We took a tour and got to taste fresh cocoa fruit and even eat chocolate
candy and Brigadeiro made fresh on the farm. They showed us how they harvest and
dry cocoa beans. Fresh Amazon chocolate is absolutely amazing.
This is baurumá. They use as plastic. packaging. Okay, so before they had
plastic to make packaging, they used these leaves. So they would wrap them? Yeah. And then they would make cups? Show me how they make a cup make a cup. Then they pick water from the stream okay yeah and you can you put your
food on it and you can also use some recipes. Many people asked us if we felt safe taking our kids to the Amazon. The answer is yes. Absolutely! The Amazon is an exciting place for people of all ages. The locals were kind. The food was
amazing and ate lots of fresh grilled fish. We felt totally safe exploring the
river and the city. About the dangers on the river, the locals told us that in
this part there are no piranhas in the water so after watching the locals dive
in, we let our kids play in the river for hours without a single problem. The water
looks brown but it was warm and refreshing. Please check out our next video where we
tour the city of Belém. Find out the top 10 must-see venues and why this is
one of brazil’s most culturally unique cities to visit. This has been high
adventure this whole trip has been high adventure. I’ve enjoyed myself. Very nice.
Me too. It’s so beautiful I can’t get over how these people live. This river, the nature, it smells so fresh and
clean and green out here. I love it. It’s amazing. We had a great great trip.
We’re headed back now and we’re grateful for this experience and glad we can
share it. Please subscribe to our videos and we’ll see you guys next time.

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