Is There Any TRUTH to Flood Myths?

Hey, so real quick before I begin:
I just wanted to say, that I started a Patreon. If you’d like to help support me, and this channel,
there’s a link in the description. Thanks. In Sumerian mythology, king Ziusudra is warned, that the gods are planning to destroy all of humanity using a great flood. The god Enki instructs him to build a ship, and in it,
Ziusudra survives a 7-day flooding of the world. Afterwards, he is taken to the East to restart humanity. Many Mesopotamian cultures have similar stories, like the Akkadian Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Babylonian Epic of Atra Hasis. In Christian theology it was Noah, who was told by God, that soon a flood would come. And he needs to build a boat, that can fit his family, and two of every regular animal, and then 7 pairs of every animal, meant for sacrifice
(yet people seem to forget that part a lot). At the end of this wrath, God allows the waters to fall,
and Noah lands at Mt. Ararat in Turkey. And from him, everyone on Earth descended from. In Hindu mythology, reported in both the Satapatha Brahmana, and the Puranas; Vishnu comes to the first man on Earth, Manu, in the form of a fish, and warns him of Pralaya – a great flood to come. Afterwards, he gives Manu the advice to build a boat,
so that he is spared from the destruction to come. In Greek mythology, Zeus is angered, when king Lykaion of Arkadius sacrifices a human to him. Zeus decides to end the bronze age, by making the rivers run in torrents, to raise the sea level. It was Prometheus, always impeding on Zeus’ plans, who warned his son Deucalion, to build a chest, that will hold him and his wife to avoid death. One of the most important stories in Chinese tradition, is the Great Flood of Gun-Yu. This time, the flood had no real godly causes, but the Emperor was held responsible for preventing them. To do this, he first asked his relative Gun,
who stole a magical, ever-expanding soil, to build dams and dikes, to prevent water’s arrival. This didn’t work… …so then Gun’s son, Yu, was put in charge. I’m skipping over some stuff – but in the end,
by digging drainage channels, Yu fixes the issue. To the Mayans, Cipactli was a crocodcile or caiman, who got his head cut off. From the blood of Cipactli, shells, jade and bones flode to create a new world. We haven’t really decoded a lot of Mayan writings,
so our understanding of this story is a bit vague. But what seems to be happening, is…
yeah, the world floods, and one man, in this case Teocipactli, survives on a boat and repopulates the planet. All of these are examples of what’s known
as the “Flood Myth”, or the “Great Deluge”. Each one typically involves a deity,
like a God, cursing the world with water, and only allowing a small group of people and animals, to survive and repopulate. The strange part, is that nearly all cultures,
in some form or another, have one. Which is interesting, because thousands of miles of mountains, deserts and even oceans, separate some of these civilizations. And many of these stories were told before there was exchange between civilizations. With this being such a common theme across so many different cultures, and over such a geographically diverse area, this raises the question: is there and truth to the Flood Myth? Well, let’s get into it. So, when researching this, I found there are basically two ideas, that people try to use to explain this. One is through localized events. It’s basically saying, every civilization experienced a different serious flood, at some time in their history. And it’s just a coincidence, that others have as well. The other side focuses on a single global event, or a circumstance, which impacted everyone all at the same time. And caused cultures to develop similar stories as a result. I’m going to start by talking about some localized event theories, with the simplest explanation I’ve come across going first. So, many early human settlements developed around rivers. And they would depend on seasonal flooding,
to deposit rich agricultural sediments. This dependency early man had on the flooding of rivers,
could be the basis of many flood myths. And explains, why many of them are associated with the re-birth of mankind, as flood waters would bring new life to a river valley each year. In Mesopotamia for example, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers would flood every year, but around 2900 BCE, extreme flooding was recorded at several cities in the region. It’s thought, that this was caused by the moving of sand dunes blocking the Karun river, causing it to spill over into the Tigris river. The severity of this event is hard to determine. But if it was as bad, as some records make it out to be, this flood could explain where the Sumerian, Akkadian, and biblical flood myths all originated. A similar mechanism has been proposed for the Yellow River in China, around the year 1920 BCE, where a landslide blocked the river’s flow. After a year the blockage failed, and released a year’s worth of stored up water all at once. This might explain also, why in their story,
the act of building dams to block the water wasn’t enough, and the key was to drain the water out. But then, there were people like the Greeks, who didn’t always live directly beside the banks of a river. And for everyone in the Mediterranean, there’s a different explanation. Around the year 1600 BCE, on the island of Thera in the Aegean Sea, was a massive volcanic eruption, causing much of the island to crumble into the sea. It went from looking like this, to this. *kaboom* This was one of the largest volcanic events in recorded history. And the subsequent landslide created a massive tsunami, throughout the Mediterranean region, causing wide-scale flooding throughout many human population centers. This even has been alluded to in texts, as far away as ancient China. But it’s debated, how far inland the tsunami could have made it. Elsewhere in the world, around the year 2900 BCE,
a meteor is said to have crashed into the Indian Ocean. Evidence for this can be found in the Burckle Crater site, off the east coast of Madagascar. The crater is roughly 30 kilometers in diameter,
and would have created a megatsunami. Which is a scientific term for a very, very, VERY big tsunami. This event could have affected nearly all coastal lands on the Indian Ocean. But, even including all of these events, there’s still many cultures across the world, without a refined explanation. These inconsistencies have led many to speculate about a worldwide mechanism, or a Global Event, which imprinted itself on the memories of nearly all cultures at the same time. Of course, a lot of these speculations aren’t fully backed up by science. But there are 3 ideas, I think are plausible. And again: I’ll start with what I believe,
to be the most simple of these explanations. So, because of the movement of plate tectonics,
land that was previously under the sea, can be pushed above the water,
and even form mountains. This can lead to ancient rocks, containing fossils and shells, to make it up to high elevation. When ancient people found these shells,
and fossilized sea creatures atop mountains, many believed this to be evidence, that the entire world had, at some point in the past, been completely sumberged in water. Since many places, that are today above water, were once submerged, this phenomena could’ve been observed across the planet. And if it wasn’t the reason the Flood Myth began, it definitely served as evidence for many early people, to prove that it happened. Another theory places the Great Deluge as far back, as 6400 BCE. The last glacial period was coming to a close,
and the glaciers covering North America were melting. Except, instead of draining out, a lot of the water drained into a massive lake in the middle of the glacier. This lake, called the Lake Agassiz, was possibly
the largest lake the Earth has ever seen, covering up to 440,000 square kilometers, which is way bigger than the Caspian Sea, the largest lake on Earth today. As the Ice Age came to a close, a section of the glacier broke off and released nearly all of this water at once, into the ocean. It’s hard to say how much water was released, because the glaciers that contained it, have since melted. But it’s thought, that this would have caused massive flooding along the coasts worldwide. This event could have also altered ocean’s salinity and circulation, which in turn, could have created strange weather events, that people at the time could not explain. The third theory I wanna talk about, also deals with the ending of the last Ice Age, but is far less catastrophic. So around 12,000 years ago, the icy Pleistocene Epoch was coming to a close, as temperatures around the world increased slightly, beginning the epoch we’re currently living in: the Holocene. This increased temperature caused the retreat of glaciers, that have extended far beyond the poles. As these melted waters entered rivers,
lakes, and eventually the oceans, the planet’s sea level rose by up to 125 meters. If we look at a map of the world before this happened, we can see large areas of land exposed, that aren’t today. Some places to note would be the Persian Gulf,
which was a hub of early human activity, and was completely dry, and presumably inhabited at this time. Large portions of India’s coastline were also above sea level at this time. And huge part of southeastern Asia was habitable as well. In the Mediterranean, the Terranean Sea beside Italy was completely dry. And a lot of the Black Sea was likely populated too. In northern Europe, this massive plain called Doggerland was opened up, and definitely contained large populations, as people have found tools underneath the waters, that now cover this land. Lastly, in the Americas, much of the northeast coast was extended further into the Atlantic. And peninsulas like Florida and the Yucatan,
were greatly expanded as well. People would have been living in all of those places,
until glacial melt waters pushed them out. This forced migration would have brought refugees to higher elevations inland. Who would’ve likely told other people about their experiences. But, this all happened fairly slowly, except for a few spikes in temperature along the way. And it also happened thousands of years prior to the formation of flood myths, mentioned at the beginning. Whether a culture could remember an experience like this for so long, is still up for debate. But I still hope you enjoyed learning
about some of the plausible explanations. And please let me know which ones, if any,
you think could have inspired these stories. If you liked this video and would like to see more like it,
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  2. I believe ALL could’ve been used. First, you’d have stories that expresses that the sea levels were rising. Next, you’d have more Sudden floods which results in turning these slow methodical ones as ‘warnings’ and so the smart & wise ones looked for signs. Then when catastrophe struck, such as landslides, then they shifted into boats & such. Lastly, the belief that the entire world was flooded stems from those fossils, which wasn’t true. Hence, even though the world’s sea levels rose, the entire world didn’t flood & such.

  3. The Christian food myth is fake, just as Adam and Eve, not my opinion, but the Catholic church, it is a parable of a event that killed almost everyone, just like Adam and Eve, were they were kicked out of paradise, look it up, I didn't believe it at fist

  4. And have you ever considered that there might be one single true story behind the flood? 🙂 A story that would sound the most realistic of all of them? Such a real world size event as the flood would certainly have impacted all those who got to experience it. (People say a lot of things about the Bible, but they need to check the facts for themselves! 😉 From an historical or archeological, literary* constistency and the very nature of the Words you read in there, you'll find out that a book like the Bible is very (very!!!) hard to put in the myths category. But people need to check it out for themselves!)
    (* Think about it: maybe 40 authors from different background, writing over a period of 1'500 years and yet, you have the same editorial line all throught the the whole 66 books that make up that Bible… Simply UNIQUE!!!)

  5. Gun and Yun were in official Chinese history even though there are no archaeological records n very limit word on the events. There eere many flood legend history way before Yu era, 3500 years ago. There are so many versions. One version is the flood killed everyone in China except a brother n sister. The siblings repopulated the civilization. I know it's weird, but it was just legend. Yellow River has haunted Chinese civilization for thousands of year. It is probably the worst river that impacts civilization. There was also guarantee of couple flood to kill thousands of people every year. This could be the reason there flood legend. Chinese started to have irrigation technology 2500 years ago. It was quite advance around that time, but still did not help. There was an event to marry young girls to the God of rivet. This happened for so long until a smart politician showed up. He drawn those people who proposed the drawing of young girls. He started go hire engineer to solve problems. That happened 3300 years ago. Then there were God in each 4 seas. If there were major flood, someone must have angered one of the gods. Sometime the flood was so huge, people believed all 4 gods were angry. The Yellow River has haunted Chjnese for year. Chinese communist did build the systems to prevent the flood. It has worked most of the time. Then, once a while you still hear the flood tragedies. That is on official news. Some could have been cover. At least the frequency has dropped to the level that Chinese no longer have to angry gods for the flood

  6. At this point the topic is fairly speculative. It should be possible to identify the meltwater pulse that corresponds to the Lake Agassiz draining, thus the time of the event becomes known. The Burckle Crater impact has affected the entire Indian Ocean rim with tsunamis and introduced a lot of water vapor and dust into the atmosphere which let to massive precipitation and dimming of sunlight globally. That would explain the duration of one week in many flood myths. The cause of the Younger Dryas period is uncertain, had a global effect, and thus could conceivably have contributed to flood-myths, too. Probably Lage Agassiz and the Burckle Crater impact are the most important factors. The Burckle Crater impact might even be datable from ancient sources if they mention events like Lunar/Solar eclipses, planetary conjunctions, and seasons, could one actually put a year, month, and day on the deluge and introduce a day of mourning like is done for WW I and WW II today?

  7. Why not mentioning islam mytology
    The great flood is mentioned in our Qur'an

    R u racist ?

  8. There's a really interesting theory regarding a possible global flood that I came across a while back, that basically says that the last ice age ended rather abruptly when a comet hit one of the ice caps, most likely near the north pole, and flash-melted the ice and possibly turned it into so much steam entering the air that the entire world experienced what would have seemed like an unending deluge of torrential rain. There's some interesting evidence for this and worth looking into for consideration at least.

  9. Check Graham Hancock on Joe Regan's podcast, he talks a lot about this topic, I am not a religious person, but I believe that some kind of flood really occurred 11/12.000 years ago

  10. You forgot about the origin story about a global flood as recorded in Genesis 6-8.

  11. What about blacksea flooding?

  12. you are so dumb there was no polar icy caps back in Noah day you stupid idiot.

  13. The Atlantic Ocean breached the Straits of Gibraltar via a landmass that blocked off the lowlands that today form the Mediterrean Sea. It would have taken mere weeks to completely flood the Mediterrean Basin with water pouribg g in from the Atlantic, thus creating a shared common flood experience, at least for the people of Eurasian and North Africa.

  14. People have always lived near water. There are floods every place at some time. It's a big deal when a huge flood comes and a lot of people die. It leaves a mark. A world wide flood means the world, as far as you know it. If you go too far in one direction, you will fall off the edge, or be eaten by dragons, the gods don't approve of you doing certain things. As shown here, the Noah tale was taken from the earlier Babylonian/Sumerian tale. They "borrowed" the myths.

  15. I am disliking this video because you didn't mention Muslim metholgy.

    I mean not really

  16. Smfh y’all never realized it’s not just the Christians that have the Noah’s ark story, all Abraham is religions have the event in their religious books like the Quran, Torah, and bible

  17. Along with the melting of the glaciers, don't forget the flood-like deposits left behind on land.

  18. Myth?????? How u think the sands of Egypt all covered the Sphinx and the pyramids lol or how shells are on top of mountains and how so many "lost" civilizations got lost like the Mayans prob were pre flood how can u believe a word in your history books or that the government tells you now knowing it's all backwards lies

  19. I 100% believe that the Bible is true and so it explains it perfectly. All the similar accounts around the world are good evidence that Noah's flood actually happened. The more I study the Bible and see how Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies of the coming Messiah in the Hebrew Bible the easier it is for me to believe God is able to do exactly what the Bible says he did. Please take the time to look into all the evidence for Jesus being crucified on a cross and then rising from the dead three days later. He did this to take the penalty for our sins. We just need to repent of our sins, trust in Him as our Savior and follow Him the rest of our lives. If God has the power to raise someone from the dead he also has the power to flood the world.

  20. Hydroplate theory by dan brown does a pretty good job of explaining a world wide flood.

  21. Everything in this vid is correct! Both local and global events give rise to the myths; the Noah myth was plagiarised wholesale from Gilgamesh, which was inspired by the inundation of the Euxine Plain to form the Black Sea in about 5750BC; I believe that this in turn caused the mass migration of the IE-speaking people.

  22. Most of the rivers mentioned in the video are predominantly fed by mountain snow and/or glacial. With the warming of the Earth that led to melting at that time, it would cause massive flooding in the lower reach of the rivers. Hence the Great Flood stories from most civilizations that were found along the rivers.

  23. If you are really going to read the Bible, Noah's ark did not rest on Mount Ararat in Turkey simply because according to Genesis 8:4-5 (KJV)

    4 And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the MOUNTAINS of Ararat.

    5 And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month: in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, were the TOPS of the MOUNTAINS seen.

    Mt Ararat in Turkey is a stand alone mountain.. So its not "MOUNTAINS" meaning its the wrong location. It is more likely rested on the mount everest where Noah can see many mountain tops when the flood starts to drop..

    and if you are going to ask "where is the physical evidence?" Well, do you think Noah and his family will wait for many years for the trees to grow to build their shelter? They already have one.. the ark…

    Sorry Turkey you are definitely out of the story..

  24. It could be remebering the end of the last ice age when the sea levels rose by 120 meters.

  25. Noah wasn't real btw, because it came from the Egyptian, but the christian version is bullshit, humans didn't know what happened before so humans made shit up to get cult followers, that's right religion is a cult,if you're a idiot to join religion then you're dead

  26. Maybe these stories should be regarded to as symbolic. Maybe they’re talking about an idea that follows the pattern of a universal flood and not necessarily a singular event or multiple coincidental events. If Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious is true then it may be possible that all these are just stories that are trying desperately to tell us something that cannot be directly referred to.

  27. Maybe they were all one culture once and they travelled to different lands.

  28. People (namely Christians) like to use the fact that so many different cultures have some form of flood myth to support the idea of a worldwide flood, but is it all that surprising? Flooding happens all over the world, so it makes sense that at some point in the span of thousands of years, different civilizations will come up with similar ideas. Not to mention that several of these civilizations arose relatively close to each other.

  29. Cipactli isn't Mayan, but Mexica. Actually there is indeed a flood myth in the Mayan tradition and can be found in the Popol-Vuh, a compilation of oral tradition stories that explain the origin of the world.

    The flood myth says that there were other humanities before us, four indeed, being the actual one the fifth. To make it short, the fourth humanity perished by a great flood and the people was turned to fishes by the gods.

    It's okay to have mistakes, but please, your research have to be deeper. Mexica and Mayans share culture, but the names and some myths have changes.

  30. i think of grain of salt here would be nice, ancient people werent fucking stupid

  31. LOL NO There isn't enough water to flood the entire earth. If the greenland & antarctic ice sheets melted plus all underground water aquifiers broke open upwards there would only be enough water to raise sea levels by less than 300 feet. Not even enough to flood 25% of the land masses

  32. Another possible explanation – we know humans began in Africa and eventually migrated across the planet. What if they took the story with them? Imagine there was a mega-flood event in this ancestral region that wiped out large numbers of these early humans. Later the descendants of these survivors migrated away and took the story with them, eventually adapting the story to fit the local geology where they settled? It allows the core elements of the story to be similar while the details can vary.

  33. I really enjoy your videos and graphics. It seems to me that you covered all of the explanations except for the most obvious…. the explanation that there really was a global flood. Its the only thing that explains the giant bone beds in the Americas (hinting at mass death of species traveling together), the giant masses of coal and oil resources, as well as vertical placement of ancient trees throughout ancient rock and sediment layers. The principle of water sorting lighter and heavier objects could explain why we sometimes find younger objects in lower orders of sediment layering. Very interesting to think about.

  34. You neglected the theory that the straight of Gibraltar broke and flooded the Mediterranean, and if it happened early enough, all of early humanity may have been in the vicinity.

  35. It isn't the Christian Bible that originally believed in Noah's floods, but the Jewish Torah, and later on the Muslim faith believed in Noah as well.

  36. In Norse mythology aswell, the earth was created when Odin and his brothers killed Ymir. Ymir body became the earth and his blood became the sea drowning all the giants alive except for 2. Essentially killing off the giant race that came before us

  37. It's almost like most ancient cultures were based near rivers and coastlines (i.e. areas that have been known to flood).

  38. Yes, Tamil civilization mentioned about great flood after that they moved from Lemuria to the current Indian sub continent

  39. The myth of Noah's Ark is just that. He'd need a boat the size of Texas (at least), and with so many millions of species on Earth, where would he find the time to collect two of each, plus food to keep them alive, and room to store the food too. The fact that so many gullible people can't reason through this, has always amazed me.

    Then there's the myth of Adam and Eve, which would mean we're all the products of incest.

  40. Forget crashing comets; Imagine how a passing planet in a less stable solar system might have disrupted everything. Venus and Mars, Gods of War? We have a very short view of our solar system, and I think everything's not always been as clockwork as we assume. If our planet danced with something closer or more substantial than the moon, the tides might have swept over everything.

  41. what about the flooding of the black sea, possible even flooding of the mediteranian? you even show in the video how it was cut of from the rest of the sea before the ending of the last cold period.
    is there a reason you left this out or did you just not think about it and forgot? the rest of the video seems to be researched a lot so it makes me wonder

  42. Can't remember where I heard this from so take this with all the grains of salt in the world, but orl history might not be as unreliable as we writers think.
    Oral societies would have had elders that specialised in memorizing stories and recounting them to the young. Combine that with the fact that hunter-gatherers might have had much more free time than farmers, and not much to spent it on other than telling and listening go stories, and I can easily see how a group of people might have retain stories going thousands of years back without writing.

  43. There is also the Black Sea glacial dam. The Black sea used to be seperated from the Mediterranean by dry land, but as the glaciers melted and the Mediterranean water level rose, the water spilled into the Black Sea from the Mediterranean very quickly, raising its level suddenly. There is archeological evidence for settlements around the Black sea that have been buried by the water.

  44. The Arabian sea dam has been proposed as an explanation for both the Garden of Eden and the Great Flood myths of the Bible

  45. Very poor research. Ignored around 100 other different records by various other cultures all over the world. Stop doing simple videos with bad explanations on complex topics.

  46. It's rare to find someone trying to take an honest and objective analysis of the almost universal existence of a worldwide flood account amongst ancient cultures.
    In your research, if you haven't checked out Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory (which purports to explain many geological features of the Earth), I think you'll find it quite intriguing!
    Additionally, the massive fossil beds around the world (especially the Karoo supergroup which consists of super-massive collection of fossils) are indicative of a massive flood, as well as an area in Montana where TEN THOUSAND DINOSAURS were buried together in one mega-burial event.

  47. 6:48 There’s a pretty big difference between “4400 square kilometers” and 440,000 square kilometers.

  48. "Traditionally" what cannot be explained must have to be a miracle of "God"

  49. We all know religions and myths ENLARGE real life events to compensate the small reality to appear BIG.

  50. There is actually a ton of evidence supporting a world wide flood, including the geology all the way to fossils of sea creatures on top of the worlds highest mountains around the world. The closest story is the Bible's story. Plus a tower of Babylon having multiple races with multiple new languages could show that these stories come from one story and cha God through time. Similar to Cinderella who's story has changed a ton over the years.

  51. I think it's likely that a lot of different theories about the origin of the flood myth are true simultaneously. Different ideas of varying importance from multiple cultures that confluenced to create a single archetype. Civilization nearly always forms near water, so flooding (be it catastrophic or not) will just naturally be relevant to culture and mythology.

  52. a great site and another informative presentation but I'm really surprised that there was no mention at all about North American and Greenland meteor impacts 12500 years ago.

  53. Actually, the Noah story is in the part of the Bible that was written by Jewish authors not the Christians.🤪

  54. U said about costal areas of India might be flooded that might be true becoz in state of Gujarat there was a mythical city called Dwaraka which has been submerged by sea and now archeological finding has shown that under beneath the sea there was human civilization

  55. The 12kya pleistocene / holocene temperature shift might have been gradual, but the glaciers were down to Virginia and the Alps, 1 mile high, so a north Atlantic ice shelf cracking off is a very real possibility. A glacier that large could have displaced enough water to submerge almost all the continental shelves at once.

  56. Noah has more kills than hitler and stalin, he didn't let the people in the ark.

  57. Christian "theology" = Christian mythology.
    No need to thank me for the correction, we all make mistakes.

  58. 8:04 – I've seen documentaries on the flood myth that claim the Mediterranean Sea may not have existed at all before (as the rate of evaporation of the MS is actually higher than it's filling from rivers or rainfall, only the feeding from the Atlantic ocean keeps it existing) and the land bridge as shown at this timestamp was breached at Gibraltar as the sea rose at the end of the last, or even the previous ice age. The Atlantic Ocean cascading in through that gap into the – at that time – extremely fertile and no doubt highly populated Mediterranean Valley, would have left a memory scar upon all of humankind. That's an area of earth maybe 2/3 the size of Europe flooded in DAYS. The sheer force and amount of water would be horrifying and deafening to any onlookers, and from the differences in elevation, the speed of the front of the deluge would be inescapable to early humans, especially as it pre dates domesticated animals, during the hunter-gatherer period of human history.

  59. Not a criticism of the video – because you can’t include them all – but there were many more flood myths than the ones mentioned here. Several groups of North American Indians had one; multiple African tribes had one; Polynesia and Hawaii had one. This story truly is global.

  60. There have been many great floods but that doesn't mean God had a hand in any of them.

  61. Zeus has control over rivers and torrents? Here I thought only Poseidon has control over bodies of water.

  62. There IS a source of the flood in Chinese mythology.

    Gong Gong, the god of water, after battles to Zhu Rong, the god of fire and Gong Gong's father, smashed into Mount Buzhou, the mythical mountain that held up the skies. This famously caused a hole in the sky and caused the sky to tilt (how we get movements in the celestial bodies), but also cause the great flood.

  63. Would you like to help support me? No? Didn't think so. You answered your own question.

  64. I think a comet hit in the oceans somewhere and caused flood or comet hit one of the poles and caused world wide glaciers falling in the water causing the flood , which the tsunami would take a long time to drain off the land that was located near the ocean or rivers.

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