27 thoughts on “Is This Disc Right for You? Latitude 64 River Pro

  1. I'm hoping to get to a trilogy challenge now. I've been looking at the river for a new fairway driver, it looks awesome, I hope I can make it to this event!

  2. This looks like it is going to be awfully tasty. Looks like it will have the ability to be cycled in the bag really well.

  3. How does it compare to the Recycled Spark? It looks like it may be similar.

  4. We get a nice look at Bobby Slick Breeze's "Well fuck you too Eric" face @ 2:55

  5. it would be nice to see some 4hands as well. some ams only throw forehands AND what is Bobby throwing for MAX distance consistency these days

  6. The River and the Saint were the first discs from Lattitude 64 that I ever threw (5 years ago). They got me hooked on the Trilogy fam! Can't wait to try the River Pro!

  7. to me it seems like the River Pro = a Saint.   really doesn't seem like there is much difference at all between the River Pro and the Saint.

  8. I'll be honest I don't throw to much in the trilogy line up. I love the emac and the defender though. although I'm not the biggest fan of trilogy I just want to say it is absolutely amazing the amount of effort you guys put into growing the sport and to put great quality content out as much as you guys do. You guys really do deserve so much more credit for the amount of things you do for our community and for that I'd just like to say thank you.

  9. Too much dome for my liking, but good flight for those who like domey discs and can put some power on this disc.

  10. I'm disappointed that it's not still a control driver with just more stability than the original.

  11. I actually have this disc and it's my favorite to use. I'm very comfortable wth throwing it

  12. My river pro numbers say 9,6,-1,2…..not what they say. Hmmmmm

  13. .com or .comb?
    Perhaps I can help with this com/comb situation…. I’m pretty sure it’s .com, and I’m an idiot

  14. so is this speed 6 or not? i know this video says speed 7, but i see speed 6 listed most other places. if it is a true speed 6, i will buy it

  15. This is nothing like the River-quite the opposite of it, really. I'd rate it at 6/4/0/3. It has it's uses, but probably not so much for a casual or new player.

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