Issues for Sound Change

solutions issues governance. The future is solar free energy. super water.
for health. the future is also technology. better big super computers.  for smart tasks.
solving and saving worlds. The future is stopping pollution. every where. in the air. the future
is curing all diseases sickness.and preserving people to be brought back to life. the future
is feeding watering. all people. inventing new ways.  political world that’s superior
the future is more prospers wealth   in a richer way of life. the future is economic
security.    with finance. the future is a better way of life with technology.  a
super healthy rich home. and a more affordable city’s and built technology of structure 
. that benefits everyone.  the future is this freedom and solutions. the future is
a growing world vibrant. forming growth terraformed planet. from the ground deep and up .
colonizing other worlds. the future is a self defense weapons world peace stun weapons. the future is one world not several in one.
on earth. an also where all love and support each-other.  planets wide. building forming
growing. terraforming and other worlds. A justice system fair and not cruel.  and good
structure clean ad-quit  the future is clean oceans waters. safe works construction. the
future is no torture no killing. no forced medication. badly.  and safe alternatives.
and choice. the future is no killing babies when technology
can take care of and save all lives invest in that.   mothers babies family’s instead
of unborn murder of babies in the millions when they. and their mothers are more than
fine. healthy.  when babies can be born safely and if emergency. put in a machine to finish
growing them. incubation. before it’s critical and is safe for mothers.  to have. instead
of murder. when 99% the time its always safe to have. with modern doctors. today. why kill
babies the same. as any child. weather unborn or no why destroy life. of a human. child
a life. a baby. the future is no more murder. the future is more education truthful more
news. truthful and good. the future is preserving all life  including  plants animals all
planet earth. and beyond. life saving the planet and universe we live in. freeing lives.
saving all peoples lives and intelligent life. the future is sanitary for the poor. and all
. recycle protect the cycle that comes back to you.  the future is having a future for
everyone. and protecting the earth from space junk derby   astride. from protection from
all forces on all life living planets and more. we inhabit. and safe practices. the
future is good clean nutrients food no bad stuff   in them super food and water.
to make healthy and wise. the future is cleaning up our harmful waste.
and stopping the making of more waste and waste plants. and weapons of waste stopping
bad chemicals. harmful to our worlds. the future is uncovering understanding talking
about our true history. and learning more with technology. the future is helping those in need
and clean resources. and new science and not lies true science.
and new material and substances. even combined for newer and newer better things. on earths
universal. to spread good resources. and jobs. to be
doers. not just for mercy but because it’s a great
system. of reward and reward in others. that keeps us growing. extra reward for hard working.
and new experiences and no limits self reliant help self jobs and others get rewarded and
have kool rewarding experience technology making everything at finger tips just keep
it flowing for reward benefit and be a doer .  responsibility
find the way truth and the life. through the love love all. and mercy always mercy. creating
a life more abundant immune from death. and an immortal. life style safe. goodness. so
all are good and taught good. objectively without bias or lies. teach science not bad
religion. and not scientific bad religion. lies. taught good do good and mercy teach
that. don’t judge. show mercy peace harmony. set an example teach no more death. even for
justice be willing that none should have to perish. technology and people ready to share
health care. to those in need. provide economic security. and everyone do their fair share.
find a better way. solution sharpers for peace and agreement.   the future is humane practices
and to animals the future is in sciences that can stop and reverse aging health youth ability
exercise. in all areas the future is in science that saves all lives in every way. and using
it to stop abortion to. or murder. the future is science in growing regenerating back the
humans hurt healing them. and fixing the dead to life with technology substances science.
humans whole as humans in fiscal body’s the future is free online education. and good
pay  the future is in sciences that can stop and reverse aging health youth ability exercise.
in all areas the future is in science that saves all lives in every way. and using it
to stop abortion to. or murder. and we need better engineering for storms
earth quakes. natural disasters. to prevent damage in living. areas. stop floods. volcanoes.
build. design. strong better preparedness. to keep away from trouble.
and end poverty. assistance fight poverty crime sickness medical
trouble. lake of resources. starving thirsty poor and the enslaved with new technology
and give it to them. give them the power to keep their freedom with technology. to free
slaves raid the camps free them. give them defense tech high tech or low tech. government health screenings 
The law workers government subcontractors need health assessments screenings new agency
for health assessment. make sure they are well from a doctor. meet standards of job
and are given medical help if needed. with all jobs, health reported to agency. and the
nature. to asses health wellness of job. and of our country’s government as a whole.   and
the standards right direction. including mental health. evaluating even mental health workers
themselves. police wardens DHR judges lawyers. protectors fbi. government officials.  politicians.
rescue workers. firefighters. and everyone in government accept. military. access to
previous past review. of their jobs. if it effected them. or others. government doctors.
can treat them. medically. so problems don’t stay with them for job injures. or related.
or other. or they can chose their own doctors. also it would be good to screen out those
who are psychopaths. or who are broken and can’t do their jobs up to standards. and get
them the help they need. no forced treatment. equal school funds for parents free education
internet or other schools give them that chose not to public school the value. of public
money and competitive costs to pay for another school. added and stop force teaching religious
lies of evolution in public schools. just teach science not religion. there is probable not a pill that does anything
for prevention but poison and kill so any pill that murders life at conception even
through prevention should be banned. murdering life. contraception first killing a baby with
a pill is still murder no matter how old. or young human life
or just have a baby. . and birth control pills should be banned pills
to murder life. babies unborn. all birth control. pills. that. should be banned that wreck your
health and kills life clean or condoms is fine kits to clean immediately if raped fine.
or abstain from un protected  we all know the moral reasons for going to
war. to save lives freedom. instead of suffering we all know we would rather talk things out.
or have a harmless weapons and capture the enemy or at least have inventions. so we are
never putting our troops in harms way. thinking of inventions robots for doing work. but then
where do jobs go. lets have utopia system. free. lets make citizen arrests. and take
criminals to court.  imagine we invented defense weapons that don’t kill. to take out
the enemy and their weapons and bases. we could and for public to use. for defense shields.
that stop all weapons. hand defense toys to stop a criminal. cops have things like net
guns. paint balls what about paint-ball guns high-tech. or smart materials to envelope
and shield. stop. with energy. tech. to stop harmful weapons and why have we never worked
on that. no just murder.  weapons. and our management of the wars. we fought have sucked.
and strategy for letting those in their own country be free and take a stand. all of them
given to to have a stake to take care of selves. peace. system.  we spent trillions on wars
fought 2 wars and others. bought made weapons for trillions. we could have feed clothed
all Africa with new inventions. with that. kept bad crazy people from moving into Africa 
stopped genocide starvation and developed our brothers sisters over there taught them
right. instead of bad people trying to convert them to evil. killing. new inventions. less
expensive. in my video injustice of America i said the
crimes people should go to jail for.. or anything like that i have stated the worst attempted
murder and murder. even covering assault. i guess for the rest depending on severity
 1 to 10 years unless the rape torture drugging kid napping crosses a line then up to 20 years
considered terrorism  . acts  or more if really evil  assault with a weapon or deadly assault or
major assault we need to sentence and cut it by half . ranging from 6 months to a year
or less for such and attempted murder in assault should be same with up to an extra year or
two with special halfway freedom early release programs for first offense. and circumstances
in the right  for jail time assault or any even attempted assault as attempted murder
. end while actually attempted murder should be depending on servility 20 years to 40 years
or less with parole unless for good reason or in rage passion or crazy. then less all
the way around or under a different form but an out right cold hearten attempt to kill
take a gun shot person in pre meditated murder 20 to 60 years sentence if you kill someone
 90 to 100 years if you serve out then work exile freedom path later after 100 years a
sanctuary city colony more lighter sentences on freedom path if person can be brought back
to life and you work to pay damages let say you vandalize a neighborhood you live
in ! or should have access to  ! let’s say you break in spray paint or trash what we
need to understand is things like was it vacant? was there anybody there ? was it abandoned?
run down? is there any proof?  was it for revenge or motivated? how bad and far is your
motive ? could it carry you? minor major? the story details? where you carrying a weapon?
knife? gun ?! was it natural for you to carry? ! because the hood is bad? was it legal for
you to carry? was it a mistake stupid? did you out of fear point the gun? ! or weapon?
maybe you thought they would get you.? did you know someone would be there? where you
threatening? or just making a point? or was it casual ?  so you could get away? what
kind of weapon? was it a big deal? ! assuming you didn’t hurt anyone? ! or maybe you did
? but not bad? ! or didn’t try to hurt bad? mistake ! ? lets take off life bans on living
in a neighborhood you already live in ! for non violent ! vandalism! didn’t hurt anyone
! and no bans for even a month even with strikes, and another thing. for a weapon, vandalism
 with a person there ! bans should be degreed on money it cost say 4,000 in damage you get
banned. for 1 year or 2 if you pay back physical damage. or fights.
a strikes system before ban. for year or. to unless really violent assault then more.
(petty vandalism never ban pay damages. after so many strikes.) then more counseling on
them. so lets be clear no time served for petty stuff can be not allowed in that neighborhood
for a small amount of time fitting the damage of crime. less than a week. after numerous
strikes warnings. to the same person. weapons. threats. if apart of vandalism months to a
year or more depends on severity and proximity character level. if just seen with a weapon
nothing major. then less than a month first time. and restrictions petty fights no bans
maybe bared not allowed there for a month after so many strikes restrictions 10 strikes
charged proven or something. over period of time between a party. no lifetime bans on
living. in a area no year long bans now not all rape or other crimes in this should
be 1 year in jail ! or more sometimes first time less depending on servility of it current
laws are fine regarding things like that !  2016 talking about crimes like rape kidnapping
as terrorism but not as bad like pranks and some people under patriot act call anything
terrorism like cyber activism  disruptive dangerous actions   which aren’t terrorism
there most times are harmless ! they should not go to jail. major crime like harmless
terrorism shouldn’t be even a year either it’s only when you come across real evil as
terrorism can jail time be added more ! not harmless juvenile disruptive behavior which
is a parenting thing not a court or cop thing just a timeout and warn them at station ! or
home no punishment resolve send them to classes for disruptive behavior and don’t jail ! time
out center classes home ! or resolve at home without any action ! and let off with a warning
next time you go to class time out center as punishment or worse government motel if
you commit small crime worthy of punishment adults however the same but in a adult time
out center if needed ! quick but under no circumstances should we arrest people for
harmless disruptive behavior time out center bother them until they go and clear it up
! like if family s fight and counseling meetings to handle people who say they feel in danger
! but this should not be used for girls calling police saying he slapped me or talked ugly
to me or parents really using police ! then yes come out and warn resolve it and tell
them it’s your family deal with it ! but send case workers that come over bother people
with talk at home sessions and not waste police and resolve it for neighbors people who know each-other or
strangers in disruptive behavior maybe do mess up something that doesn’t belong to them
time out center 1 hour or less first time to one group ! or classes or case workers
sessions at home counseling  or warning ! if it’s proven they did it and for no reason.
in most cases let them off with warning first time to the persons people family ! school
testes and home work to avoid time out center for hour or so for adults kids anyone unless
disabled  which looks better on record or trust a parent to handle punishment to kid
parent them !  law order budgets technology. advances due process programs due process
to stop crime organize get involved local Cummings to support programs law order new
technology organization stop prevent crime new stun weapons new tech no more guns unless
in a war fight. stun lasers. train wardens to be high tech and ethical peaceful better
jails more space better security nicer. then government motels refer to injustice of America
or inhumane justice video. train people to be friendly nice ethical parenting type skills
for adults to mental health workers DHR other train to do the same and how to use peaceful
force only if needed and doesn’t violate rights to refuse treatment unless criminal major
insanity crimes in a major correctional hospital for server crimes but still be ethical mural
and fair and no force non crazy people. or insane. treatment only treat if proven needed
by doctor test unless they pass a test to prove sanity. hiring people electing officials
for government jobs hiring . and board members state local federal no more private companies
owning the jobs hiring process goes to the peoples representatives elect local police
chiefs and heads every 4 years and fire if they wrong bad for job. and have locals higher
their own police. right for them. and other law enforcement all government agency’s this
way police academy teacher training early state military and police law enforcement
government people. fitness centers. all levels local state private participate. paid to complete
under better humanitarian. ethical force training options rules of engagement law order peaceful.
force. and innocent until proven guilty. treated good fair never jumping to engage unless doing
a harmful act major. then only intercept. peacefully. teacher taught right class room
ethics only parting skills no police force brutality on any kids teens ever. no injustice
change to adopt all behavior training choice of higher ethics constitutional state local
vote to allow people power to vote petition vote on amendment. poles so they can vote
on bills laws things weekly monthly yearly other alongside representatives other elected
can vote this in too create amendment at all levels. people can vote and petition to and
over turn supreme court laws or other they don’t like change them. and elect their judges
based on values not secrecy which the founders never intended schools give students and parents choice which
schools go to with money given to all k to 12 education. internet home other private
public school computer gifts to all students kids with national education programs on them
they can participate in to give them a chance at basic school requirements not evolution
religion or not needed basics free with in reason funds. states can cover some medical
costs not just feds and share some federal funds untied states. police if needed in a riot to restore order
military can with law and order due process have martial law against riotous war-full
people. but never go against nations laws or violate any rights. no war on people and
military police can be used with other law agency’s to fight domestic war threats that
kill innocent people or can majorly harm in disorder chaos a local municipal board voted
in handling different local law jobs like police wardens all types of legal officials
in justice instead of corporations deciding who gets trained and hired to police let the
people vote. every year elected. locally. they review jobs stats and reports on how
they did their job and cases against them. and body cams on secure website review and
a investigation team can be hired. and they hire a tight system of watchers to monitor
local cam eras for crimes manslaughter. crazy. accident. mistake. disoriented
mercy-rule the mercy rule.. if it wasn’t there true will
to do it. . disoriented so determine this class of manslaughter that we’re talking about
call it disjointed or something. disoriented disjointed not rationale close to crazy scared
rushed examples cops in bad situation who kill people unarmed in what they feel is an
aggressive moment. threatened when the suspect makes them mad ! but over reacting or let’s
say a cops at a protest in that moment! but not thinking shoots a innocent bystander ! kills
them sometimes people get caught up and just don’t think. another examples. !!!! weary
in the woods accidents disoriented weary someone gets bumped off cliff or hill ! or into a
hole or accidentally shot. been in woods to long. or a kitchen accident accidentally ant
poisoning someone eats muffins on the counter stupid contaminated ! or locking a car stupid
thinking harmless wrong not knowing temperature would change not fully grasping the outcome
and soldiers sometimes do things under war crazy but their disoriented . mercy for that
just being disoriented even disjointed disjointed adjective lacking a coherent sequence or connection.crazily
acting scared fragmented loss of self. synonyms: unconnected, disconnected, disunited, discontinuous,
fragmented, disorganized, disordered, muddled, mixed up,
jumbled, garbled, incoherent, confused; rambling, wandering
or someone in thought bad gang street moment in crises accidentally harms someone out of
their mind in confusion maybe they thought they were helping by pushing someone out the
way not realizing they hurt them. or crazily did it without composing it. regret remorse
and never wanted it. accident. no bad intent. in a war shuffling. not seeing it. drooping
down with fast good intentions over run to extreme super fatigue beyond measure dieing
sick. and things go bad accidentally which could have been recoverable temporary unintentionally.
it was impossible out of your power to help your pushed away. accident crazy in a nightmare
as an accident. dreams loss of time. not the cause brain damage. fighting it off then this
accident happens. hiding running trying to protect crazily. in the dreams weather it
had effect on accident. fight or flight running agonizing to move. blind accident they say
that they should all get manslaughter crazy mental health mercy and less than 1 year prison.
or other time serving venues or half time in one half day in other or halfway house
away from that city . some people may not be considered crazy but had these problems
maybe they don’t remember worse than sleep walking yet because of everything they were
sane but they were hurt. or maybe their just temporarily crazy. how to describe it. someone
threatened their life they trying to live and help in chaos like locking them in car
when gunman comes but you leave them there because your injured hot day cops save their
life you lose your mind and don’t defend …self get charged with manslaughter. maybe if you
realized something you could say i was disjointed in a accident even if it doesn’t look like
it and get mercy or you just do something stupid causing accidental harm not your fault
and your disjointed. never would be your intent or fault a blind nightmare not you. accident.
stupid maybe your on medication that alters your mind thought it was harmless or didn’t
see a harm and it accidentally turned into a harm you didn’t notice example your at a
party play a joke on your drunk friend he has a heart attack you move him to a bed call
cops saying you found him there his drugs killed him not you or your prank but had you
have called police maybe they could revive him but you tried to help him yourself and
waste 2 minutes he dies for a happy ending life after death surgery he lives and everyone
gets rescued and saved like that free private schools and home schools is a
right internet schools. public schools do we need them? we have internet
where all information should be free. schools are more of meeting places we the people learning
places with information to learn facts! not political jargon and world views it’s a place
of learning. come to a school to meet and receive helpful info. todays kids don’t need
7 hour schools. thats crazy they are much smarter. in better things computers at home
or at the school. meet at the school. and do kool things not sit at a desk. let students
decided what they learn and parents. for public schools learn the basics well. watch videos
movies. school theaters advanced computer sites. for learning. at young ages. playgrounds
sports at school is good. field trips. skill classes to freely attend learn about how things
work. big things. nature. science math history. study of other cultures. inventing. skills.
language. spelling english all sorts of skills at a young age. and most important how to
create and take care of the world, life. study the universe. sciences of it. facts not theories.
and how to provide for life latter. and most important it’s about making friends and connecting
with people. that you care about. not shuffling them through an ordeal to learn them how hard
things can be. to what punish them all their life. and when they grow up so they can never
be the best at something always tarring kids down. but thats what parents of the past have
done they have taken the real fun out of childhood the fun games. playtime outside. and real
friendship traded for degrees. worthless useless questions that are partially wrong assumptions.
kids are smarter. working hard is good and fun when you are making a difference being
the best and don’t let people take that in exchange for fake rhetoric the right books
or programs that make it simple in a short time. no balderdash. / society is on the cusp
where time is waisted. government waists people’s time. communities that can engage in programs
for fun and learning to benefit kids. where they are the center of attention and there
ideas, credited to them. not treated bad by government for being different. and all our
ideas harvested by government every computer note written. can be spied on the law gives
us the right to not have our personal papers not searched. seized. kids need privacy yes
record everything. but let them own it private. college is not really needed when you can
go online and learn. everything for free. fun competition without bulling. is exciting
challenges being good. or apart of a challenge is good healthy. exercise is always good and
everyone should do it. keeps you youthful. forever. thats what heaven is being like a
child. I don’t like that wars happen and the loss
of innocent people or anybody. but people deny about history lying even. about genocide
enemies of us and our friends. chemical weapons being used. creating weapons in mass to someday
threaten us in the region and our friends. killing terrorizing the world. no freedom
bad religious laws to kill their own murder torture and the want to do that to us and
they have attacked us we have fought wars over their aggression. countries that get
nukes. and black male us and would use them. nobody wants to see hundreds of thousands
dead over nukes. or millions and loss of the blessings. we worked for. but look around
the wars. continued miss managed by the same people. that let hundreds of thousands of
innocent people be slaughtered by terror people. that are killing western people. and they
allow this. and give them aid. weapons money. they pass the buck when they are responsible
for killing in war. and not supporting the dealing with threats and they lie make up
delusional things claiming lying saying we killed innocent people even more so than the
our enemies. lying made up numbers fudged dates. lies. but you have people crazily sining
sining who hang onto the sin party of murder. and love lies. and leading making up peoples
minds. for them on everything. and make it a mess. so we can’t tell fact from fiction.
our wars are just. our soldiers good. the loss in war is not their fault. the enemy
did it. stop lying on the USA. and spinning a false narrative and the narrative has always
been spun wrong the illusion your getting both sides. we need better technology to disable
enemies. for peace. peaceful weapons. stunning the enemies. disabling their weapons i’m not
for war. nazis beliefs radical terror have killed Americans. our enemies fault no matter
how they did it. they where on board. still killing today. so lets focus on what we do
know about our enemies and figure out all the guilty. and not be
divided fighting ourself. like we have been for over a decade. today. and come up with
solutions peaceful. history denying people denying the holocaust
the slaughtering of jewish people videos of stacks of people dead killed history. and
people want to do that today. to us. and every good person i support truth
taking down monuments every where is a lie i’m against slavery. but today there are more
slaves and treated worse than ever before. and states don’t have rights. to protect their
citizens from being taken away. and crime speaking of the civil war. the plan was for
the union to send black people to Africa or to keep them second class and take the states
rights. to have power, money lands. and commerce in their favor control around the world so
they can chose the slavery for the world and rule over poor lower. class i would have been
for the north. even at some the cost of today but not at the cost of abortion of millions
of black people. and money slavery. America leading hundreds of millions in abortion around
the world. * for everyone. that wont let states spend
or make their states better and black people in poverty. there are more racist in some
non Southern states who hate minorities than in north Carolina and more corrupt democrats
who support eugenics killing of black people and all people who aren’t with them. white
or black. mainly to kill Christians and they have done a good job of that to dived us.
let me make it absolutely clear i love black people and all people everyone never have
liked racism and bad segregation never would support it or the depravity to black people
of their rights and earned wealth. and society putting them down. and making drugs and long
sentences for them to destroy our communities and i’m against violence to black people by
law and of violent hateful people violently protesting. for no reason. who don’t call
truth for what it is and let the media tell the story instead of aggressing grievances
they get off into the rhetoric we need to be more modern and quit living in the past.
come together focus on us now not the past make America better for all exceptional and
excellent drugs, designed for adults and only warily
accepted for certain school-age youngsters, are being used to treat children still in
cribs despite no published research into their effectiveness and potential health risks for
children so young. Almost 20,000 prescriptions for risperidone
(commonly known as Risperdal), quetiapine (Seroquel) and other antipsychotic medications
were written in 2014 for children 2 and younger, a 50 percent jump from 13,000 just one year
before, according to the prescription data company IMS Health. Prescriptions for the
antidepressant fluoxetine (Prozac) rose 23 percent in one year for that age group, to
about 83,000. (many children receive several prescriptions
a year) a lot of miss conceptions drugs that effects
someone mental physics is never good your taking synthetic chemicals that work the same
way as psychedelics placebo any supplement and treatment can help someone they always
wreck a persons health with side effects and the well being of the organ the brain. and
the personal thought memory that drive peoples lives are wrecked altered and forgotten creating
a person who can’t be the best smartest causing them to mess up drives them the wrong way
thats a side effect it makes people do bad things because their being tortured it gives
people mental problems not helping them. the side effects are the effects why would someone
work in that field knowing their doing evil to the innocent money so they can drive Volvo
have an easy job. like with any illness their are so many deep problems that hurt can’t
describe on young minds their in pain. and this whole time these rich people did this
to innocent children messing them torture them for money something gets taken subtract
a well being is gone out of bright kids lives people say that the world is to crowded well
there is still plenty of space to fit people more land and also we can build cites. but
what is kool is we have 70% oceans which we can filter clean up and terraform to live
on. easy. ocean cites islands flying craft homes. without occupying to much water area
we can build islands. full of water but man structured so building wont flood and we get
more space especially on the costs. and there is plenty of space in the universe solar system
mars moons outer space which we can build on. people that are forced treated restraint,
torture and abuse, assaulted by hospital workers. don’t fight and aren’t violent if the doctor
wants to give them injections and says they didn’t take 1 pill right didn’t swallow they
attack them assault and battery, torture them drug them cut off circulation . for a night.
maybe a day or more. to the point of death they don’t care. they beat them with there
hands knees to bludgeon them pressure down them even mashing their face in so they can’t
breathe and the restrains do that too sometimes police will use chock holds doing the same
violently attacking someone. mashing twisting necks backs face many cops thousands pounds
on them to the ground. and in jail they abuse them badly beat them down. while chained.
mercilessly beating bludgeoning them all this to teenager every step of the way
daily routines hygiene confinement in jail is one big torture treatment the play games
of abuse instead of doing their jobs instead of helping them be un cruelly treated or unusually
they glorify in this and hit on them ludly little to drink for some or eat confinement
torture temperature air with military police doing this to our young people in boot camps
or juvy jails sometimes for training far worse but young people can get caught in theses
contused system connected by youth military programs and mix ups.
for some kids a police group can have them stuck in these programs for punishment life
risk to them. drugs  are dangerous illegal drugs are pushed
today like they aren’t by the media. we all know tobacco smoking kills any bad chemical
does. degrades health hurts a person. life health well being mentally physically.  causing
problems and i have looked at medical reports and they are clear that’s the case.  something
bad can be used to help out, good side bad side. but only by doctoral people be careful. 
there was censorship on this. the online media will claim theres no health risks. and if
someone posts a video showing medical evidence it gets taken down.  it’s not just drugs
the world is full of chemical poison on everything so educate yourself.  and be smart about
how you stay away from harmful things. conspiracy theorist are not to far off eating legal hemp
seed is good all tho i wouldn’t but smoking any type of smoking drugs is bad. or breathing,
smoking period. American troops or personal are not the worlds
policemen I believe we can save lives. but we need to minimize our presences around the
world. maintain bases areas but police large areas. save lives free people. train in areas.
watch dog have air coverage. but not fight endless wars. that could easily be won with
technology and a plan. use. intelligence forces only to operate. other planed out missions
if necessary protect routes resources. but not use. trade make it in our country. not
forces to enforce useless trade thats unwanted. not cooperate it’s time for millions of people
to return. from the mission of police the world. that will end the theft and slavery
of trades gone bad wasteful end the cia struggles around the world. for this peaceful time exploiting
children rape sex slaves young people brought in made to have abortion not their choice
but exploited murdering mature babies to be born healthy. poison. the liberal government.
who work in exploiting children. kidnaping. the hospitals mental healths justice workers
commit heinous acts. and murder civilians force people black people into this and murder
Christians population control. young teens raped forced to watch abortions forced in
mental healths. there has to be punishment for it when it secretly went on. they invaded
no one fought them peaceful Christians. who if they speak out get jail tutored. by the
party that supports knows it went on. so they can burn sell body parts experiment. and not
give descent preservation. of a living person. they invade all government they where never
hired showed up. Jesus taught us to hate such people he said it is better that a milestone
be tied around their neck and they be thrown in the depths of the sea than offend theses
little ones if a satanist kills a baby stop them in the act. the babies life comes first.
figurative or literally Child sacrifice is when a abortion is coursed or forced. any
life is viable growing full speed. feeling death it’s called pregnancy the world bathed
in the blood of babies in a number so big. more than the population was in the first
part of human existing on this planet earth covering up censor controlling freedom of
thought to think it’s a crime threatening cheating lying in government. and beyond government
government blackmailed around the world. population control workers have to be punished for such
crimes prosecuted if only to save their soul. wicked people from a drug addict older generation.
who chose death over life. poisoned the world. created bad government. away from it’s founding.
they are dying we can save them but we must have senior centers to treat them back to
health. education health treatment super health. so that they can live and not die. centers
to meet their needs and to rehabilitate criminal population control or just bad crime people.
i don’t support the death penalty but to remove the curse from the land we have to teach them
better and not enable a bad lifestyle. and not let them pollute children’s minds without
fair discussion and education. not brain washing. and maybe just this once everybody lives.
we need to invent things to save mothers lives and babies and give them a tool to protect
themselves against exploitation technology. and the laws to exempt them from. arrest and
forced abortion. murder of their child. and a watch group to save them in state run militias
or other force or party to help. even amber alerts system third party apps. a significant
portion of abortions worldwide are forced please do something don’t let it climb into
2 billion babies dead. in our generation have a solution to save lives pay for it. all lives
matter start building a new system contribute new science to save lives get rid of problems
has been around for ever since this started 50 years ago. kept secret. liberate that.
even so all babies deserve a chance not to be butchered poisoned to death give them a
chance at life. and give women sound mental. clarity and not torture their minds with mind
control powers giving them problem brain washing. and lies. making them crazy. through their
suffrage. and not make them suffer. in the evil process that harms mothers as well mentally
physically. and other. look if we use our minds we can dream new science as a leading
nation in that. it’s in our books just start making it. for those women. and child’s the
children. solutions medically. to enable fixing health. at every stage. making it work perfect
and listen to lies from the democrat places saying they plane or create better life in
their deceptive name that murders the child because thats a idiots solution to murder
we are smarter than that. if the problem was harder we could solve that to but it’s not.
and never is. fear hate life love pride emotions have you no emotions. lovers of life or death.
it’s your choice. it just takes proper intelligent work. to build a better nation and to realize
not lie that we can. and i have calculated it in high-school using simple math it’s not
hard are you smarter than a dead fly. some of your leaders haven’t been. educate the
public. and go vote yourself. the smart way. learn from it. force new solutions and we
need our second amendment rights in case we are attacked by evil people. but we need restrictions
for safety, limits and for hunting. for food survival sport. to protect ourselves from
illegal guns. and gang armies. and war is only need to protect ourselves others. stop
slavery genocide. slavery to freedom. religious oppression. and only as a last resort. to
take out enemies seeking to do us harm. but we need peaceful defense weapons that don’t
kill. health care should be a right.
expand medicare medicaid for those who can’t pay and need healthcare. and the current situation
those getting disability health care as of 2017 is ok but we need to quit wasting money
on antipsychotic drugs for behavior health to punish kids that they don’t want or need.
but certainly disabled should get money. poor and poverty people. especially when you take
their lives away and give them disabling drugs. and jail traumatize them. food stamps is a
good program. assistance to living like red cross and city agency to help poor are good.
get them back on there feet after lose of job or life. and things for storm damage government
pays is good. for natural disasters and government should pay to save their citizens life. and
preserve the dead even life after death surgery. to restore life. as long as we have the resources
and no one is enslaved and lose their family’s growth then government should pay for it.
insurance not a fan. bankruptcy insurance gambling insurance car insurance house other
business it should only be required in certain cases if you pay taxes the government should
assist you with insurance private. if your poor. or give you government insurance which
people can pay their insurance bills back overtime a temporary lone. but not required
to pay for all government help. but not have to pay back and can live on it. if really
needed. taxes should be voluntary and only a contract for benefits. and contribution
to society like roads. and not unchecked money for the government to do what ever they want.
secretly against it’s peoples will which is why the American colonies broke away from
great Britain empire no one world government. not even our own. we have rights as humans
on earth. things that no man can take away. freedom. in our founders constitution but
today 2016 those freedoms have been taken away and our laws complicated not made by
the people complex codes written in secret on how to judge people wrong. which all violate
freedom. and are not fair. biased our laws can’t be written by government without the
vote of the people. but they have. so it all should be over turned and have new laws. with
founded laws. because government have wrecked progress with more than half peoples money
and resources spent and taxed waisted and they need to give it back. and quit taxing
other forums of money. and forcing identification where people can’t buy or sell without government.
government. needs to mail refunds on years worth of tax that was stolen. and to people
who where slaves. or natives stolen from with interest and pay money for crimes. and human
rights violations trillion’s of dollars need to be handed out over time. not just for our
citizens be for the citizens of earth. and i doubt it will be more than the debt on 2
wars. mismanaged money not spent for our troops or to rebuild but waisted on military industrial
complex and not to build bases or equipment machines. but new technology money to private
corporations who have taken over the world. we shouldn’t have given our internet and military
security and air craft. military transportation and weapons technology to be built owned by
private corporations. who put us in a police state private corporations hiring our police
and training our people. owning our weapons tech making trillions. that should be done
by nasa for air craft and other agencies run by the people and jobs for hard working Americans
not private corporations things made by Americans that are better made engineered we need American
engineering jobs under government run by the people. design our own stuff not planned by
corporations and not made secret how it’s done. to our own government and it’s people.
and think of this in the olden days kingdoms and kings built and made their own kingdoms
paid for and shared their wealth and the people returned the favor for good leadership to
run the country. but we have a government kings that don’t protect it’s people.
Nasa Aeronautics core instead of having big private corporations run our air systems for
government why not have it go through Nasa let Americans build there own air craft. and
space technology again better technology 10 million times better is an under statement
better quality more advanced built tougher American workers who know how instead of corporations
controlling the security around our military technology the American worker who built it
should instead of letting corporations own America and take over the world and play politics
and gain from our struggles bring more American jobs at good pay instead of cyber security
by corporations why not Nasa cyber intelligence cyber advanced systems at the top and bottom
up for reliable communications and security so intelligent no threat is capable of striking
a computer system so good no matter what someone does it can’t do wrong intelligent with manual
operators instead of corporations taking the peoples money to go to space why not let government
through nasa, hard working Americans explore build there own systems. funding more capable
nasa ingenuity would be cheaper. we have been held back by not relying on Nasa instead of
corporations, centuries in advancement technology corporations promise smart tech computer system
on there craft but good ingenuity works better, instead of max managing old systems it’s time
for an upgrade National Aeronautics and Space Administration should include cyber space
and air craft so high tech warfare energy rays that harm
people. it does go on. the answer is just invent shields and things that create good
energy blocking bombs and entropy. on other worlds. places. in homes. prosecuting crime in Digital age. computers
see evidence alone if there is then a computer will rule their is then a judge can use that.
Artificial intelligence and Digital system protect people that are innocent from arrest
and war and crime. shields. character is the issue. Not only do you have
people arrested without proof. Even if they did something minor. They have a reason such
as that person got away with trying to murder assault them or a friend Or that person raped
their friend. So they pick a fight or vandalize minor. Without proof police arrest them because
that person is in with the law and judges abuse their power To over sentence against
the law. And participants such as churches will house that person. For years. In bad
homes. Blaming to protect them. When used for drug rehab these can be ok places. But
having those people represent you in court like your guilty with no proof for fake plea
deals. When it was already arrange your going there. character the issue judges don’t
look at character even years latter and three strikes laws don’t take into account character
Locking people in for life no parole Yet ever other Major violent attempted murder will
get out especially if they have money. While poor hard working tiny Tim sits in jail. character
is the issue. And self defense taking care of threats in theses situations is never allowed.
There character no matter how far they go should. Set them free. And if you have a crazy
disjointed character that should get less time as well. Or if it’s out of character
and to you feels like an accident not a cold blooded crime.
Or mind control. In crazy. Situation that no one accounts for. scared. so if a crime
is not as bad. and the character was good. also a felony should only be violence major
violence and bodily harm only if it’s not for a threat fight or charter reason. and
it has to be all their fault and intent to actually try to majorly harm. and to do it
not emotional accidents things like theft shouldn’t be a felony if no one gets hurt.
but is a crime arrest-able now not all rape or other crimes in this should
be 1 year in jail ! or more sometimes first time less depending on servility of it current
laws are fine regarding things like that !  2016 a felon should be a crime without character
or feeling of insult and that is major and jail worthy. emancipation when talking about teen girls
or single parents. Who started having children as a teen. There are rules that if parents
don’t provide for their children. Enough so they can support themselves. That they
can’t throw them out. And should be even if they are adults. People should have. responsibility
to take care of family and freedom, immediate family first not throw them out of what they
are entitled to on technicality. If it was my children. They mean just as much if not
more than my spouse anyone it should. So they should be entitled to my wealth not just a
spouse. And those grand kids too. But all family should be taken care of responsibility
old or young. Family somewhat. And house them. To and love your neighbor as your self neighbor
families not allowed to sue or majorly charge for minor things. even in the laws of Moses
inspired by God there has to be an inheritance for the daughter. of the father.
And support each other and friends Somewhat. Through churches to. Faith based plan sign
up for. Receive benefits. Government to people like tax brakes checks in the mail who follow
this to support family. And dependents and gov money to feed water clothe family’s
ever where. gambling for teens under adult age should
be illegal not vailed and no crooked conned hacking pop up wrong button non conformation
not funded steal or con credit card gambling either. beyond persons means not valid the
structure of a bet has to be valid fair not cheated or unfair practices and teachers should be paid more.
highly valued. with good values screened. for children. background checked. given tests
for how they believe related to children. we need police in schools and they can help
teach. provide security. usually guns by cops checked in a vault for quick access. but armed
with stun guns pepper spray. other weapons. pollutants killing oceans. contaminates dumped
in the ground water half mile below earth surfaces, industrial waste. dumped un recycled
garbage and miss managed lands either breading disease from poisoned bugs. or being poisoned
the lands full of harmful killing. poisons for bugs, in our foods vegetables sprayed
on dumped on. sold in stores. fumes pollute the air. from planes with bad toxins in them.
they want you to stop driving a c02 car or breathing out co2 good for plants. but planes
they don’t care about that. the message has just been about cars gas, fossil fuels in
cars other ground. but when you see chem trails planes spraying the sky with white smoke polluting
it back forth for no reasons and your on the ground coifing wondering why as you enjoy
a whole day outside where are they with c0 2 stories then. damaging pollution and harmful
chemicals drugs. it’s all the same thing mind control. all censored. from view denying fact.
media. editing photo shopping. reports. in your face to lie for satanism people are so
mind controlled can’t even look at facts think critically on their own so they believe a
lie. knowing there is more to it. kids know better than adults the dangers of these things.
it’s plain to them. so that is the real mental illness. and thats why they drug kids and
babies they hate them not allowing freedom of thought for anyone schools that teach false
lies. that know bad things like illegal drugs teaching that’s good, pollution good, thats
why they allowed the internet. because they wanted to control it. like schools. how is
that working out. i’m not saying all chemicals in the water or drugs are bad there is some
good some bad. natural is always better but for survival some things are ok and are great
if used right. not made wrong. it is better to just filter and energy filter with natural
food substance to purify water instead of heavy chemicals in excess for water. but most
of it is perfectly safe to drink. it may have a downside, but if we are healthy enough it
won’t bother us. i speak of tiny amounts of things in our water made right. solution is
to stop bade substances in our lives. not let others give it to use and invent new ways
of high tech fixing it filtering new super substances for health natural this time. better
recycling and processing of waste invent spend money on it. for health of the planet and
us. no more pollution what does freedom mean it means i can go anywhere
wherever i am i’m free if someone is being unfair they own a public place. i’m free to
change things. liberate put goodness and fun there without being prosecuted arrested. for
playing around. no matter who i play around with. that i can say do all free things. without
blackmail or being arrested. that information is free that as long as i don’t hurt anybody
i can’t be jailed unless i commit a crime. secrets are fair game to promote freedom.
to prevent totalitarian government. which is what we have world wide. and that my business
should be just as free with fair practice not to jail everyone for only money. for running
their establishment freely without regulation to the point where you can’t even pay your
bills without red tape prosecution bank statements or can’t buy or sell. without a mark. and
everyone plays by the same rules. no respecter of person. for any reason just laws and the
fruit actions. and being apart of that right wrong good bad.
we need to end laws like. structuring not allowing business to operate freely pay their
bills. and lie and charge them with tax fraud when
it’s not. and also to churches the the idiot revenue service we can’t allow people to hijack
government when there insulted and go after you even our presidents, leaders, groups.
through government and fake news. temperament the system of government has been made up
presidents don’t have any real power a elite group of secret practices corporations a multi
layered group control the spending banking and the way government secretly works. spend
money on everything. and they and their faction, business pick the employees to settle small
spending debts groups like activist have slowed them down. and it goes deep secret groups
control the information we get and lock it in the government where no one can see what
their doing everything secret. even your medical records kept from you. disinformation media
and there are deeper revelation but if we work from a strong position together actively
we will be finale free and they will become criminal and bankrupt not significant, i would
encourage you to create your own medical records privately so they can’t lie move up step by
step in this universe. and make your own system free of theirs better don’t rely on them,
think for your self use the most powerful tool besides Our savior God and prayer the
mind brain. knowledge that God gave you. creativity some of them might be ok or some necessary
we need to improve change and not just destroy build on what we have. make them work for
you, now for and by us so we can better manage and continue and better help the world. and
become independent

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