ITP/IMA Winter Show 2019

– Hello, happy holidays,
almost happy new year. I am standing here at ITP and
IMA in Brooklyn, New York, two school of the arts
in New York University where just a few days ago this whole floor was full of over 100
projects, student work from the ITP and IMA
programs on the fourth floor of 370 Jay Street. And we looked at 91 projects. You can see that full three
and a half hour live stream by following the link in
this video subscription but what you’re about
to watch is a shorter highlight reel of a bunch of projects made by a wonderful group of students. I hope you enjoy them. I hope you have had a great 2019 and I look forward to seeing you on the coding train in 2020. Goodbye. (lively music) – So, I’m Aidan Fowler. – I’m Nicole Cabalquinto. – And this is our lenticular portal room. So, we’re doing experiments
with a lenticular lens which is if you’ve seen
bookmarks that have moving images that’s what we’re working with here. And it stretches and magnifies the light. So, we’re doing different
experiments here. We have a 3-dimensional box, moving lenses that are rotating and
then these flat sunrises over the ocean. – [Nicole] There’s nothing in the box. Shall we do the reveal, like
what actually is inside? – [Aidan] It’s an empty box. – [Nicole] It’s an empty box but there’s a thousand LEDs in here. – Hi, I’m Tina. – I’m Christina. – And this project is
called One Amongst Many. It’s a physical data
visualization representing women in computing. – So, as you pick up
these orbs they illuminate to full brightness and
you can see every woman that we chose as a cohort
with a bunch of other women. So, we have computer
scientists, mathematicians. As you pick an orb up and
read about a certain woman, other women in her cohort
will also illuminate. And as the orbs are
interacted with over time they get incrementally brighter. – My name is Lu Lyu and
this is an installation that show everybody has a
mountain on their ridge of hand. I have to tell the rock
what is the shape of my hand and it will turn into a mountain
which is my own mountain. And I want everybody to
have a nature connection when they see their ridge of their hand. – Hi, I’m Winnie and so
these are from my data class. I’m from Hong Kong so
I did a lot of projects about the protest and specifically focusing on the narratives. I’m really interested in
non-traditional approaches to protest and the focus
on narratives is because I feel like our ability
to craft our own narrative is something that’s really
powerful and healing. These two projects are
about police and protestors and so I have these YouTube
videos that I script the transcript from and I
did these generated texts and also with the most common words I made these fridge magnets
that people could interact with. And then this piece here is
all the protest information I have consumed from
September up until now. So, as you hover you
could see the articles and the brighter the
box is the more articles I have read in that hour of the day. – So, my name is Themis. My project is basically
a block puzzle game where you can build the correct sentence. You have to use the green
blocks in this case. This is basically like a
learning tool for kids. Carrot full. No, say that try again. Takes a fall. And basically that’s it. (lively music) – I’m Andri, and so my
project’s a VR project and it uses VR to tell a poetic experience about exploring flashbacks
and what it means to have control over our
own experiences and memory. So, that man that you see is
supposed to represent trauma. So, the first time you go
through this experience it’s like going and walking
around and you may experience something horrific happen. And now this part is supposed
to represent how memory will try to understand that. So, the memory if you’ve ever
unfortunately experienced something like bad happen,
you might replay that memory in your head over and over again. And if he ever chooses
to stop he can stop time and stop everyone from moving
but he can never prevent what’s gonna happen. And so, he is like looping this memory. (various musical tones) – So, it’s really a struggle. It’s about patience, essentially finding where you need to be and
then adjusting accordingly. I’ve only had a few hours on this so I’m still trying to figure out actually to be able to play this but
I’ve seen some other people do some interesting things on this. (various musical tones) – I’m Jordan Rickman. This is Web/Wall. It’s my nine project. So, we build our own musical instrument and then we perform with it. As you can hear it produces
a lot of different, just an interesting and chaotic sounds. – Hi, I’m Cy. I’m the coding training community manager. Also, a first year at ITP. So, this project is called
the Black Projections Project and basically I built what I
call a portal mapping device. So, it’s a map that
potentially could help you unlock a portal and it talks
about or investigates space, time and how those are
all connected to a lot of different moments that are happening. And you basically explore
it with a magnet you move across the points and
then different images are projected on the screen. – My name is Ada and this is my project. It’s Noise. It’s an audio enhanced optical illusion. The visual pattern is a vortex. The center shifts depending on
where you are looking at it. So, as the viewer moves around in space, it triggers, also
triggers the audio changes in the headphone that
corresponds to the direction of the moving center of the vortex. (high pitched sound) – My name is Rita and this
project is in collaboration with Max De Silva and it’s a
choose your own adventure code. You can sit your
headphones and you start it by saying, “Hi, Sailors.” And then it gives you a list
of questions you can ask and you hear a story that
will change every time. – [Female Speaker] Hi, sailors. – [Art Project] Hi, stranger. You can ask us the following
questions in any order and you can ask the same
question more than once until we reach our destination. – [Female Speaker] Who are you? – [Art Project] I am a sailor
who will cross the ocean to get where I need to get
and do what I need to do. – [Female Speaker] Why did you leave? – [Art Project] I left
because my father owned a dark mountain of anger
where he wanted me to live. I loved freedom more than I loved him. – Hey, so, I’m Lachlan. I’m a first year student here at IMA and so I made a website called Gun Funded and it’s a visualization
of the gun lobby’s funding of US Congress. Like where I’m from in Pennsylvania, you can see the total and how the funding is disproportionately goes to
Republican men in Congress. And so, you can go to anyone’s profile. You can share these. You can see lists of top
Senators and Representatives. So, that’s Gun Funded
and it’s – I’m Jake Sherwood. My project is called ClimateScape. It’s a kinetic art
installation to raise awareness for climate change and the
human effect on the climate. It’s representing four future potential climate change scenarios going
from best case to worst case. So, as you progress
through the installation it gets more and more chaotic. So, this is best case
producing a more tranquil softer sound and then as you get through it gets more chaotic and
becomes scary at the end. – My name is Alvaro Lacouture. – I’m Nicole Ginelli. – And our project is a
object tracking installation that tracks objects to
control different types of animations in real time. So, we have these spheres that develop the animation tracking. – [Nicole] So, we’re using
them to connect to the track of the size of the spheres and the light, the brightness of the spheres. So, we’re getting really
smooth tracking with these which are being sent to the 3-D
part of the system in unity. (lively music) – I’m Sachiko Nakajima. I did the second year and
I have a light installation which is based on the mathematics. And so, here as you can
see there is a KDB equation which simulates a wave in a shallow water. But it seems to be
difficult but it can be also simulated by a very simple method is like, like I said, automatic. So, it goes through the
process vehicle space so big wave goes faster but
the small wave goes slower. So, it’s very similar to the real world. Small wave goes slowly
but this wave goes faster and there also you can see
a small wave goes slowly and big wave goes faster. – My name is Yongkun and here Fanyi. – Hi, I’m also the
creator of this project. – [Yongkun] The idea of this
project is to let people to interact what they are
doing in the routine life and then be aware of what they are doing because normally sometimes
people are doing those things. So, we made a box which
can reflect what people are doing in their daily life. So, we set some of the
interaction in the room, in the real sighted room and every action they do in the room will be
reflecting in the small box. – So, I’m Fernando and I’m
creating this character call The Fire Bird and
to embody the character which you put on these gloves. And imagine here a
performing arts context. So, depending on the gestures you make you get a different sound and
also you change the position of this 3-D object on the
screen and you can change the color of the object
making different gestures related to the narrative I’m creating. So, it can make fire
and you get a red object or you can make like a tree
and you get a green object. And you can make like
this and this is bird. So, you can fly. You can embody The Fire
Bird and you can fly around carrying this seed that is inside the belly of The Fire Bird. – My name is Pippa Kelmenson. I worked on this project with Noah Kernis. He also has a brother. We made a heart that beats to
the beat of your own pulse. There’s a monitor on the outside and there’s a motor
inside of elastic heart. Basically you just put your index finger on the pulse sensor and
then you can see your pulse beat in real time in a heart. – I’m Julian Mathews. This is the hour glass. So, there is climate change related data correlated to the visual
on this sculpture. So, this is a statistic related to bees. If the bee disappeared
off the face of the Earth, humans would only have
four years left to live. There’s some static
ones, another static one, and then these require some user input. This is mean to visualize
rising sea levels so you can use a slider
to demonstrate that. This is the approximate hue
of the Flint River water during peak crisis, a
little bit terrifying that was coming out of people’s faucets. So, these are two discs
that I actually 3-D printed, that once it slows down,
I attached neopixel strips on the outside and with
this motor down here it allows me to spin at
450 rotations per minute. – My name is Jen. This is kind of like this
in shadow pattern disco. It detects you distance. So, if you played it,
it’s got a certain pattern going to it and then you get closer. You can really control
it by every centimeters. – There’s no projector, it’s just light? – No, just light, just light. I will be in front of us and
here we can try to really control it slowly like this here. (lively music) – Hello, my name is Matt Ross. I’m a second year at ITP
and I’m here to talk to you about your relationship with your data. What I have here today is a simple outlet but it’s not just a simple outlet. This outlet is connected
directly to the servers at Google and what it does is it
looks for any documents that you haven’t even
looked at in over two years. So, what you can do today
is log in and it will find just one single file and if you’re ready you can pull the plug and it will delete just that single file and
maybe just let you take a step towards having data in your life that really makes you feel good
and that’s important to you. See, it’s retrieving all documents from a year and a half ago. When I pull this I’ll have
six seconds to change my mind, but yep, you see it’s going gold. And that’s the whole process. – I’m Donna, I’m a second year here in ITP and I work together with Matt. We developed a new
thing called Purell Data where obviously you can see
healthy data starts here. I’m going to scan this
QR code, just a P5 sketch asking me insert your phone
into the container now. All our goal today is
basically to delete your, or clear your browsing history. So, I’m going to come here to this Purell, lovely Purell, and if
you would take of it here my browsing history has been cleared. – Hi, I’m Wen, I’m from Taiwan. – Hi, I’m KJ, I’m from Korea. – Yeah, so, this project’s
called Garden of Voices. So, this is basically a
garden system that is based on word recognition, so
you can choose a word from the library we built
and say into a microphone and see how it goes. – [Male Speaker] Revolution. – [Wen] Yeah, so, this
installation is about the power of words because
sometimes it’s too, it’s not invisible so
people just ignore it. I want to emphasize that. This is so strong as people should. – I’m Stacy Yuan. – Hi, I’m Monni. – I’m Tianxu. So, this is a live vending machine. We want to raise people’s
awareness of protecting animals and how the endangered
animals are feeling right now. Please insert the coin
and start your journey. So, here you can see an animation, the tiger is falling into the trap. Here you will get a
product made by the tiger. It’s a leather coat. – I’m Schuyler DeVos. This is my project. I called it Liquid Relationships and it’s about connecting
with other people. – [Female Speaker] Okay,
and then we have to, whoa. – Hi, I’m Gil. I’m a first year ITP. This is the Interactive Scroll. So, it’s designed to
allow someone to interact with an ancient scroll
physically so you can use these rods to scroll through. And then this allows you to translate. – My name is Nok and this
project is called Liiiiiiiiiight. It’s about communication
with physical separation. (lively music)

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