Its A Weather Alert Day 5/ 7/ 19

good day everybody we’ve got moderate
risk of both severe weather and flash flooding today Tuesday May 7th 2019 on
j7409 weather. now before anybody starts flipping out yeah we got a
low-pressure down here on the GFS map I can’t wait to see the latest run to see
if it still shows up it coming up from Cuba yes it has all the signs of a
tropical storm because of the isobars are tightly compacted looking like it
could actually turn into something but here’s the clincher look at the time
mark it’s like three week two and two and a half to three weeks away it’s not
gonna show up on anything else it may not show up again it might I just want
to show you this not to freak out right now there’s not a whole lot we can say
about it at this time and we’re just gonna have to watch and see if it
develops just want to show you and reinforce this right quick
this is today’s national hurricane graph okay from the National Hurricane Center
there’s nothing showing up because it hasn’t developed yet that’s why the GFS
when you see these things on the GFS model that goes so far out don’t start
freaking out about it yet we’ve got to wait until it develops then we can
follow it and see what might happen with it I just wanted to bring this to your
attention in case you see it show up today is going to be ace of their alert
day folks this is an overview of all of the severe maps right here I’ll blow
them up for you in just a second but these severe is going to be numerous
numerous thunderstorms you need to go ahead and be on the outlook for them
they are expected across much of the southern high plains from this afternoon
through tomorrow morning they’re going to have damaging hail and wind as well
as tornadoes are expected significant severe weather is expected especially
from the Texas Panhandle into Northwest Texas and western Oklahoma this starting
late this afternoon and running through tonight this is the overall map right
here as you can see right in parts of Oklahoma and Texas where this red is you
only have one more color to get it very very high for severe weather moving
across more of Texas as you can see through parts of Oklahoma right in here
all the way up into Kansas it’s going to move over into Colorado and parts of New
Mexico you can see this anywhere in this green area folks don’t be surprised if
you get a surprise thunderstorm pop-up it’s very very possible this is the
overall look the tornado threat is 10% right up in this Texas Panhandle part of
the Oklahoma Panhandle and other portions right in here where you see
that yellow now this weather is going to move to the east as it goes through so
everybody be prepared this is the probability of tornadoes they are
expecting tornadoes be aware and be prepared wind and hail is going to be
very high probabilities folks you can see it’s up to 45 percent right in the
smaller area here 2:30 going on up to 15 and 5 all the way out anywhere in this
area you could have the wind to pick up today
same thing going on for hail probabilities my goodness there could be
large hail there could be anything from penny sized the baseball sized hail
folks especially in this purplish looking area right here that’s 45% the
other around it is 30 then 15 and 5 but anyone that is in this area marked out
be aware please be aware of your skies is going to be heavy heavy rain there’s
going to be flash flooding probably please be aware of your skies and if you
see any changes at all make sure you got a safe place
that you can go to now we have a look at the in DFG map and you can see it’s
right here you can see where the severe weather is going to be hatching up today
and the possibility of the anywhere like down in Florida as I was showing you
just because you weren’t in those areas on this their outlook stuff Maps doesn’t
many anywhere in that big area I showed you on the out first outlook map you
have that chance of some severe weather that could hatch up down in Florida very
severe it’s going to happen folks in Texas moving on up you can see this is
at this period here but it’s going to start it’s going to move up into the
panhandles getting very severe later this afternoon and then it’s going to
move on through tonight as you can see this is six o’clock tomorrow morning but
it’s looking like around midnight very bad weather going on in Oklahoma and
Texas still have that chance all the way up to illinois’s
Indiana for Kansas Nebraska all the way over even into portions of Nevada in
Arizona New Mexico moving on up this is a midnight tonight six o’clock in the
morning 12 o’clock tomorrow I’m the Z run
now this is the Z runs okay this is midnight Thursday see how it marches on
across and the areas grow to the south as we move across the Louisiana
Mississippi Alabama south of North Carolina and Tennessee you see the areas
when and this is Thursday at 12:00 so it looks like we got this chance going on
all week in some parts but people like I showed you over here this is the 18 run
as you see the era midnight tonight there’s the 18 run
there’s midnight tonight and there’s the early tomorrow morning would these areas
that are in red please be prepared and be aware and here we have the name map
courtesy of tropical tidbits Thank You Levi turn it on get it going this is for
the next two and a half to three days what you’re looking at and what you can
expect now we have an active springtime weather pattern it’s going to continue
across the US for at least Wednesday or Thursday okay
and this fronts expected to stall in the central plains of middle Mississippi
Valley today eventually it’s going to lift north as a warm front tomorrow and
a dry line will also persist in the southern high plains now moisture from
the Gulf will flow in ahead of these features causing widespread rain and
thunderstorms and much of the plains now for today you’ve seen the risk of severe
weather in place ahead of the dry line in the Texas Panhandle and in western
Oklahoma with tornadoes high winds and large hail all possible and expected now
the highest threat of flash flooding is expected to be a little farther north in
Kansas that’s where the flash flooding is expected where there is that risk for
excessive rainfall already in place especially due to the wet and/or flooded
conditions that are already occurring there by tomorrow an
upper-level trough going to shift a bit farther east and the highest threats of
severe weather and flash flooding will move into the Arkansas Louisiana and
Texas region now currently we still have that flash flooding going on for the
same areas for Wednesday with the forecast rain totals of 2 to 4 inches at
a time and there is severe weather and place there too now
additionally rainfall will increase tomorrow across the Midwest as this
front lifts north and flash flooding is an outlook there also by the time we get
to Thursday morning the cold front should move eastward and
clear out the moisture and much of the plains with the exception of southern
Texas sorry guys you guys could send an additional more heavy rain Thursday
before this front passes on now the western edge of a forementioned front
that we’ve talked about is expected to stall in the central Rockies today and
tomorrow now eventually it’s going to shift southward by hopefully it’s
looking like tomorrow the night now a few rounds of upper-level energy or
forecaster move through the West with surface fronts traversing the region as
well now this is gonna lead to very active weather in the West with
scattered showers and thunderstorms expected across the Great Basin the
Rockies by today and tomorrow then we have that snow yeah we got some snow
that’s likely in the higher elevations as the colder than average temperatures
settle in in the central Rockies in particular the forecasts you could see 6
to 12 inches of snow through tomorrow night Wow how about that
now the Pacific Northwest should remain warmer than average and dry and
elsewhere elsewhere across the u.s. it seems the main front across the u.s. is
going to be more progressive father east and a cold front and associated showers
and along with it will track across the
Northeast today in the medical antic tonight
now this front is going to initiate a little warmer than average and cooler
than average temperatures across the country so be aware of that don’t get
caught off guard this weathers coming folks okay it is coming now with the
colder temperatures up north around Wisconsin the Wisconsin area and the
Midwest well snow is expected by Wednesday night tomorrow night across
northern Wisconsin and listen up my Michigan friends the Upper Peninsula of
Michigan you guys could get a few inches of snow could accumulate there south of
a warm front above-average temperatures are forecast for the Ohio and Tennessee
valleys in southeast don’t worry I’ll keep my eye on that system coming up
from Cuba it it may materialize that may not it looks like it has a chance to
nothing showing up now because it’s too far out do not get upset I will watch it
you know I will thank you for watching folks I love you all thank you for your
patience and your prayers you know I couldn’t be here yesterday because I had
to go to my cousin’s funeral I appreciate your thoughts and prayers you
can pray for me anytime you want peace loving kindness to all have a good day a
safe day a blessed day and thank you so much for watching and sharing this

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  1. Thank you J for all you do we love you keep up the great work Marc from Alabama

  2. Good morning Jewel glad to have you back thank you for the updates and for that low pressure your keeping up with love and peace to all

  3. Thank you J..peace and grace ,much love from currituck NC!

  4. Good day Jewel, the sky's are cloudy here in Clovis, NM. Last night the sky's where rumbling with lightning and thunder. Thank you and God bless you!⛈🌫🌩🌪🌦🌤🌞

  5. maybe five days of rain since the snow in February were dry just hope the province is getting rain cause the south will start burning soon BC is trees not bush like California no rain in site

  6. Hi jewel and all you nice people out there it is freezing in Ohio I took my westie out bonkers had to put his bear coat on he looks up says no mama not that he looks so cute I can't believe mother's day is same day it falls on when my dad died and just list mama it's going to be really hard but I have to get through it cause my kids have alot planned for me I can't take this weather so please give me update what's going on thanks jewel with heart of gold

  7. Welcome back, J and a great Tuesday morning to you. You are spot on about the storm near Cuba, not every system is a hurricane. Boy am I worried for Barbara. It seems unending for her and her family. You said this was going to happen last week and here it is. Auto body shops will have plenty of business if the hail falls like it is predicted. Thank you for the detailed forecast, and I know how much time this takes. I'll check back with ya later, my dear friend. Be well and stay safe to all, prayers out for Barbara.

  8. It's hard to imagine baseball sized hail. OUCH! Missed you yesterday, but then remembered why. Glad to see you back and you sound good. Prayers for everyone that we all stay safe. Thanks for all you do Jewell. Looks like where I am in Minnesota is right on the edge of the "green" rain area. Today is sunny and looks to be a nice day. We'll also dodge the snow, thank goodness! You too have a blessed day. GOD bless us all.

  9. Thanks for that J7409 about the big severe weather and tornado outbreak for the midwest and the midsouth but i want your opinion do you think the southeast including eastern Georgia and into South Carolina like the Augusta area aka the C.S.R.A aka Central Savannah River Area has seen it's last big tornado and severe weather outbreak for the rest of the season untill hurricane season? or you ain't sure yet? J7409?

  10. Prayers for everyone's safety. ❤ Thanks Jewel and love to all!

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