Ivan (1932) movie

IVAN Director – Oleksandr Dovzhenko Assistant director-Yuliya Solntseva Cinematography by Mykhailo Hlider Sound editor – Oleksandr Babii Original music by Yuliy Meytus
Original music by Borys Liatoshynskyi Production designer – Yuriy Khomaza Production assistant- Lev Kantorovich Sound effects – Oleksandr Shabelskyi Sound editor – Anna Chernyatina Cast: Konstantin Bondarevskiy, Dmytro
Holubynskyi, Olena Holyk, Maksym Hornatko, Oleksandr Zapolskyi, Petro Masokha, Mykola
Nademskyi, Pyotr Pastushkov, Stepan Shagaida, Stepan Shkurat, T. Yura The orchestra of the Kyiv Broadcasting center Conducto
r- M. Kannershteyn Sound equipment design of engineer A. Shorin The “Ukrainfilm” studio, the Kyiv film studio,
1932 Printed on the ”Ukrainfilm” Kyiv motion-picture
printing factory …Hey, once! …Hey, twice! – I wonder, comrades… I wonder, comrades, what does such a strong and
healthy collective with such machinery, such organization need to accommodate excess working force for, what, I am asking you,
do we need it for and until what time, while the proletariat demands millions of new workers in its rows at the
moment? – So, he says, why should one with such machinery and such,
says, organization keep excess working force in the country. – Millionshchiks… Again about millions.
Millionshchiks… – He says, what does your collective need it for-
Indeed! And until what time, he says, will working force
be held in the country! Just so! – Ha-ha. There is no such a law. Is it? If I want I will go – if not I won’t! I will go! – The law is not the case. As soon as we provide a
hundred of people… – Right! True! – Be silent! Don’t be cunning! I am saying that if we
provide a hundred of people, and other villages do… – So, I am saying, comrades, the law is not the
case, we should provide a hundred of people and other villages do, and then there will be the
law, which regulates everything! – It is the hell difficult to cut village navel-string! – So, how are you here? Well… Ha-ha… Came to help. Yes? Ha-ha… – So, how are you there? – In a word – Lack of self-restrain… – Well… We haven’t seen each otherfor twenty years! – For twenty two! – Twenty two! Ha-ha! – Well, hello! – Hello! – Why are you hee-hawing, robbers! You devastated the village, and we have to rot
down here! – That is all right, father, we will burn you by
electricity when you die. Ha-ha… – Let your father be burned by demons! – And who is this? Ivan? – Ivan. Take off your hat, what the hell a fashion is it! – That is all right! So, I will go. Have a rest, and tomorrow to work. So what, Ivan, will we try? – Yes, we will try! – How about to give your Ivan to school? May he
be taught in something? Well? Uncle Stepan? Shall we give him to school? -Who? Ivan? Ivan!.. – Me? Comrade brigadier, we will challenge them
to socialist competition! – Bravo, bravo, Vanya! …Bravo! – There is a lot, but it is not good. What if thanks to your slovenly work a train full
of concrete will pass along this way and fall down leading to a jam on the construction site? What
will you do? – Name, patronymic, last name. – Ivan… – Well?.. – But the section foreman did not check! – What if the section foreman is a stranger? – It is just a spike, Vanya. What next? What is higher? Tomorrow you will compete with me. – Hello, Vanya! Vanya, hello!.. – Ha-ha… Got fish… Listen, shock-worker! – Head of the Young Communist League district
committee? Pavlo? It concerns father. Fish again. On the next meeting we will publicly reject.
Enough! Clear? – Are you asleep, Ivan? Get asleep… – Are you eating, Ivan? Eat. – Are you ready, Vanya? Let’s go! – To the side, to the side! To the side! Watch out!.. Watch out!.. Stop!.. Take to the side! – Silence! Our best young shock-worker is got
killed. Silence! Not by a barrel with concrete! Not by a
cable! And not by poisonous gas! He was killed by negligence to a barrel, a cable, a
signal. Careless inspection. What?.. What? You became too kind, mild. Death of the Young Communist Leaguer is a
consequence. As a result our concept is stained. That is where your kindness led! Here you have a
lad of yours! Do you hear me? Summon Young Communist Leaguers immediately
to check all mechanisms in all sections! To-day, right now!.. What are you with, comrade? – With nothing. – Step backward! – Are you practicing confidentiality here? Trying
to bet on secrets?! – Not secrets, but a qualification. An organizer of onslaughts for rates, for 500000,
for dam, for bridges, for locks, for concrete, an aggressive opponent of elements
and “objective circumstances”, the former armoured force commissar – dear
Mykola Hryhorovych Tretyakov. The crane-operators’ instructor, a crane-operator
himself, and a brilliant mechanic. A friend of young generation! Show our respect
to Avgust Avgustovich Schults. A hero of the Dnipro depths, the team-leader of
divers, a diver himself, for the last five years in frost and heat, for thousand six hundred and
eight hours in total he has been exploring the Dnipro floor-
Pavel Ivanovych Orlov. An electrical-engineer, he outdoes all American
installation techniques for gigantic turbines, a modest holder of world records – Izatula
Sadykovych Ibatulin. – Well, I am a shirker! Here is my profile. Here is my back of the neck. Here is my stride! It is enough to torture people! I claim a
Pyatiletka (five-year plan ) for one year! Ha-ha… A fighterfor world records in framework and
shield installation on the threatening heights of the Dnipro dam – shock-worker Aleksandr
Stepanovich Zakharov. Leader and organizer of shock teams, an experienced
worker, a guerrilla of Ukrainian fields, an assistant foreman for mechanization – Musii
Samiilovych Morochenko. The worker, who was the first to love a steam
crane on the highest points of the dam. Let the chief operator Pavlo Ivanovych Lazechnyi
complete the construction of the lock-gate! – There is, lads, a lot of common in between
defective products and shirking. And in the end, the hell knows… – I do not want! I am going home! Going home! With such a shocking!.. – …Eh, when I was a boy I used to dance with girls!.. Used to strike that the floor
was vibrating! May God beat me up! – 810 thousand kilowatt! They say the Volga will give
as more as twice, and the Angara as more as ten times. As the ten Dnipro electricity stations of shock
work! – So I am saying, lads, that I used to strike…
girls… so as the floor vibrated… – Come on, stop talking! – Got him terribly… This will make him a
human!.. – Well, that is enough, let me go! I am saying, let
me go! I am saying, let me go! – Hello! Hello! Hello! Here he comes – Stepan Yosypovych Huba… from the Yaresky
village of the Myrhorodskyi district of forty six years, able-bodied, able to eat two pounds of bread per day, pig fat… and so on. Able-bodied. – It is terrible, terrible! Disgrace! We eating? Fat – fifteen, butter – sixteen. Six-teen! Uh, lads! Destroyed personality! Oh! Chased, rustic, here, sorry… Dialectic absurd. Absurd! How can I explain it to
you? – You try not to popularize it. It is obvious
enough! – But, comrades, in a dialectic fashion, comrades,
this is terrible!.. – That is right. True. – Who are we, I am asking you? I am a foreman. In a dialectic fashion, comrades, I am a unique
personality. And you, and you… A unique individuality!.. There is no human! – I am a foreman either. Is there no human?
What about me! Me! And who are they? Having any prices on fat, butter, bread! So, do you say, it is right? Hick… – Shut up! Do you hear? Shut up! Get silent!! – I don’t know how to work, father. Do not know. Here, father, not only
strength means something. Here we have a different heft… it is school here… – I don’t know how to work, father. Here, father, not only strength
means something. Here we have a different heft… it is school here… – I don’t know how to work, father. Here, father, not only strength
means something. Here we have a different heft… it is school here… – School! – You slipped, father! – I was a teacher for you in the village, and here
you are to teach me. This is your youth business. There are thousands
of you!.. – Well. Well, well. Seventy two. Yes. Well, send Ivan to the crane one and to the
school! What?! Aha, it turns out that it is necessary to
study, and when it concerns your workshop it is not. Well. Well, well. That is all right. Twelve millions are studying!
Farewell! Today, Ivan, you have won the most important!
Do you hear me? – Hello! Listen! Today the Central committee of the Young
Communist League continues to call over leading giants. Hello! It is the Young Communist League talking!
The Magnitostroy plant is taking the floor. – Abroad, Vova! Abroad, Vova! Hello!.. Hello! …Mighty shining of native lights… An unbelievable crisis of special scale, which overtook the whole capitalistic world. Comrades!
Udarniks! The incandescent lamp of capitalism is burning out… It is Donbas talking. Comrades Udarniks! We are the strugglers of the
underground bowels of the great Bolshevik stokehold, who report to
our government and all working people… the Kharkiv tractor factory is taking the floor…
Comrades. It is the Kharkiv tractor factory talking… – …Abroad, Vova! Abroad, Vova! – Dear, it is not acceptable! A little abroad, a little
to us. Fifty-fifty, understand, fifty-fifty. – Accepting Ivan to the party, we are saying that today he is not a leader, a genius. Ivan is an ordinary struggler, who is absorbing
class consciousness among us. He is one those, who… …constitute millions of
the masses creating the history. …It is Baku talking! – It is unbelievable! Each small town has a radio
station! – Each small town? We will build it in every
village! We will make the whole world comfortable! – Dialectic absurd. – Get silent, you! Fat – fifteen, butter- sixteen.
Ooh, bourgeois! – Vova! …I have a father, Stepan Huba. Two years ago I left him in the village. But his
pernicious, shirking shadow follows me. I did everything. I have no strength left!
Separate me from him. – I do not regret! I am scared… I am afraid of my son… – …the proletarian revolution. On the banks of
the Dnipro river, nearthe Kichkes, where the Zaporizhia Sich once roared, the
proletarians, we, the new era proletarian Cossacks, broke world records and decided under guidance
of the party… the base of the socialist economy, our electric
heart of the Soviet Ukraine. – It is the Red Army representative talking,
bomber-shocker, the Young Communist Leaguer Ivan Sirko! – Switch the radio off! For four years without a break, for day and night,
you, workers and engineers… forthe highest point of the grey Dnipro. That was the order of the best part of humanity. We overcame frost and storms, waters of the
Dnipro and everlasting granites of its banks. And I am saying that it is not a storm or a thunder
or a shame which make us cease the meeting now, but our inner, the most meticulous enemy! Due to imperfection of scientific predictions and
negligence water floods our fourth foundation pit!.. Comrades Zaporizhia Cossacks, fire! This is the point, comrades, where I would like to
finish my report. Today we have completed our labour manoeuvres. The
winner of these manoeuvres turned to be the one, who was the best at handling struggle equipment and who
has his feet washed better and foot wraps wrapped properly. He, who was politically conscious and who had all details of
technical behaviour considered and joyfully realized, is the winner. – Hurrah! – Comrade engineer! The proletariat greets you with a
brilliant organization of the victory on behalf of… – Stop!.. Stop!.. I am asking for the floor. I will talk
with you now. I will show you how to embitter children. Who am I? Who am I, I am asking you! Am I the
father, or am I not? How could it be that my own child laughs at me
and sets police at me? Who am I, I am asking you? Well, here I go,
udarnik!.. teacher!.. Who am I, I am asking you? Am I the father, or am I not? I am a unique
individuality! I do not want such a son, and declare that I
repudiate him! – Wait! Wait! Let me ask a working question. I am
ashamed that I was born in the same village with you! – I am sorry, comrades, for such an incident! – Never mind, Stepan Vasyl’ovych. Never mind, Ivan.
Today you have been adopted by the working class. – My only son, Ivan, perished in the great battle.
Mother, I… Working woman… At first, I was scared and uneasy. And, now, I
think to myself… – Never mind, mother!.. Speak!
– I understand, understand everything, just cannot render in properterms. – Never mind! – I remember when he was a little boy. He was
good and hilarious. He dreamed about books all the time. Well, work
means strength! I know, you all loved him because when he fell the whole world became
silent… Listen, lads, comrades, udarniks!.. – Let us shock! Let us shock! Let us shock! Comrades professors! Send to Ivan all that we
have! The end

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