16 thoughts on “Jacks River, St Mary, Jamaica

  1. Hey
    I remember when you first started this site. I was one of your first SUBSCRIBERS. I think you should also do videos walking around in some areas. Good luck and continue the good videos.

  2. Big up Di whole a St Mary. Big up yuh self Auntie Jenn. Big up Di whole a Islington.
    InJamaica, me give thanks Fi Di video dem, every time !
    Our Place 🇯🇲❤️🌴

  3. We have all that beautiful country and we here a fight Donald Trump for him country.
    Look at what we have all organic

  4. St. Mary and Hanover, the Parishes of my family. Especially Jack's River, St. Mary, a very long time ago.

  5. Hey I love all your videos. Can you do a vlog of red hills to rock hall then to Above Rocks? That can also take you to a place called Golden River. I went there twice taking both Stony hill route and red Hill (which is shorter) and got lost both times lol. But it's a good drive though.

  6. Interesting places, interesting names, who knew? Thanks for educating me about the places off the beaten track. The beauty and diversity of Jamaica, Land we love.

  7. Such fond memories. Went to the primary school, swim and catch prawn in the river, get lost in the banana walk… So many adventures. I lived in town as a youth but almost all my best memories are here. Miss you Mama, miss you Aunty. God bless my home and country forever.

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