#Jamuary2020 | Day 1 – performed on Elektron Digitakt drum machine and sampler

yeah it’s January 2020 that’s crazy
enough on its own but it’s also Jamuary 2020 I’ve never participated in Jamuary
before I’m gonna focus on the Elektron Digitakt it’s a drum machine and
sampler from Swedish based company Elektron I’ve been producing music on
Ableton for about eight years I’m very much still at the beginning of my
electron journey though started to find myself come moving toward the Dawless
jamming community I won’t get into too much of that now but that’s what some of
this represents mobility computerless freedom so I’m actually recording in the
basement of my wife’s parents where a lot of great electronic music starts in
the basement I’m in Canada and it was important to me to make sure to do this
well the whole idea of Jamuary is to do it every day so they’ve been gracious
enough to let me make the basement look like this for a minute I’ve never been
particularly good with drums or particularly experienced with samples so
I think this will be a good one for me to study I’m excited to see where the
growth goes from day 1 to 31 and beyond so this is the starting point this is
the journey for me before we dive in one quote about creativity you can’t use up
creativity the more you use the more you have Maya Angelou I like that
ok so I’ve selected a few samples to get me started strung together like a
necklace of pearls that is my wife ginger recorded her saying that’s one of
her favorite quotes let’s see what we can do with that so there’s there’s a starting point and
now let’s see what we can do with this control all function shout-out to Cuckoo something altogether different like what
where are we now we’re in another place this is another thing altogether I love
these surprises a big attack I guess all the elektron gear does that Elektron workflow shout out we’re back I guess this is in the
category of destroying the beat destroy it okay can we find our way out of here oh boy how did we get here yeah okay
Jamuary day one I love those surprises

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