14 thoughts on “Japan bracing for tsunami after earthquake

  1. This is called an aftershock. Like we weren't shocked enough with the first one. The bad part is, this one is at high tide where the first one was at low tide.

  2. Sum Ting Wong and Ho lee Fuk are vacationing on Sone Ho Beach. Someone tell me if they are alright.

  3. japan lives on what they call a subduction fault zone which is more dangerous than a strike slip fault like the San andreas fault. subduction quakes can register as high as 9.0-9.5 on the scale, and can cause tsunami's that can tower well over 100 feet

  4. ITS TIME THAT WE SHARPEN OUR UNDER SEA BELT …T.PLATES 24/7 .. Let's especialy monitor CHINA, NORTH KOREA. .. Yes, itsnatural calamity however lets sharpen our vigilence.

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