Japan Closes Schools For A Month To Stop Coronavirus Spread | NBC Nightly News

17 thoughts on “Japan Closes Schools For A Month To Stop Coronavirus Spread | NBC Nightly News

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  2. 23/47 prefectures in japan have positive cases, 942 confirmed cases including from the cruise…not all schools decided to close, decision is up to each prefecture

  3. No school for THE rest OF THE year ACROSS THE GLOBE. Be prepared for TOTAL financial meltdown and that will cause MASSIVE PANIC and then TOTAL ANARCHY and chaos everywhere. MARTIAL LAW will not happen BECAUSE people WILL BE trying TO simply SURVIVE MASSIVE STARVATION. Mad MAX days ARE COMING.

  4. death rate:

    Iran 8.8%
    Wuhan 4.5%
    Hubei 4.1%
    China 3.6%
    Japan 2.1%
    Italy 2.4%
    China(Except Hubei) 0.8%
    Diamond Princess 0.8%

    S. Korea 0.6%
    Iran, Japan and Italy government issued the fake date.

  5. Tokyo Olympics should be canceled.
    The death toll by COVID-19 is increasing in Japan.
    The Japanese government should make human life the top priority.
    If the Tokyo Olympics are forced, infections would increase even more around the world.
    I uploaded a video on the current state of Japan to my channel.
    You can see the situation of Japan where the virus is spreading.
    The situation is so serious that it's not possible to hold the Olympics.

  6. Japan 🇯🇵only banned two provinces from China 🇨🇳 and one city from South Korea🇰🇷 !!!

    The Japanese government 🇯🇵 is not very smart!!!
    Shut down the flights and ships carrying people from mainland China 🇨🇳 and South Korea🇰🇷 ?
    It’s common sense!! Why Japan 🇯🇵?

    “Foreigners, who travelled to the Chinese provinces of Hubei and Zhejiang within 14-days of their arrival in Japan, are banned entry into Japan. Further, foreigners holding passports issued by the two provinces are denied entry into Japan.

    The ban on those with a travel history to Hubei province was implemented first, from 01 February, and extended to include Zhejiang province starting 13 February.”

  7. Beware of Japan trip. Japan local stores are now experiencing huge shortage of many goods/foods. Big problem with supply chain. Partly due to people are now consuming so many at home, not at school or at work place:


  8. they are hiding something. doesn't make any sense their low test toll compared to their high death toll. should be more patient out there. bunch of. apocalypse is coming

  9. Korea tested 80000 people and Japan tested 2000 people. Japan is less testing people because of olympics.

  10. 私は日本人ですが、東京で本当にオリンピックが開かれるか心配です。日本に安全にオリンピックが開かれることを望んでいます。

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