Japan mulls discharging Fukushima’s tainted water into sea or air

now ever since the absolutely
devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami the Japanese government has been
struggling to deal with the massive amount of radioactive water that’s
building up to this day at the disabled Fukushima nuclear power plant after
years of research Japan says it’s now seriously considering discharging that
water into the sea kim hyusun reports approximately 1.1 million tons of
radioactive water are stored at japan’s disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant
and it’s still building up by an average of 170 tons a day
Tokyo’s industry ministry recommended on Monday three measures that could be used
to discharge the radioactive water first gradually releasing it into the sea
second vaporizing it into the air third a combination of both methods the
government subcommittee established in November 2016 to research the matter
explain that a controlled discharge of the radioactive water into the ocean
would stabili dilute and disperse it over the final decision lies in the
hands of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe s cabinet the subcommittee maintains that
dumping the water into the ocean would create a quote significantly small
health risk to humans it did not explain when and for how long the radioactive
water could be discharged but added the Japanese government must take full
responsibility and make a final decision it’s now left to be seen how South Korea
reacts as Seoul has long opposed Tokyo discharging the radioactive water into
the sea Kim erson Arirang news

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