Japan unveils video showing interior of No. 3 Fukushima reactor

in other news a video footage showing
the inside of the number three nuclear reactor in Fukushima Japan has been
unveiled for the first time that reactor melted down after a hydrogen hydrogen
explosion triggered by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit Eastern
Japan the move comes as Japan announced a further delay of its completion of
spent fuel removal plan that are expected to take several decades to
complete outro song min tells us the latest ceilings are torn down and
exhaust pipes lay bare rusty and twisted bits of metal pieces and debris of
broken concrete are scattered on the floor this is a video recorded by
members of Japan’s nuclear Regulation Authority on December 12th showing the
disastrous interior of the number-3 reactor of the ill-fated Fukushima
nuclear plant that suffered a hydrogen explosion when a powerful earthquake and
subsequent tsunami hit the region in 2011 as the members completely guarded
in white suits and masks walked up to the second and third floor of the
crippled reactor alarm bells went off constantly warning them of high
radiation levels up to 100 50 millisieverts per hour of radiation were
detected on the second floor forcing the members to exit the reactor in just 15
minutes that level of radiation is 150 times higher than the annual radiation
exposure limit the footage is part of the nuclear Regulation authorities probe
into determining the cause of the hydrogen explosion and to find ways to
remove the remaining nuclear fuel in the reactor Japan began removing spent fuel
rods in the third reactor in April this year aiming to complete removal of all
566 rods by 2031 but amid life-threatening working circumstances
Japan has further delayed the completion target date of the Fukushima nuclear
plants cleanup on Friday filming a young news

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  1. 150 millisieverts? No wonder no one has died from Fukushima radiation!

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