Japanese Emergency broadcast system test (Tsunami warning)

Wait for the announcement from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Turn on your mobile phone in the meantime and wait for this emergency announcement This is an urgent notice Ministry of Health and Welfare Tokyo Yokohama Osaka Nagoya Sapporo Kobe Fukuoka Kyoto Nagasaki Sending the year of Sendai and giving warnings of infectious diseases to metropolitan areas Fatal special pathogens have occurred in Japan and the mortality rate of infected people is increasing Symptoms of hallucinations in each ship Sudden dehydration Ichinoseki Seizure Mouth dyspnea Bubbles in the paralytic clinic and a complete unresponsiveness after a few hours include you or someone in your household If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of the infected people are dangerous to your household so tie them up and cover your mouth Keep away from people with symptoms. Obtain a weapon of the kind hidden in the innermost room of the Nakai and do not go outside because the government has declared martial law Leaving home is fatal.A person infected with the pathogen will die within 24 hours but will be within 10 minutes Normally reanimated animals have red eyes and green eyes and are covered in blood because they are very dangerous Keep away from them Suicide as soon as possible if bitten by an infected person Special Defense Forces visits all buildings in all departments door to door Don’t panic when you look at the style they rescue you and take you to a military base or run camp All public buildings are off limits at least 1.2 million people have died and the number of resuscitated people is increasing at about 2 million The Imperial Master and his Cabinet have evacuated to a secure but undisclosed location, which is being broadcast by Jodi TV Channel 35 in the Sapporo area. If not, check the product at the local station

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