Japanese Washi Paper Story | Shimanto River ★ ONLY in JAPAN

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  1. Episode Table of Contents: Intro (Drone shots) 00:20 ▶︎ Kochi Airport Rent-a-Car / Hotel 2:06 ▶︎ Adventure Sports (Kayak & Mountain Bikes) 03:06 ▶︎ Lunch 05:08 ▶︎Yusuhara mountain town 6:38 ▶︎ Washi Paper Studio 8:02 ▶︎ Making Washi 10:21 ▶︎ Finishing Washi Paper Design 13:33 ▶︎ Washi Paper Master Interview 15:25 ▶︎ Kochi Waterwheels 17:03 ▶︎ Ending 17:43 Discuss the episode on the ONLY in JAPAN DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/eczNWfu it's free and fun!

  2. It's an excellent vlog… You have made such beautiful frame of natural plants and flowers….Will definitely visit this place and also the cleanest river…. Chirping of birds was so soothing… Hats off to your great great efforts to show such incredible things….

  3. I wanted to visit there because of movie 1991 Shimanto River. Now I really have to..like Now!

  4. 和紙の良さが伝えられていない。最初に破れ提灯とは

  5. 日本人とっては、結構知ってることがあるけど、知らないこともあった。

  6. You should do a colab with Coreano vlogs! Hes in the area for a while

  7. The place is so peaceful and serene. Makes me want to live in the countryside. Your video editing is stunning! Keep it up!

  8. Love your videos John keep it going I've also wanted to vist Japan… one day.

  9. John more food recomendation pls in different city..😁😁😁 btw im using ur video for my itenary in japan.. ur recomendation its owesome… love it

  10. I love your videos! Not only do you focus on the main subject but u also show us around the place! Not a lot of youtubers take the time to show you around and give off this type of information! Thanks a lot John! 😁❤️

  11. Please what type of branches were used at the beginning when you were steaming the branches 😊 thank you

  12. great ep. as always! would love to see a ep. on what you need to do to go fishing in japan if you are a tourist? its one of my Favorite pastimes and would love to try it when i was there. things like will one licence work everywhere or do you need different ones for everywhere you go and how do you know where you can and can't go would be a huge help. thanks for the share! stay awesome my friend.

  13. Love when they show these craftsman and how they do their work 👏 Seems like a very peaceful way to make art.
    Nice to see some areas are left alone to let nature be, where I live in the USA was once rural and citrus groves is rapidly become a warehouse district.

  14. These videos have so much cultural and historical significance. In a decade or two this artisan craftsmanship may disappear and this video may end up being one of the the last documentation of it for the future generations.

  15. So can you put like a butterfly instead of just leaves and such? Just wondering cuz I feel like it would give it a pretty unique look.

  16. Thanks John for the nice video how did your Washi paper turn out? We would like to see it!

  17. Broadcasting quality material here. Editing is excellent, as well as flow of the scenes. All the more astonishing when we get in mind that only one person makes all of this by himself. Congrats on a job well done, John! Always love to see your show!

  18. Yo I think your vids are awesome, I’ve been watching since I moved to Japan, unfortunately not on OG subscriber

    But you can be and OG Subscriber of me today!!!

  19. Would love to see you put together a full documentary on your Japanese experiences.

  20. What an amazing video. I lived in japan for 10 yet and would of never guessed this was japan. Thanks for bringing this video to us

  21. I'm surprised you only have 1.1 mil subs…. you make incredible videos… always extremely well edited, very informative, and very entertaining… keep up good work John.

  22. You should meet up with Drew his Channel is Tokyo Drew do a Calap with him it be cool

  23. What about a travel log on Iwo To? You make JAPAN 🇯🇵 tantalizing and a map tangible to tourism. It pops out of the world map.

  24. nice to see a a fellow countryman (rogier) show up on my favorite channel

  25. Sorry John, I only noticed when you replied that my question wasn't clear. When you made the washi paper you used closer and green leaves. Will those colors fade?

  26. yep.. i fell in love with japan in 1992 as a teen. almost 30 years and still i find things to admire about that country

  27. John you finally posted the video about Kochi. Thank you for showing the world how beautiful my hometown is. I am speechless that you actually went to learn how to make Washi in Ushuhara. Mr. Rogier’s daughter and I are friends from high school. Lol what a small world!

  28. His speaking sounds like its dubbed or translated. I love it. Some of the best content on Youtube. (get on the other platforms too please)

  29. I finally have some down time to watch it. And it's so worth the wait😊

  30. Loved the video, awesome as always. Not sure why but I get the impression Roger is the kind of person that's constantly Sigh-ing?

  31. Shikoku island was by far my favourite part of my 7 week trip around japan.
    It's incredibly peaceful with beautiful scenery everywhere you look.

  32. I really loved this episode! I was looking forward to it since you did the live stream from Kochi. It was cool to see that library again, I can't get over how cozy and beautiful it looks inside. The entire Kochi area is truly pristine and tranquil. Watching the Paper Master at work was really enjoyable. Thank you so much, John, for bringing this unique art of washi making to our attention❤🇯🇵👍

  33. Hi John, how do you manage to store all your wonderful videos and not lose track of all of them? They are amazing!

  34. Your videos are superb as always John. I really enjoy watching these videos as Japan is the one place in the world I really want to visit. Keep on making some great videos. Would it be possible to do a video about the Tokusatsu industry in Japan, particularly about the Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and other costumed heroes?

  35. I wish i could live there it’s so beautiful and peaceful.

  36. somebody needs to make an ASMR video of Rogier's craft. it seems so calming.

  37. まさか地元くるとは思わんかった!!ありがとう!!!ありがとう😊

  38. For places like this I regret not learning japanese properly. Great work John.

  39. Toyota Mark X is being discontinued December 2019…. I looked at pictures on the web of this car. Great interior, awesome body styling. Too bad it's going away…

  40. What? No vending machines in Japans Nature? Thought they are everywhere…even on top of Mount Fuji.

    Just Imagine a Ramen Vending machine on top of that mountain😛😂

  41. Hi John, love your videos. In a few years, hoping to come to Japan for a month. Wondering if there are any Christian churches. Thanks for sharing the beauty and culture of Japan.

  42. I hope you’ve received positive comments for your service at 6:09 . You know something I dont, so thank you for sharing your knowledge with me 🇩🇰

  43. You really know how to catch the greatest shots of these places you visit, John. I'm no photographer, I don't even really appreciate artsy stuff. But your photography of these locations is absolutely stunning. I don't believe that any pictures or videos can do these locations justice, but yours certainly come close. Cheers. And safehappy travels. =)

  44. Life is a surprise. A Dutch guy go to Japan to live in a small town to make, roughly speaking, "traditional Japanese paper".

  45. i love your channels man! thank you for all the hard work,hours of traveling,planing,recording,editing etc. i really appreciate it all!

  46. This rural Japan is exceptional, and let's not forget that "it all depends on nature".

  47. I recently came across your channel and it's amazing how much passion you put into it. History of places, quality interviews with locals, the food and all details. Thank you for doing such a great work.

  48. Too bad Japan dumps trash to other countries and even imports toothpicks from developing ones.

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