Japan’s Town With No Waste

– [Narrator] The village
of Kamikatsu is special. Not for its tea fields
or idyllic mountains or peaceful historic homes. It’s known for something it doesn’t have. Kamikatsu, as a town,
produces almost no trash. Kamikatsu has a population
of roughly 1,500 people and in the 1990s was
doing nearly no recycling. (foreign language) Burning all that garbage
created carbon dioxide omissions that became dangerous,
and the nature around them was suffering, so a decision was made. Kamikatsu had to change. This was the start of their
path toward zero waste and a new way of living. (foreign language) Effectively, what zero waste here means is that there’s no such thing as throwing something in the trash. Everything has to get recycled. And in the beginning, it
was difficult for everyone. Like Mr. Takuya Takeichi. He’s shop owner in Kamikatsu. (foreign language) And Mrs. Hachie Katayama. She’s a housewife. (foreign language) That classification
system she’s talking about is the key to Kamikatsu’s
success, and it is aggressive. There are 45 categories of recyclables. (foreign language) The list, it goes on; there’s 35 more. Slowly, what was
originally this huge burden became a way of life in Kamikatsu. People began looking at trash differently. (foreign language) (foreign language) It’s important to recognize
that Kamikatsu is a small town. It is not like New York or London. The rules are not the same,
but there is a constant, and that’s people; they can change. (foreign language) (foreign language) (foreign language)

100 thoughts on “Japan’s Town With No Waste

  1. *Correction: Housewife Hatsue Katayama's name was spelled incorrectly due to a translation error.

  2. I Have been seeing all Japan related videos…Been learning and understanding its uniqueness and beauty in all of them

  3. Japan, mostly, is a living example of the saying "if you think you can or can't, you are right". Hope all of us follow

  4. Roses are red, marigold are yellow, The video title is Japan with no waste, but looking at the video, all the waste material and thrash are starting to appear.

  5. I never forget working for Biffa waste i used to collect carboard all week until one day they were short of a truck. So after my whole weeks recycling cardboard they put me on genral waste so the entier load went into landfill. I told my boss which truck i was in and he said do as your told, Enough said really.

  6. We need the packaging industries to standardise packaging and simplify it. I dont see why all products cannot go into the same containers but just change the labels. And make sure every product is 100% recyclable.

  7. It's a very nice thing to do, indeed. But for people whoever think Japan is next to perfect in every aspect, kindly be noted that such kind of high sense of discipline also has its own cost. Japan though is a democratic country, it does not really advocate individualism… collectivism is the way of life there. If you behave differently than most others, you will probably be avoided and excluded by the people around you. Also the Japanese people appreciate implicity very much which means they talk very backhandedly. If you express your true feelings directly in many situations you will be taken as lacking courtesy and if you do this a lot you will also be avoided by the people around you. There are many small details to notice when you live there and if you don't you will suffer the shunning from others. Such pressure will force you to act like what other people do. So it's no wonder that psychological issues prevail there and especially the suicide rate is high in Japan. Japan is a great country for tourism but if you decide to live there, you should think twice especially when you are from a whole different culture.

  8. Why doesn't my town do this? Oh yeah, because the politicians are too busy trying to invest in growth.

  9. Woooow i wish all of us are not jerks we are destroying our world we need to save it or it become too late

  10. If God gave me one wish, I will wish for pollution free, healthy and beautiful earth. I would like to take part in such initiative to make earth beautiful again.

  11. Well sustainable development starts with individual and community's steps to recycle every waste.

  12. This is very inspiring and great and all, but I couldn't help but think that this isn't entirely zero waste, as in there is quite a lot of recycling done here. For instance, it would be great if they could have those beverages without all those cans, or food without all that packaging. Recycling should be the last resort in my opinion, refuse, reduce and reuse should come first. But yeah, this is still better than what most cities are doing, so kudos to Kamikatsu!

  13. Would like to visit here. Living somewhere here could extend your like 20 years.

  14. ..great work….unbelievable…..your story is an inspiration. for all of us…great going….god bless…..

  15. That's find and dandy but what about all their nuclear radioactive waste in the Pacific Ocean from 2011? Any word about that?

  16. This is great for mother nature. Respect to these humans. But lets face it if they were not poor they wouldn't b doing this shit.

  17. I noticed how beautiful & green the land is around them. God has blessed them because they care for the land.

  18. The rest of the world needs to learn from them. In order for the human race to move forward we need to do what they are doing.

  19. Boycotting plastic straws, or plastic ANYTHING in America (and the rest of the world) would be useless if there isn't a change of lifestyle. Society needs to change their habits. Only then will our collective efforts stand to save the world.

  20. I was blown away in Tokyo with how amazing they were at recycling. Even the house keepers in our hotel sorted through our garbage. Crazy! Amazing!

  21. Title: Japanese town with no waste

    First 15 seconds. Produces almost not trash,…..

    Soooo that title was a lie

  22. This is why I love Japan ✨✨ we Indians need to learn from these examples 😇

  23. Society is too dumb to realize this, but I honestly don't care anymore. I don't have the voice to tell everyone, and no one will listen anyway.

  24. I wonder why Japans suicide ratings are so high. Its fantasized so much here in the west but statistically must be one of the worst places to live as a male.

  25. You will cooperate with the state for the good of the state and your own survival. You will confess to the crimes of which you have been accused. You will be released and returned to society a productive citizen if you cooperate. Resistance will be punished, cooperation will be rewarded.

  26. This is the greatest thing ever,I've always respected and admired the people of China for their cleanliness and care for their environment ,To me it seems everything they undertake it is a serious success, I practically live on YOU TUBE, watching all the lovely places in China,All the different places there, I lost myself there. Thanks Green Earth. Thanks people of China.

  27. Imagine if the whole world would do this…omg…literally we would be living in paradise.

    This way of living nowadays should be an obligation in the constitution of each country. We are running towards our doom globally with the way we live. What we see in sci-fi movies such as "WALL-E" for example will be a reality in way less than 100 years from now at this pace.

    But nobody does anything because all they (the billionaires and millionaires) care about is their present and short future making loads of money at the expense of nature. They don't want to change anything because that'll end their empires of riches.

    We are doomed…that's a fact. Maybe not necessarily us today but certainly our grandchildren and their children will suffer immensely our current state and way of living.

  28. We need more individuals doing there job to protect nature unlike those nature activists who only do useless drama and trends

  29. The village is special, but it shouldn’t be, it should be normal across the world. That’s what we have to fight for

  30. ■Japan's small town made almost zero waste ! Recycling rate of Waste is 80%! Some countermeasures against Global warming is there ■ https://youtu.be/SsjmUVuM2rc

  31. It's so green and has so many trees because it isn't America. I bet the town mayor (if they have one) isn't fucked just like our government.

  32. How to use a spray can in Japanese? Supray con. Very original!

  33. I kept telling these Japanese are aliens and no one listened. Now decide for yourself.

  34. Wow un japonais a un t-shirt de Norman ! FAUX (mais là en fait c'est vrai)

  35. Let's just hope that there are no people that throws trash everywhere that will visit this village.

  36. We do think and have ideas like they are, it's just we are just being ignorant and stubborn to follow it. It's the simple things that makes a big difference not only to our life's and environment but others that sees us. RESPECT! 🙏

  37. Umm…naw, that looks like too much work. I got youtube vids I need to be watching.

  38. All it takes is giving a shit a little better. Japan is so smart with trash. It doesn’t go into a hole. They make new items out of the old stuff.

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