Jase’s BCF Recovery Tips: Tree Winch Anchor ► All 4 Adventure TV

Well that’s a pretty sticky situation to get
yourself into. Now I’ve got a big heavy vehicle with a heavy
trailer, and my mate who’s travelling with me, he’s only got a small light vehicle. How’s he gonna winch me out? There’s a couple of tips I can show you if
you get in this situation. What’s goin’ on, mate? Yeah, mate, I need a winch. Can you winch me out? Yeah I’ll give you a hand. Why not, eh? All right, send the winch down. Here you go, mate. Grab that. Good there? Yeah, we’re good. All right, mate, I’m ready to go. Righteo, winching commences now. Well, moving forward. His truck’s too heavy for this. No, you’re pulling me forward a little bit
here, buddy. There’s the problem. The light vehicle is just getting dragged
towards the heavy vehicle. So here’s a little trick that you can use
to help you get out of this situation. All right, Jesse, go and reposition your car
up in there, mate. We’re going to use one of those paperbark
trees as a stopper for your bull bar. Now you want to stick this part of the bull
bar up against the tree. This is the strongest part of your bull bar
right here. Straight ahead, straight ahead. Perfect, hold her there. All right, mate, take up the slack. Righteo, mate, we’re ready to go. Now the big vehicle, the heavy vehicle is
starting to winch out, and the light vehicle is held against the tree. And the same thing can work as well if you’ve
got the big heavy vehicle that holds the winch, and the light vehicle doesn’t have the winch,
then you can use that as a recovery point. You’re almost there, mate. There you go, you’re out. Righteo, mate, we’re all good here. All right, mate, I’ll just drive out. And that worked perfectly.

8 thoughts on “Jase’s BCF Recovery Tips: Tree Winch Anchor ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. Why is he standing in front of the winch while winching? I get the car was just rolling forward afterwards but that bad promoting for newbies

  2. Where is the dampener on winch rope and why is he standing so close to the winch

  3. I prefer to use a tree protection strap hooked up to the rear of the rigs tow point and obviously around a tree, that way the 4×4 isn’t getting jammed up against a tree lol

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