Jeep Cherokee Strobes and Amber Light Bar

Hi. Thanks for watching. This is George
here at Wicked Warnings again. Here we have a brand-new 2018 Jeep, trim line on
this is Latitude. It is the Cherokee. It’s one of the simpler versions of the Cherokee, not the Grand Cherokee. It has a little bit different grille. What we have
in the front of this Jeep is a set of LED HAW DUO’s. We went with this because we’ve got a few of these Jeeps all getting done the same way for an
engineering company. They are concerned about damage,
so we’ve surface mounted the HAW DUO with our mounting flange in black, right on
the grille. I’ll show you what I’m talking about a little closer.
Right here, you can see how I’ve used the mounting flange in black and a LD HAW DUO. This allowed us to surface mount a set of hideaways right here on the front of
the grille. That way they can be removed without any damage to the grille, so when
the vehicles are turned in, we don’t have any holes to explain or any payments to make
for the damages caused by lighting. Here you can see, we went with a very fast double flash pattern alternating. The other reason that I picked this
particular light out, is I did try to put a TIR-3 behind the grille and with
this honeycomb grille, it just was less than impressive coming through the grille. Now this is a budget, a budget-friendly build on this particular
Jeep. We didn’t have a big budget to pour lighting all over the Jeep, so we did
need to go with something simple and effective on the front of the vehicle.
I’m gonna back up a little bit and let you see just how effective these lights
are in the bright mid-day sun that we’re in right now. So here we are quite a ways
back, just ignore that gigantic tire left to the screen, that would just be the
Wicked Warnings Jeep there. If you’re ever in the Chicago area and you’re enjoying
off-roading, give us a ring and make sure you visit
us and maybe take a ride in that Wicked Warnings Jeep, that one right there. You
can see here, how far back we are and how we’ve got a nice bright amber flash, very
visible, very pronounced, with a slight outward
angle. So when this vehicle is on the side of the road during busy times, doing
his engineer and surveying duties, he’s protected. Around the back, we went with
our Wicked Warnings Stick. I’m going to show you that right now. In the back
window there, you can see we have our 6-head Wicked Warnings Stick, and this is
about as bright mid-day sun as we can get here in Chicagoland. We are in
mid-June, without a cloud in the sky and we’ve still got a very adequate warning
coming through that dark tinted window. I’m going to show you how else we
mounted that because there is work that gets done out of this vehicle, loading
and unloading of surveying and engineering equipment and such things in
the back, so we mounted that stick in a fashion that when the hatch is open, they
don’t lose warning. And what I mean by that is it’s coming down off the
headliner and that way when the hatch is up, the stick is still visible and the
workers are still protected. I’ll show you a little closer of the
mounting. Here inside the vehicle, you can see how we’ve simply attached it to the
headliner with a simple L bracket. Ran the wiring discreetly underneath the
paneling on the left-hand side there and up to the front of the vehicle where the
switch is. This way, we have very minimal damage back here and there
actually is a plastic-type mushroom cap plug that we can put into the screw
holes in the headliner there and it’ll look basically like there was never a
light stick back here. Only the most discerning eye will notice that the
little caps are over the screw holes. Once this light is de-outfitted, when
the end of life vehicle is reached and it gets time to sell off, we will
have damage-free. Here’s a straight-on shot to blind you and once
again, I thank you for watching Wicked Warnings. This is George. Check the
description in the link for package purchasing information. Check us out on
all our social media icons. Get in touch with us on YouTube, Facebook, any of the above and thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings.

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