Jeep Grand Cherokee Blue and White Vehicle Warning Lights

Hi, this is George with Wicked Warnings
here with a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Got a nice blue and white
package on it, let me show you what we did. To start off with, we’re using the
six switch controller inside to control it and one of the buttons, called pursuit,
does just this. This will override any other flash pattern going on that
light bar but I thought it was kind of cool to give them a button that’ll do a
unique pattern all by itself, without the rest of the warning involved. So you can
just hit this and have only this, or you could hit the regular front button and
get full warning, as shown now. So here we are with the standard front warning
initiated and what we have here is an interior light bar in blue and white,
with 180-degree optics, made by Feniex Industries. Behind the grille there, we
have the Wicked Warnings exclusive Thin-X LIN series. That’s in a blue and a
white. We’ve got them set to alternate. We did a pursuit switch also on the
light bar. I can show you when you push that again. Now, of course the pattern is
fully selectable for both modes. I just threw this in here it’s kind of a bonus.
I do some unique things in builds just to make them a little different. As you
can see, right back to standard warning. I’m gonna pan out show you the side warning a little. Here is your off-axis warning. Here in the back opera windows, activated by the rear switch, we also have a Thin-X in blue and white, set on a slightly
different more aggressive flip-flop pattern. Reason being, is we don’t have
much on the side of this vehicle, so I wanted to make this light to be a little
bit more faster and aggressive. There you can see, we mounted one on each opera
window in the back corners facing out. That’s a blue and white LIN Thin-X,
available at The front interior light bar is a custom
order item, so just send an email in to I-N-F-O, [email protected] to
get yourself one of those. I’ll show you what we did around back. Out back, we put in a Feniex Cannon two color Hideaway LED in blue and white in each reverse, as
well as a Feniex Fusion 600 with 40-degree optic, all blue rear stick. The
Feniex items are special order but we can get them for you very quickly, just
give us an email or a call and they’ll be on our website very soon. Let me back
up and show you the straight back warning. We’ve got the reverse lights set
to do a very similar flip-flop pattern to match the grille lights. I went a
little slower on the cornering lighting on this vehicle on purpose because he
said he does a lot of road closures and things involved with public safety,
emergency management, so they don’t necessarily need to have the most
spastic pattern when you’re just deterring a road. So the cornering on
this vehicle is a little slowed down, a little bit more subdued, shows the colors
a little longer, and lets you know that this is a white and blue vehicle, and
does it without completely blinding you. As I said, the front and rear bars are
also pattern selectable. So you can change whatever pattern you want for
these bars. Make it as aggressive as you want. The other benefit with this bar is,
I wanted to keep the warning at maximum, even if we were loading cargo out of the
back, so as you can, see when the hatch goes up, the light bar remains. We hung
the light bar from the inside and we also used a very minimally invasive
method. You can see some pictures in the comments or I might make
make this video have the pictures in it, if I can get it. Wicked Warnings
needs a video guy, if you know anybody, by the way. Video editing, not my strong point. Back to the video. Here inside the cabin, originally, I had planned to possibly put
the controller in this cubby area and hide it but the vehicle owner is not
exactly sure what we’re gonna do with it. So we wrapped it in loomed it and just
ran it out the side temporarily here. We’ve got that 6 button controller.
Here’s our functions. The front light bar will do a flood mode, which I forgot to
demonstrate, so I’ll have to show you that again.
And you’ve got your pursuit switch. It also, this car, has an air horn, so we’ve
got the power air horn. We’ve got the front and rear switch and a pattern
selection and so on let me show you what that front flood mode looks like. Here
you can see, the front light bar will flood out white, at will. It’ll override a
pattern, doesn’t matter if the lights are flashing or not, and you can have just
a serious all-white flood bar in the front. Here inside the grille, you can see
our hundred-watt PA electric air horn speaker.
Again, controlled all from in the cabin here, at the six switch panel. Give us a
call 630-361-4390. Check out our website Email us in at info I-N-F-O at and we’ll get you taken care of. Thanks again for watching.

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