Jeep TJ & JK LED Light Bar & Pod Install | Outlaw LED by Robby Gordon

hello and welcome to outlaw led my name is ed and
we are here to install a 50 inch light bar and a set of pots on the a
pillers on this TJ Jeep. the tj and jk are gonna be about the same install that just a
tiny bit different on the bracket but here we gotta Robby Gordon speed 50 inch
Stright light bar that has Flood on the outside and spot in the middle. we have a wiring harness plug and play
and then over this I we have to set a bracket bracket will line up like that
one on top of the other is how we get that to work we replaced the bolts that
the standard both we give you the standard books with it a little bit
longer so you can fit your JK about to do an install and this is how its gonna go
our first step to be taken the two mounting brackets laying on top of each
other up to your JK now we’re gonna be installing some new screws here it was just a little bit longer
we were just at the end of this one just snug I’m all op nice and tight we move on
to Step 2 which will be installed the late bar on top and your pods down here
this is my helper over here now about to install the pod lights on
the pillar mount and they’re gonna get them both down large washer not on it ok the next takeoff account so that we
can run all the way down to that’s a no one sees anything so right now we take
this offer to take a minute phillips screw driver the wire down down the
pillar mount here and go underneath the light and above the windshield hinge
just to kind of hold in there in the upper lip I appear later on the site
here about to install the wiring harness all the wire harnesses pretty much the
same way when I bring this up here this is our switched to run the length so for
now I’m going through it on my way to go inside the cam years the relay fuse and
the positive terminal cable connectors so we’re gonna put them down here in the
battery too late I’m just going to pick it up to here bringing into the now simply hook up the
positive negative and plug it in you come on over here over later just gonna
plug in similar to this and that is plugged in life when I was down in here
but the calendar icon plugin the lights and we’re gonna run which is under the
dash and turned out great ago the site comer I do this distinction added
anything to this part of a cheater KK you can check them all out no one had
any check now it’s going to get a mounting hole here to place the light
switch a little hole do that into the engine compartment plug these
will be ready to go we just finished up the GJ 50 interest-rate light bar with
the setup odds on the A pillars falsetto brackets replaced the Baltimore longer
bolt and it all installed up here forgot to switch it would put in the
dash install everything was done customers happy and anytime you like to
see any of her stuff for purchase anything lol ed there we have you can
purchase them online or take it anymore due to Thanksgiving visiting and see on
the road

10 thoughts on “Jeep TJ & JK LED Light Bar & Pod Install | Outlaw LED by Robby Gordon

  1. what is the current draw on the light bar,

  2. I have a stock 2001 4cyl jeep with truk lite leds. Do I need any modifications for this or am I good to go?

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