Jeep Wrangler KC HiLiTES 3″ C-Series C3 LED Cube (1987-2018 YJ, TJ, JK & JL) Review & Install

The KC HiLiTES 3-inch C Series C3 spot LED
lights, are for those of you that have a 1987 all the way up to the most current year Wrangler
and are looking for an auxiliary light, for those off-road situations and those dark back
roads. This is not going to be a fog beam, this is
not going to be a driving beam, this is not going to be something that you can use on
your Jeep when there’s oncoming traffic, but again those dark back roads, those trails. This is going to be a very high quality light
that’s going to last a good long time. This is going to install very easily onto
your Jeep. I’m gonna give it a one out of three wrenches. It has a completely plug and play wiring harness. All you have to do is pick up power at the
battery and run the wire harness then everything else pretty much just plugs into everything
else. So it does make this install very easy and
we’ll talk more about that in just a second. So there are lights that are all over the
spectrum on the quality and price range. You can find lights where you can get a package
of five lights for what these two lights will cost you. And there are also lights that are much more
expensive than these ones. So what you’re really looking at in the difference
between the more expensive and the less expensive lights is the quality of the diodes, how long
they’re actually going to last, how much light output you’re going to get, the optics, how
far that light is going to be thrown and how it’s going to be controlled. You’re also going to have different housings,
what they’re made out of and how well they keep moisture out. And finally the wiring harness that is included
or sometimes not included at all. So I think this is going to be a very nice
option from KC HiLiTES. It’s not going to be the top of the line,
most expensive light that you can get from KC HiLiTES or from some of the other brands
out there. It’s gonna be a little bit more affordable. It’s going to be a pretty traditional housing
size style. It’s going to go on a lot of these bolt on
mounts. It does come with a very high quality, completely
plug and play wiring harness. And you are going to get a lot of life and
a lot of brightness out of these lights, without completely breaking the bank. So these are going to be a pretty traditional
three-inch square light. These are going to have a total of four LEDs
on the inside of them. These are going to be at a spot pattern, so
this is a 12 degree spread. Not a pencil spot but a pretty focused spot
beam. Again not for use on the road when there’s
oncoming traffic. More for use on the trail and when you’re
on those dark back roads. This’s going to be a pretty standard square
aluminum housing. Most of the housing actually ends up being
cooling fins, the LEDs can put off a little bit of heat. So those cooling fins help to give the diode
itself a nice long life, that heat is the enemy of those lights. These are going to be able to be mounted on
any traditional single post light mount bracket. So there are a ton of them for the A-pillars
of your Jeep, up on the bumper, reverse light, you can mount these in a lot of different
locations, maybe up on a roof rack. If you are willing to drill a hole and you
don’t have a bracket, again you can really mount these anywhere you decide you want them. These are going to come with a weather tight
connector on the end of the light. And that’s something that is going to vary
from some of the less expensive lights that are out there, some of them just have a two
wire pigtail. You have to do some splicing and some soldering. This is going to have that plug connector
and that’s going to plug directly into this harness here. That harness is going to also include a relay,
a fuse and a switch. So pick up power at the battery, plug them
into the lights, route your wiring into the dash, so you can easily access that switch
and you’re good to go. This kits gonna run you about $135. I do think you’re getting a pretty good deal
from KC HiLiTES on this kit. This is going to be something that lasts a
long time, puts out a bunch of light and also comes with a very easy to use wiring harness. If you want a light that isn’t going to really
be a functional light, if you just want something to bolt onto your Jeep that looks cool, save
some money, go with one of the less expensive options. If you want something that’s gonna hold up
well and produce a lot of light, I think you’re looking in the right spot. Now a member of the install team will show
you how to get these bolted up to your Jeep. Insert the bolt through the light cubes bracket
and place onto the desired bracket location. Place a flat washer, lock washer and nut onto
the bolt sticking through the bracket. Using a 13-millimeter socket, tighten up the
nut to secure the light. Angle the light and using the supplied Allen
key, tighten the cube to its bracket. KC provides you with a harness and a switch
to wire these lights up. You will have to run the wiring to the battery
and inside the cab to the supplied switch. So if you’re looking for a high-quality three
inch square LED light, I definitely recommend the C Series from KC HiLiTES, and you can
find it right here at

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  2. These are nice but I hate that they get in the way of lowering the windshield

  3. What bumper is shown on the front of the JK 10 seconds into the video?

  4. I have these for my quad. Spot beam is perfect has good throw and not a pencil beam.

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