Jeep Wrangler KC HiLiTES 4″ Rally 400 Halogen Light Review & Install

The KC HiLiTES 4-Inch Rally 400 Round Halogen
Light in the spread beam is for those of you that have a 1987 all the way up through the
most current model year Wrangler that are looking for an auxiliary light that’s going
to give you a little bit more of that old school styling, but still be a very, very
functional light for you. This is going to be a fairly easy installation. I’m going to go with two out of three wrenches
because this does not come with a wire harness. However, if you do pick up the KC HiLiTES
wiring harness, it will make this a much easier installation and we’ll bump it down to a one-out-of-three
wrenches. If you don’t purchase that wiring harness,
you are going to have to do a little bit of custom wiring, but we’ll show you how to install
these in just a second. So, as I said, this is going to be a little
bit more of a traditional style light. It’s a round light. It’s a halogen light in a reflector housing. A lot of the more modern lights are going
to be square. They’re going to be LED and they’re just going
to give you a little bit of a different look and a little bit of a different function. So, the big benefits to LED is that you can
really get a specific color temperature. So, if you’re looking for something a little
bit more blue, crisp white, or you want something a little bit more daylight, you can get that
out of an LED just by changing how the light itself is designed. With halogen light like this, you usually
get that pretty traditional, little bit more yellow light. An LED also draws a very small amount of power
for the amount of light that it makes, especially when you compare it to a halogen light, but
at the same time unless you’re running a lot of lights that’s really not going to be a
big concern of yours on your Jeep. So, again, if you’re looking for an auxiliary
light, going to be a great one. It’s going to be very, very bright, very high-quality,
last a long time, and it is going to give you a little bit more of that old-school look
if that’s what you’re after. This light is by KC HiLiTES, which is a company
that’s been around for a very long time. They’re very well-known for building very
high-quality lights. And again that’s what you’re going to get
out of this light right here. This is going to be a metal housing. Some of their lights have a plastic housing. This is a metal housing. Again, pros and cons to that, I personally
do like the metal housing. You’re going to have a nice strong glass here. This is a spread beam light, meaning it has
a nice wide beam pattern. There are going to be other beam patterns
that you can get. Some are going to be more of a spot. Some are a little bit more of a pencil beam,
like really, really far out there. So get the light with the pattern that is
best for how you want to use it. This is going to be good for…on the very
front of the Jeep, or even on the back of the Jeep, if you’re looking for something
reversed that’s just going to light up a big, wide area and be nice and bright for you. I should note that these lights are sold individually. What you’re seeing here is the stone guard
and the light. You’re going to get these. You will probably purchase a couple of them. Usually you just don’t run one light, unless
you are doing a reverse light. And again, you are probably going to want
to purchase that wiring harness as well to make these a little bit easier to wire in. But this one light with the stone guard is
going to come in right around the $50 mark, which I think is very, very fair, again for
a light that’s as high-quality and as bright as this one is. And as I mentioned, pretty easy installation
here, gonna go two out of three wrenches unless you purchase that wiring harness, but we’re
going to show you how to install it right now. Tools used for this installation, 14 millimeter
socket, 3/8ths inch ratchet, side cutters, zip ties. Now, there’s a number of places you can mount
these lights. We are going to mount them to our Barricade
front bumper using these tabs. Turn to remove the hardware, put it on the
bottom side. All right, so our next step is to wire up
our KC lights. Now, we did go ahead and get the KC lights
wiring harness to make it a plug-and-play installation. All right, here I’m plugging in the Deutsch
connectors from the KC HiLiTE and the KC HiLiTE wiring harness. I got mine at while ordering
the HiLiTES themselves. And now, there are a hundred different ways
you could wire these lights. I’m going to be using some zip ties and wiring
the harness right behind the bull bar, put that towards the back. All right, our next step is to find a clear
path for our wires in the engine bay. Now, it’s key to keep these away from anything
that’s moving or hot, and there’s multiple different ways you can run it. But just find yourself a nice grommet in the
firewall to pass your switch through and you’re good to go. All right, that’s going to wrap up my install
of the KC HiLiTES 4-Inch Rally 400 Lights. You can pick up yours right here at

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  2. How about a review/install of a plastic housing light. My slimlights from KC are rusting at the interior hinge for the second time. Getting tired of a 150 set of lights falling apart after a few years of use

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