Jeep Wrangler Raxiom 21.5″ Double Row LED Light Bar (1987-2016 YJ, TJ, & JK) Review

Hey guys, I’m Kevin from,
and this is my review of the Raxiom 21.5″ Double Row LED light bar. Now, there’s lots
of great reasons to upgrade the lighting in your rig, no matter what vehicle that you’ve
got. But especially if you’ve got a JK. Here’s what I’m talking about, and you JK guys know
this. Look at that driver’s headlight. Look at how
yellow that beam is. These headlights from the factory are notorious for just not being
very good, not throwing a whole lot of light. And it doesn’t get better with age. Compound
that with the fact that if you’ve got a lifted Jeep, even with a three and a half inch lift
on this one, well, it changes the trajectory of the light. You’ve got to focus them down
so you don’t annoy oncoming traffic, and it ruins the long throw of your lighting system So, in my opinion, there’s a really great
reason to go to this Raxiom bar. Now, the other option for lighting upgrades is, well,
they just look cool. This one is no exception to that. This has two 20 LED rows of lights,
both with diffused lights and with spotlights. So you get a nice mix of soft diffused light
and focus beams. So, yes, you can watch the trail ahead of you and it really, really increases
the long distance. Now, let’s see the technical. The output of
this light is 7200 lumens, which is really bright, and the light is slightly bluer than
daylight, making it very bright on the trail but not annoying. The cool thing is that the
construction has the LED bulbs themselves tightly sealed behind the lens. And what that
means is that you’re not gonna get the moisture behind the lens, it’s not gonna fog up your
lens and it’s not gonna prematurely age the light. And it’s put a IP67 waterproof rating.
What does that mean? If you’re comparing specs, compare it to other lights on our side, or
just go shopping, it’s a really good spec, IP67 waterproof rating is the benchmark in
the industry. So for the price, the versatility, all for
less than 250 bucks. This is a great value. The smaller light bars give you more mounting
options than, say, a 50-light bar, and my favorite location for this particular one
is a grille mount. Like most of the light bars, this comes out of the box with a two
wire pigtail about 18 inches long. So you’re gonna have some wiring to do, but you can
mount it anywhere you want to mount it as long as you’re okay with drilling some holes. I hear you can really see the difference in
the color of the light, between the light bar and the yellow, dingy OE headlights. That
doesn’t bug me. What kind of does bug me is the tiny little wiring harness attached to
the light bar itself, but you can go to the website. You can pick up this ready made harness.
It really makes wiring a snap. It even comes with its own switch. So you’ve got options
that way. Another option is you can tie into your OE
fog light harness, and that way you can utilize the factory switch. Just don’t gang too many
lights up and keep aware of your amperage draw. So if you’re looking for a ton of lighting
without a ton of money spent, this might be the thing for you, 21.5 inches double row,
20 LED lights for less than 250 bucks. It’s a really good balance of quality and excellent
light output. So that’s my review of the Raxiom 21.5″ light
bar. You can pick it up at Extreme Terrain.

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