Jeep Wrangler Raxiom 3″ Square LED Light (1987-2016 YJ, TJ & JK) Review & Install

I’m Ryan with and this
is my review of the Raxiom 3-inch Square LED lights for the all 1987 to 2016 Wranglers.
These lights are sold individually, so make sure you order as many as you’ll need for
your project. These lights are for those of you who want to add some additional lighting
to the front of your Jeep. Now these are flood patterns, so they’re not going to be good
for use on the road when you’re driving with oncoming traffic, but if you want to use them
when there’s dark back roads and certainly for night wheeling, these are going to be
a nice option. LEDs are latest and greatest in lighting technology
because it produces a ton of bright light from a small package, all with a small amperage
draw. And Raxiom is good at making a high quality light, all at a fairly low price.
The housing for these lights is constructed of a diecast aluminum that’s finished off
with a black powder coat finish. Then lenses are polycarbonate that will make it scratch
and breakage-resistant, and everything is sealed up and given an IP67 waterproof rating
so you know you’re not going to get any sort of condensation behind the lens no matter
how you use your Jeep or what conditions you put it through. Each of these lights consist of four 3-watt
Cree LEDs that together produce just over 1200 Lumens at a 6000K color temperature.
What that means is you’re going to get a really bright light that’s going to match the same
color as any other auxiliary LED or LED headlights that you might have on your vehicle. Right out of the box, these come with hardware
you can mount them on any traditional single post mounting light tab. I personally like
putting these on the front bumper, but some people will also put them on their A-Pillar
Mounts. I prefer more of a spot beam for the A-Pillar Mount because you can get a little
bit of bounce back from the hood with a flood pattern like this. Like most LED auxiliary
lighting, these come with a two-wire pigtail, so you will have to do a little bit of wiring
to get them hooked up. Like I said these come out of the box ready to mount on any traditional
light tab. That means front bumpers, A-Pillars, rear bumper as reverse lights, or even a roof
rack. And if you don’t want to mount these on a light mount tab and you want to get a
little creative, you can really put them anywhere you’re comfortable drilling a hole. After you do get them mounted, you’ll have
to use some wiring, as I mentioned before, but thankfully, Raxiom offers an LED lighting
harness, which provides a switch, a relay, a fuse, and all the wiring you need to get
these set up. If you are somebody who’s comfortable with wiring, you can hook these up to a factory
fog light harness or any number of options. The entire installation should
take about two hours and that’s leaving time for wiring and you won’t need any specialty
tools, just some sockets and some wrenches. When you’re shopping for LED auxiliary lights,
there are options from rock bottom pricing up to thousands of dollars and everywhere
in between. What I like about Raxiom is they do a nice job of balancing both quality and
cost. So you end up getting a lot of value for your dollar. The guys who are charging
two and three times as much for a similar light may spend a little bit more time and
money developing, say, the optics. You might get a few more feet of throw of the light
down the trail, but for what most of us are using our lights for, these are more than
adequate and these allow you to keep a couple of dollars in your pocket for your next modification. So if you’re looking for bright LED light
in a compact package, all without completely breaking the bank, I think that this is a
really nice option. So that’s my review of the Raxiom 3 inch square LED lights for the
all 1987 to 2016 Wranglers you can find here at

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  1. I went with the Optilux LED Cubes, because they are made by Hella. We have six of them, four on the a pillar and two on the rear.

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